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  1. How to legally agree to something online?

    trust me that he can trust me because trust is trusty wot even does that mean anyway he doesn't want the document but thanks all @colonel_mortis you can lock this thread now, god bless guys have a good one
  2. How to legally agree to something online?

    Never mind, he said he doesn't want to do it because if he did have to sue me it would cost him more then he'd win from me in fees and travel expenses and losing work. Fair enough.
  3. How to legally agree to something online?

    Hey @Volbet @The Viking @colonel_mortis I had some more questions. I went ahead and wrote up the document but how will people know I wrote it? Say this was a case of another person, and they decided to delete the file, how would the other party legally prove the first party wrote it? In my case, how will my friend prove I wrote the document and he didn't. Again, I do not plan to fuck over my friend, but as I stated before, I want him to feel safe and trusted. If I was going to scam him I'd be as simple as blocking him and not even worrying about it because he already loaned me the money ages ago. But, I am not doing that to him. I did mention the agreement to him and he didn't say yes or no so idk if he wants it or not.
  4. How to legally agree to something online?

    Oh gotcha, so it has to be a date we both agree on.
  5. How to legally agree to something online?

    Now by creditor, what do you mean? Who's that?
  6. How to legally agree to something online?

    Gotcha, that's the plan, I want him to feel comfortable about it, even if it means possibly suing me. Only problem is when to put the final pay by date, I'm not actually working yet and it could take some time to save up.
  7. How to legally agree to something online?

    Alright but is that enough to make it legally binding? No need to have an official approve it or anything? I don't plan to scam my friend I just want him to feel more comfortable about it.
  8. I owe a friend 720$ for buying me a 1080 a while back when they were cheap, the story behind why I don't have it anymore is irrelevant, anyway he's afraid I won't pay him back and I don't blame him because its been almost a year and I'm just now trying to find employment, is there a way I can legally bind myself into paying him without like sitting down with a lawyer or anything like that? Could I just print out a piece of paper saying I agree and sign it and then have it notarized or w/e? I don't know much legal stuff so please don't laugh at my stupidity. Edit : I said online because we haven't met, we're just E buddies, we live in different states.
  9. Gotcha, well I hope you figure it out, is it affecting real life performance at all or just synthetic?
  10. Still following, any luck yet @LaboonTheWhale
  11. Is my mobo defective?

    Also to mention, some B350 boards have bad VRMs so keep an eye on that while OCing. Gamers nexus has more info on it if youd like.
  12. Honestly I haven't got that far, owning a 6700 myself Ive never OCd before but I do know anything above 1.35v is probably too much. Find if it is dipping first, if it is, then maybe you can narrow the searching and find out why.
  13. As the one person suggested, run both pcs again while watching clock speeds, look for dips.
  14. [gtx 1080] excesively high gpu usage

    I third the clean install. If it still doesnt work then you can start looking at possble hardware faults.
  15. Help with DLL files

    Maybe my direct X needs updated then because its dxgi.dll and thats tied into direct x