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  1. So the MSI 1050ti i just purchased has 1 6 pin PCIE power connector, yet the Alienware X51 r2 I have doesnt have a PCIE power connector for its stupid 240w external PSU. any fix for this? There are molex connectors inside and sata power. any way to rig anything up? Ty
  2. My college has the kali lab and cert integrated in the course, as well as A+ and Linux+.
  3. Which Ryzen CPU do you think is best performance per dollar? And best OC. I like the NZXT Kraken and might get that.
  4. You have to order it separately on the corsair site, which is a pain.
  5. How hard is it to get the AM4 Mounting bracket for the h100i v2? I am worried i will get the wrong one lol
  6. Im studying Networking and Network Security. Edit: Like I said, I am debating Ryzen. But I am more comfortable with LGA 1151 then AM4
  7. But grants are I am fully acknowledge that I am paying for this, I am not some stupid kid with money for the first time. I know how this works, but thank you for the suggestions. Edit: Like I said I got lucky with my living arrangements, so I am using the money I would have saved on spending on my living on this PC.
  8. So, I have found a very cheap living arrangement for college, leaving a lot extra in my student loan. and Fret not, I have around 1200$ CAD saved up for this PC, the rest will be covered with grants from my student loan. But I need some help deciding. I will give my rational for each part under its price in CAD. So, Starting off. We have the ASUS Strix GTX 1080ti i At a steep price of $1,067.98 CAD NEWEGG LINK: https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7RD5UE3243&cm_re=gtx_1080ti-_-14-126-187-_-Product I chose this part because, not only is it AURA enabled as is the motherboard in this build but it addressed the heating issues and sound issues that the FE 1080 ti has. I also want to go with the 1080ti because I do plan on doing 4K gaming with this machine, as well as VR in the future. I have seen the performance difference between the 1080 and 1080ti and honestly the ti is a really great performer over the 1080 for only a few hundred bucks more. Next up we have our Motherboard! Which is the MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON This is a killer board for the price of $223.99 NEWEGG LINK: https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130973&cm_re=MSI_carbon_pro-_-13-130-973-_-Product It has M.2 support, it is Aura enabled, and as you can tell is an LGA 1151 socket mobo! Yes for now I have chosen to go blue with this build, as I do not do a lot of Streaming/Content creation or recording, so the Extra cores of Ryzen wont do me any good. However, I can see the benefits of the high overclocks I will be achieving with the CPU I have chosen. I might still go with the AM4 version of this board if I do decide to go Ryzen, let me know what you think! Onto the processor, and I know you all know what this is already but just in case you didn't I have chosen The I7 7700k! It isn't a budget oriented choice at a whopping $434.99 however, The price of this CPU makes it a direct competitor with the 1700x and arguably the 1800x. I have chosen to go blue for peace of mind and not worrying about support for AM4, since I have no experience dealing with AM4 or AM4 mounting. I would much rather stay tried and true with this Staple CPU. Ram time I chose the G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16gb kit RGB comes at a price when dealing with ram, This RGB kit comes in at $207.98 What can I say, its decently fast RGB ram. 16GB of it. More then enough for gaming. On to the CPU cooler. Not really an expensive choice but **WILL BE** RGB A refurb Corsair Certified Hydro Series H100i v2 PRICE: $89 I went with this over the NZXT Kraken because its cheaper, and with the money I save on buying a refurb unit from Newegg, I can buy... A THREE PACK OF HD120 RGB LED FANS w/ controller Price $94.99 I will be replacing the fans on the cooler with these one, and I will be ordering 3 more fans for a total of 4 free ones for the case utilizing all of the ports on the fan controller Which is an extra $90 For the case I chose the beautiful Fractal Design Define S, cheap, quiet and supports rads. Its an awesome case for the price. Price: $124.99 An Amazing case for the money, and looks great too! Finally an internal NZXT USB hub for maximum RGB Price: 32.99 oops i forgot a PSU... awkward. Well I chose a Corsair 650w modular Gold 80+ PSU Price: 149.99 Let me know if I need a high wattage PSU or not. Thanks I already have an SSD and HDD for the build so I don't need to factor that into the price. So what do you think of my build? When the parts come in I will make a build log with pictures as well! Feel free to make suggestions as I am ordering this in September so there is a lot of room for change! Thanks guys <3 TOTAL BEFORE TAXES AND SHIPPING :$2,519.87 AFTER TAXES AND SHIPPING: $2,944.09
  9. The projector looks absolutely stunning. I would love to have my own go at creating a small home theater for me and my girlfriend to use in the spare room. I already have the media center pc ready! Haha
  10. Buy It Please support Microsoft, there are enough OS pirating scum on the planet. Plus it is way easier than going onto youtube and searching "FREE WINDOWS 10 KEYGEN XD" then getting multiple viruses. Plus Plus you get official Microsoft support! ^^^^ True
  11. "Divine" Are you some sort of Arch Angel of taint?
  12. Yes, you can change the resolutions in the games if the monitor is 4K, it will just stretch and look ugly. EDIT: the GTX 660 is still a relatively powerful card. EDIT EDIT: Pay for a better GPU before you buy a 1000$ Monitor That is just what I would do.