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    King of ghetto builds
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    I like FPS games

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    Intel i7-4790K @ 4.7 GHz
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    ASRock Z97M Pro4
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    G-Skill 4x4GB 1866MHz
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    XFX R9 Nano @ 1125 MHz
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    Fractal Design Arc Mini R2
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    2x 3TB WD Green HHDs, 1x 120GB & 1x 500GB Samsug 850 Evo's
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    Corsair TX750
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    60 fps 1080p, 60fps 900p, 60fps 1024p
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    Air cooled
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    Logitech 710
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    SteelSeires Sensei
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    On Board
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    Windows 10

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  1. I had i manually set to 1.29 volts. this shutdown from thermal protection The rest of my temps are with all stock setting.
  2. For started my 4790k is cooled by a custom loop with a 360 rad. I use an EK nickle plated block. I was playing with my cpu today and decided to see what the sensor test in RealTemp did. I started prime95 and my system shuts off after 2 seconds from thermal protection. I was running 4.6 at 1.29 volts. I found this kind of odd/worrisome, so I set everything to stock speeds. Everything still got to 100 degrees in prime95, but the system stayed running. The temps in some other programs at stock speeds are 65 while rendering a video 73 in furmark's cpu burner 69 in aida 64 65 in 3dmark firestrike's physics test Is this a normal thing to see or is my cpu/motherboard off in some way?
  3. there was a dell i had to take off the keyboard and palm rest, then take out the motherboard just to get to the hard drive. they are not good, which is why i stick to the business stuff. I used arctic silver 5 for a lot of stuff. it's not the best on the market, but it's the easiest to apply.
  4. looking at that laptop though, i would guess is a pain to get to the heatsink. I've worked on a number of consumer grade dells and they are generally not service friendly
  5. yeah. though it was only a year old when i did it, your results might be better as your laptop is significantly older
  6. I have a dell latitude e7450. Not sure what it gets to under full load, never looked. My other laptop gets up to 90c under full load. laptops are generally designed to get really hot. I used arctic sliver 5 on my other laptop, the one that gets to 90c. would get up to 93-94 before.
  7. thermal paste can dry out and become less effective. As for idle temps being 60, if its not thermal throttling, that sounds like a fan curve. I have dell business ultrabook and the fan doesn't turn on until 60c. If the heat sink is easy to remove, then there's no harm in doing so. also a good idea to blow all the dust, if any, out.
  8. Anyone know of some good mouse pads that are about 18x10 inches? I don't want anything really smaller than 16 inches wide and nothing bigger than 20. I would like to keep the height under 12 inches.
  9. The 32 bit just means it's a 32-bit program. a program doesn't need to be 64-bit if it never is going to require more than 3.5 gb's of ram. there are other reasons but yeah.
  10. Depends on what software you use. But a 1060 6gb would probably be fine. If your software has really good support for hardware acceleration, than a 1070 would be better. If it's support isn't that great, then it won't really help you.
  11. No, it's up to how many pcie lanes you have. you have to run 8x 8x or higher, he can only run 8x 4x. As long as your board has 2 8x plus lanes, sli will work.
  12. 600 would be just enough, but that board won't support SLI, so you would need a new motherboard. You need at least 8x pcie lanes to run SLI, you only have a 16x and a 4x.
  13. I don't think that board will even support sli.
  14. could be a number of things. you have to do the trouble shooting steps. check ram, gpu, power supply and so on.