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  1. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    But my E-peen is so small right now, it needs to be bigger.... no but for real tho I can't even max fortnite let alone any triple A games so I do need a slight upgrade, maybe a 1060 when prices go down some more.
  2. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    Oh I see what you mean, if I wait until the new cards come out and pre order, I can get them at MSRP and not have miners ruin the price for me. But what do I do in the mean time? I want to get a new GPU for sure.
  3. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    I could do that too yea and I did think about it, I would need to get a new PSU if I wanted to get a 1080 Ti tho.
  4. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    It's not about budget entirely, It's about speed. If I get a minimum of 40 hours a week at minimum wage, after taxes I should have about 1200 a month to mess around with, but after I spend some on needs and paying my moms rent, I will probably only have about 600 to mess with per month, so I can technically spend as much as I want, but the more expensive the build, the more time I have to wait before building it. I do want a no-compromises build, but again, like the title says, to an extent. By no compromises what I really mean is a very powerful computer without having to spend 1 paycheck for 1 part lol.
  5. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    Yes but not enough to stream on top, especially with open world games that eat up cores. When trying to stream open world games I was close to maxing out my CPU which causes dropped frames in stream.
  6. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    Around how much do you think the 8700k would beat the 7820x in gaming? Will it be a negligible difference? Or is it noticeable such as like a 50 fps difference? I do want to do 1440p at 144hz in most games if I can, but depending on the game, I may be ok with 60 fps.
  7. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    To be 100% honest with you, I just love the way the i7 7820x sounds, but also, I want to future proof some. If I get an 8700k, how long will it be before I need to get an upgrade? Some games are already starting to take up more than 4 cores.
  8. No compromises RIG (To an extent)

    I really want to stay intel, so I'll look into the 7900x for sure. let me hear your other opinions, I may not agree, but this is America, we have freedom of speech. How would an i9 handle gaming? Wouldn't the lower clock speeds be worse for gaming? I do want a ton of fast cores but I think 8 is enough, any more might just be too overkill, especially since i9s are close to 1k. Yes it is no compromises, but as the title says, to an extent. I doubt an i9 will be used fully in my hands.
  9. Hey guys, I want to add some backstory before I get into this, if you'd like to skip it just scroll down. So I've posted alot on this forum asking different PC questions hoping that some day I could build a new PC or upgrade my current one, well that never happened, however I do plan on getting a job now, before I couldn't work because of my anxiety but I'm on meds now which have really helped me out so I am finally going to stop being a freeloading bum and get a job. My mom is only asking 300$ in rent so if I make minimum wage full time at least 40 hours a week I should have plenty of extra money that I want to use to build a crazy good PC so I never have to upgrade again for multiple years. Now into the actual PC part. I want this PC to be really overkill but not stupidly overkill either, I'm not going to throw 128GB of ram into it or 10 TB of unneeded storage, but I do want a very strong processor and graphics card. The PC will be used as my everyday PC, I will be gaming on it but I also want to get back into making videos and streaming as much as I can when not working again, I haven't been daily streaming in a long time and I miss doing it. So I have a few questions about parts. CPU - I'm wondering how an i7-7820X would handle gaming, I want an 8 core CPU but I want intel because when overclocked it performs better than Ryzen. Sure Ryzen is cheaper but remember this is a no-compromises rig and I want the best. RAM - Is it stupid to fil up all 8 ram slots on an X299 motherboard for looks? Or should I just fill up 2 on each side for quad channel? I know octo channel ram isn't a thing but I always found having all ram slots filled to look nice. Cooling - I want to go for the H150 iPro as the CPU cooler because it looks nice. As far as fans, I want RGB fans, I will probably go with the cooler master ones, but the biggest question is, is 7 fans too many? I was going to do 3 on the cooler on intake then 3 out on top and 1 out on back, but I don't want too much negative pressure. Maybe I do 2 on top and 1 in back instead for an even 6? So here's what I'm thinking, thoughts? https://pcpartpicker.com/user/OnionRings/saved/FjBWXL Edit: Here is my reasoning for each part. I forgot to add this in. CPU - As I mentioned before, I'd like an 8 core behemoth, this one is a said behemoth. It can be overclocked really high too I imagine. Cooler - I like the looks of it, simple as that. Ram - 4 total sticks for quad channel, all sexylicious RGB. 32GB for streaming, multi tasking, video editing, etc. Mobo - It looks nice and has all the features you'd need. Storage - I only need about 1 TB of storage, for now anyway, and why not have it on a super fast NVME format? GPU - I want the best GPU available right now that doesn't cost the most (when prices normalize of course), its got titan power but much cheaper (usually lol). And the model I love the looks of. Case - I decided over many different cases, I even had a full post on it some of you may remember, but I ended up deciding on the R6 blackout TG edition. PSU - Gold, 80+, fully modular, plenty of watts. Fans - They look nice but not as expensive as the NZXT versions, those are 30 per fan + like 100 or so for the controller. Monitor - Closest competitor to the ROG swift without breaking the bank too hard. Keyboard - Not 100% set on this guy yet but I did watch Hardware Canucks review and it does look like a great keyboard, I'll probably get the red variant as these blues are a bit too loud for my taste. Headset - Also not 100% set on, I currently use Astro A10s but I want something wireless, but I may also just get a nice wired headset so I can set up an audio setup through a mixer so I can have multiple devices on my headphones at once, ex if I stream console and I want console audio but I also want to hear my PC for stream alert stuffs.
  10. Cheap Ryzen APU build

  11. Cheap Ryzen APU build

    Its all about size really, a cheap ssd would cost too much and he wouldn't get enough space to hold all his games.
  12. Cheap Ryzen APU build

    Ram change https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dBHr7W
  13. Cheap Ryzen APU build

    Fair point, I should mention my brother in law wants to stay as cheap as possible. He said no more than 500 but I have a feeling he wants to go even less than that. Question, how much faster is the APU on the 2400g? I don't mean the CPU itself, just the APU, is it really worth an almost 70$ price increase? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/n8k8KB
  14. Cheap Ryzen APU build

    Only thing I'd change is the APU to 2200g, he should be fine with just the quad core variant as he wont do any multi tasking, the SSD isn't needed, he said hes ok with longer loading to save some cash and is possibly willing to upgrade later, and the case seems a bit bad, the one review said it was hard to build in so I'd spend a little extra there to make the building a bit easier.
  15. Cheap Ryzen APU build

    Any suggestions then friend? I know prices wont stabilize anytime soon, he will be using the APU for quite a while, and I know the mobo isn't called raven ridge, I just meant one that would support RR out of the box.