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    Intel Core i9 9900k OC 5Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
  • RAM
    32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000Mhz
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    MSI Gaming X 1080
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    NZXT H510
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    Samsung Evo Plus NVME 1TB
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    Corsair Rmx1000
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    Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

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  1. Thank you guys for the help, I appreciate it! What loadline would you recommend? Should I just drop it to auto?
  2. I believe it's stable at 1.34, it's passed all the tests and that. Just worried that the VID cores are so much higher at 1.42. EDIT. Upon running Cinebench R20, it seems those VID voltages drop down to around the same as my vcore voltage, so this post might have been pointless!
  3. So I've got my i9 9900k OC to 5Ghz, and it seems anything below 1.34v on the vcore causes my PC to get the BSOD Watchdog clock error. However, I've noticed the VID voltages are much much higher. I'm new to this OC and I followed a guide from Gigabyte in order to get my OC to where it is, so not sure if I should be worried about these VID voltages? I believe I have my LLC set to Extreme, is this why these voltages are high? I've seen some people saying I should leave LLC at Auto? Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks dude! I was worried I was putting too much stress on the CPU or something as I have had some dxi crashes, but I believe that might be related to my OC on my 1080 (Bring out the 30xx series!)
  5. I've just OC'd my i9 9900k to 5Ghz and I believe it's stable. In-game, such as Apex Legends on the Riva Statistics Tuner, I'm seeing my CPU over 95w, checking the max TDP of the i9 9900k is 95w according to CPU Z. Should I be worried about this? Or is Riva Tuner showing me something else and not to worry about it?
  6. Just built a new PC and I've got a Samsung 950 Evo Plus NVME SSD in it, noticed while I have World of Warcraft running, it's around 55c, is this normal? Samsung Magician keeps telling me it's "Too hot" but it seems to be around the 45-50c mark even when idle.
  7. Appreciate the input! How future proof is the i7 8700k though? I’d like to be able to play most AAA games in 4K and not have to worry about upgrading for a while
  8. Hey y'all, So I currently have the following build - i7 8700k OC 4.9 32 GB DDR4 500GB Samsung Evo SSD 1TB HDD (It's old, probably talking 10 years) MSI GTX 1080 My friend is looking to get a new PC, so I was thinking of upgrading mine for a total of 1450 GBP and he was going to buy mine (minus GPU) for 500 GBP, so total for upgrade would be around 950 GBP. The new build would be - i9 9900k 32GB DDR4 1TB Samsung Pro NVME SSD 2TB HDD MSI Gaming X 1080, but will be replaced with whatever the next generation of Nvidia GPUs are. I just can't decide if it's worth the upgrade? I'd like to future proof if possible as I don't plan on picking up the Series X now and want to play most AAA games on my PC. Any input would be great, I built this PC in 2018 and I wanted to upgrade every 2 years.
  9. I'm thinking it has something to do with Asus built in overclocker thing, I tried that before manually doing it and I'm guessing I just didn't reset it before manually setting it to 48x. Likely to cause an issue long term? Sorry, I'm new to the PC market!
  10. Thanks! Didn't know about HWINFO, although now it's posed a different question! It says CPU Turbo Max 4800Mhz but the CPU Status as 4.9Mhz? Bit confused!
  11. Hey y'all, So I've recently had to reoverclock my system after I reset it by mistake. I set the multiplier to 48 or 49 (Can't remember which) in the Bios, but programs are showing two different speeds? CPU-Z and NZXT Cam are showing 4943Mhz and the Win10 Resource monitor is showing 4.77ghz, so I'm a bit confused as to what I'm running at? This is what is showing in my CPU-Z
  12. Yeah, I’m just using XMP to overclock to 3000Mhz in the bios, not manually doing it myself.
  13. Debating just cancelling the order and picking up 32gb Vengeance LPX instead, at least I know that’ll work from the off. What’s the chances of it not working?
  14. I’ve just decided to add an extra 16GB ram to my system, ordered it then realised the ram I have in currently is C14 and the new stuff is C16, can I mix them? It’s the same brand and speed, 3000mhz Trident Z RGB.