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    Computers, games, streaming, bewbs.
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    I enjoy gaming, streaming, anything computers, and bewbs.
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    YouTube/Curse partner, Live streamer.


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    i5 6500 Stock
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    8GB DDr4 2133
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    Nitro+ RX 480 8GB
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    Corsair 200R
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    1TB WD Blue
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    Seasonic 520w
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    2 Acer G227HQL
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    2 Case fans, stock cpu cooler
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    Logitech K360
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    Sentey Apphelion
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    Shitty speakers
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    Win 10 pro 64

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  1. OnionRings

    Cheapest place to get pc games?

    Dam I def wont use G2A, I only ever used them a few times but wont anymore, I didnt know they were THAT bad. Ill stick to greenman who gets their keys legit through the actual company. At least thats what they say.
  2. OnionRings

    Cheapest place to get pc games?

    Cool thanks. According to cheap shark and anydeal greenman has the lowest price on fallout 76. Against my better bored judgement ima grab it lmao wanted to spend at least as possible tho.
  3. OnionRings

    Cheapest place to get pc games?

    And these are trusted right? I know about g2a also but I dont trust them.
  4. OnionRings

    Cheapest place to get pc games?

    I know about humble bundle, fanatical, and green man gaming, are there any others?
  5. Right? I only have it for gears 4, everything else is shit. But they really nailed the gears 4 cross play.
  6. Weird, It's constantly slow for me, and god forbid if I do anything else internet related, it drops speed like 500%
  7. Go figure it got a little better after I posted this. 220 Mb/s that's what 22 MB/s right? or no wait 100 mb is 1 MB? Idk anymore. my life is a lie.
  8. Gears of war 4 is 132 mother fucking gigabytes.... and the windows store is downloading it at like 100Mb/s, not MB/s which would be great, Mbs... help me. And for those of you who want to say " get better internet " http://prntscr.com/lf9sul
  9. I thought it was netflix being gay but its happening on youtube too, what would cause this? all audio is delayed and not synced with video.
  10. OnionRings

    What should I do? I really need some advice.

    I did say it was long at the start
  11. OnionRings

    What should I do? I really need some advice.

    Yea I got lucky and money network decided to help me out.
  12. OnionRings

    What should I do? I really need some advice.

    The BBB came through and I got my money back, I'm so happy. WOOOOO! Fuck that cunt he deserves to go negative in his paypal for scamming me. 100% in the future that is what ill do Def will do those steps, this was a close call.
  13. OnionRings

    What should I do? I really need some advice.

    Edited in some screenshots.
  14. So this is a long story so strap in. I honestly just need to rant and get it off my chest but at the same time I really do need some advice too. Back in April I saw this guy on twitter that made art, being a small you tuber I wanted to hire him to make me some new art, I love the art that pixel flare had made me but I wanted something new and fresh. In August I finally had the funds to pay him and we agreed on 75$ for a full revamp to my twitch, you tube, and twitter. The deal was great, a lot of money for me seeing as I only bring around 200 a week and have to help with family bills, but I went for it, I was so excited to see what he would come up with. I told him what I was thinking and what style I wanted and all that and he started brainstorming, a few days went by and he hadn't even started but I was patient as I knew art takes time to get right. I checked up about every week or so to see how he was doing as he never sent me any updates or anything, not like pixel flare did, pixel sent me constant updates and rough drafts to see how I liked it, this guy did not so I asked him to and asked him how it was going, he kept feeding me excuses upon excuses. September rolled around and it had been a month and all I received was 1 tiny little button, a button that goes under my twitch for people to click on, I was like wow finally I got something but I was furious as he didn't keep to the color scheme I gave him and it was only 1 item. Here is it. http://prntscr.com/lagcmv. So I told him to stick to the colors I have him and asked him to keep me up to date as he went, he did not. More time and more time went by and I finally realized after looking at it a second time, this dude took my previous profile picture (the one I'm using on here) and darkened it out and put it UNDER WHAT HE MADE and called it " new " and said it looked " super slick " http://prntscr.com/lagd8w. I was absolutely furious with the guy. So I blocked him on twitter and contacted paypal to get a refund, no go, I sent via friends and family so there was no way to help me, so I then called money network, my card company (I work at wawa and that's how they pay us if we choose not to use our own bank). They said it would be 45-90 days so I waited. I then received a letter saying my dispute was denied because of " previous contact with the seller " WELL YEA DUH, I had to contact them to buy the art. Money network are idiots... as of now I contacted the BBB hoping they could knock some sense into money network and get me my money back but it has been a week with no answer and the company only has until November 1st or the BBB will close the case. I am so frustrated and don't know what to do, I asked the guy if he could do 50 bucks and I'd let him keep some just so he doesn't lose out totally even though he really doesn't even deserve 5 bucks from me, but he says he only has 20 bucks. I can't accept that... it would be a 55 dollar loss... I am just so stumped as to what to do? Do any of you have law degrees or just know something I can do? How can money network legally deny me a dispute? Based on the story wouldn't you say I should be eligible given that I wasn't delivered my product? I can't take the guy to small claims court because the court fees would cost more than what I would get back, but I rightfully can't let 75 bucks go either, but also to only accept 20? Sure I get something back that way but it's a complete sham to me.... Edit: I forgot screenshots, here are screenshots after I unblocked him as of September 17th. Look at how he dodges me over and over and never gets it done. http://prntscr.com/lagk30 http://prntscr.com/lagklo I waited 3 days and asked what all he got done while he was blocked because the dumb ass didn't even know I had him blocked because he never attempted to contact me because he only ever DMs me when I harass him and ask questions. He then asks my email and I sent it and then guess what, he doesn't send the art to me, surprise surprise. http://prntscr.com/laglm2 in this one you can see I send him the email as I said, he doesn't answer and doesn't send, I wait 2 days, he finally answers and says he's " lacking creativity " and then I was like wtf, you don't offer to make somebody art and then be like " oh sorry I ran out of ideas " http://prntscr.com/lagmck http://prntscr.com/lagmhw this is when he send the shit button and was like " hurr durr its so sexy looky " and I said as you can see that I was skeptical of the colors, he saw the tweet so I waited a while thinking he was finishing up and changing the colors, notice the tweet dates. http://prntscr.com/lagn3r here he asked if I wanted the art, I didnt want to be rude so I was like well yea silly goose I did pay for it but deep inside I was like wtf is wrong with this guy. He then misread my previous message about me not being 100% on the colors, I said and you guys can see it, that I would upload all the art to my twitch and see how it looked before having him change anything, he got confused so just went quiet. http://prntscr.com/lagnxg I resent him the old tweet reassuring him what I said, he was like oooooh ok, then asked for my email again after I already gave it to him before. Then gave me another bullshit timeline of " after class " or " when I get home " http://prntscr.com/lagoqm alot went on here, a few hours after I gave him the email I just got fed up again and said the thing about the money like I told you guys before where I was like here can we do this deal? he offered the 20, and thats when I said save up. You'll notice I threatened legal action and of course I can't really do that as mentioned before, it'd cost too much. And I also said I wouldn't name and shame him which I won't I'm going to go edit his name out now, I was going to plaster it everywhere because I'm tired of his shit and don't want anybody else to fall for this dudes garbage but im not mean like that. I also said I hope he finds more clients.. NO LOL I DONT. He deserves to get NO clients. http://prntscr.com/lagq66 here the guy was like yea sure ill give you 25 bucks Friday and I'm like no bitch I said 50 and its when I realized he's either stupid or stupid. So I resent him what I said. He then said he jsut got confused with the color stuff and was almost done but he's being SAYING THAT for weeks and still has only sent me to this day THE ONE BUTTON. http://prntscr.com/lagr6b here I went full no berserk, I was pissed for being strung along all this time. When I said I could easily get back the whole portion of money thats because I thought the BBB could help me, so before I contacted them I gave him another chance to make it right so he didn't have to get negative in his paypal. He then said he could do the 20 he has and maybe another 5-10 if I'm " down " which I was not, 30 is not worth it, so he offered 20 and the work, and ill be damned if im going that route as ill have to wait another 2 months for shitty copy pasted re used art. And then he said something that cracked me up... " I never even offered a refund " LOL no shit buddy I know he didn't I just kinda wasn't giving him a choice, he could do it willingly or forcefully have it done by money network (or so I was hoping). http://prntscr.com/lagsnp My last message to him before I contacted BBB, I said I would think about it but really I was waiting for the BBB to do what they had to. http://prntscr.com/lagszz Then I asked him just a little bit ago if he was going to do the 50 or not and tried to persuade him how much better of a deal it was for him but honestly im just afraid if he doesnt do it and BBB cant help me that I really am fucked out of my money. I never wanted any of this to happen, all this over some art... I just want my money back so I can be done with this prick.
  15. OnionRings

    Minecraft laggy?

    @TheKDub I did check my drivers and they are up to date but I still however get lag, I'm still around 55-58 fps. Im going to paste all my settings to try and help. http://prntscr.com/l9y9k7 Field of view is only 90, I had it on quake pro and thought maybe it was causing the lag but nope, still laggy. I'm seriously dumbfounded by this, none of my other games run bad and out of all the game to run bad, why minecraft lmao? This is a game that should provide hundreds of FPS with vanilla textures and shit.