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  1. Hey all, I snagged a monitor during sales. It's a 1920x1080p 27in curved 144hz 1ms monitor and I'm new to high refresh gaming and I had some issues/questions. 1. Sometimes stuff seems to be " out of focus " or blurry, its happened mostly in discord, as I mouse around some words get blurry and It's super trippy and idk why. 2. it's a freesync monitor but I have an rtx 2060 card, I did all the steps to set up the adaptive sync shit but im still seeing flickering in some games, how do I fix it? I assume I won't be able to play over 60 fps in those titles yea? How do I cap my frame rate without turning down my monitor if the game itself doesn't have a cap? The example I have is 7 days to die, the only option related to FPS in that game would be vsync, but no actual frame rate cap. 3. Speaking of vsync, do I want to turn it off for all games? I assume freesync/adaptive sync is taking over, so I should turn vsync off? 4. Some of my games look... " weird " is the best way I can describe it. Division 2 looked fine but destiny 2 looked really dark and had like a blurriness to it, its almost like motion blur was permanently on, yet I always turn that trash off. I messed with my monitors settings and it helps some, but things still look weird. My only guess is its just my eyes confused, perhaps im just used to a super bright but washed out game because of my old garbage monitor? Now this one has actual colors and proper ratios and shit so maybe my eyes just need to adjust, but the blur is the worst part. 5. In the nvidia control panel there is a low latency mode, do I want this on?
  2. https://www.newegg.com/asus-vg278q-27-full-hd/p/N82E16824236859?Description=g-sync monitor&cm_re=g-sync_monitor-_-24-236-859-_-Product Cheapest gsync 144hz I can find atm
  3. Thats alot of info in that spreadsheet, idk half of what im looking at lol. Reviving this post cus im shopping now, I finally have the funds so im looking for a good deal now.
  4. I'm not sure if I would put this here or not, mods if I put this in the wrong section please move it and I apologize. I'm looking for help finding a good deal on a 144 Hertz monitor come Black Friday / Cyber Monday. I'm hoping to find a 1080p version for cheap but I'm not great at finding deals so if anybody could help that would be great. I will also accept help in the form of links to deal finders or something like that, I know One tech YouTuber used to have a website that track deals but I don't know if it's up anymore.
  5. Thank you both. After posting this I actually found some 144hz gsync monitors for 200 and under on Amazon. Hopefully during black Friday they will go even lower, I'd love to step into the high refresh gaming world.
  6. Hey all. I have an RTX 2060, if I want to pick up a nice 144hz display, do I HAVE to get gsync? Or does freesync work with nvidia too? I noticed gsync seems to be more rare and expensive, why?
  7. I'll check it out on my next pay check. Doesn't seem to be any more expensive than life water, and its flavored.
  8. That could be a good idea, the bubbles could remind me of soda, make the switch easier.
  9. Wouldn't you need sugar to make it sweet? I've tried non sweet tea. Too earthy for me.
  10. So I am a really big soda drinker. Like we're talking 3-4 cans per day, and frankly I'm getting tired of the weight gain from it, the rotting of my teeth is starting (I'm 22 so its too early for that shit), and soda makes me feel lethargic. I guess the lethargy comes from the lack of water my body gets, and the sugar. Anyway the point is I am asking for alternatives, what do you drink? I don't mind plain water sometimes but at other times I just crave something flavored to drink. I tried those like powdered flavor packets but they leave a terrible burning sensation in my throat. I've been getting ads for cirkul, has anybody here tried it? Supposedly some sort of 0 calorie flavored water, they'll send the bottle and 2 test flavors for 8 bucks but then you have to keep buying the flavor packs and im guessing they aren't cheap. I enjoy smart water, but that shit is expensive. Juice is out of the question as its no different then soda really, still sugar and acid... Any tips, advice, or recommendations welcome. Cheers. Edit: Big no go on the cirkul http://prntscr.com/pe5ld8 27$ for 8 flavor packs? That shit better be the milk from gods nipples for that price.
  11. Nevermind apparently evga is too cheap and never put LEDs in the RTX 2060. RIP 420$
  12. http://prntscr.com/ocd58d halp