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  1. After some thinking, UHD HDR is a must. I can live without touch. I prefer a mate display. anything better than 5 hours is fine battery wise.
  2. Not really worth the price increase. $1830 for the x1 and $2350 for the p1. Same spec the only difference being the GPU. I would rather get more ram for a lower price.
  3. thats a valid statement. X1 carbon extreme with the HDR 400 color corrected display may be my sweet spot. Thinkpad's docking system is unmatched as well. This computer is Primarily going to be doing CAD work in the field and programming of PLC systems
  4. I really do like them pixels. Blade 15 is on my radar as well.
  5. Ok guys, I'm on a search for a new laptop with some critical requirements for work. Physical full sized SD card reader. Ethernet jack Dedicated GPU (Cad work) light mobile gaming. preferable many USB and thunderbolt ports. 4k touch (OLED would be nice) 15.6" Under 5 pounds $2,500 USD 8th gen i7 or better. Current options. Thinkpad X1 extreme gen 2 Gigabyte AREO 15x DELL XPS 15 ( not a fan of the looks) Mac Book pro (if it gets updated in the next few months) Please let me know any-other computers. Thanks for the help! I'm currently in Seoul South Korea I can get almost everything at the electronics market.
  6. I actually work for a UPS company, I would recommend APC 1500w. Based on the reliability of the batteries. My company has deployed over 20,000 APC 1500VA single phase UPS units with very few failures.
  7. All componets were brand new, but mobo has been sent off for RMA. Thanks for the help guys
  8. We have completely disassembled and reassembled the PC. We just installed and tried booting with a brand new CPU and the motherboard will still not power on. At this point I believe the motherboard is dead.
  9. The motherboard will not power on at all. I'll edit the main post to reflect that.
  10. I'm posting this for a friend; his younger brother recently bought the parts for a computer and came up this weekend to build it. I'd really like to have his first build be a successful one. Troubleshooting Help: What is your parts list? MSI Z97 G45 gaming motherboard EVGA GTX 960 Intel i5 4690K Ballistix 16 GB RAM Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SSD Cooler Master 212 ASUS DVD RW optical drive Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive. We built the computer successfully and everything booted up. We installed the drivers for the wireless card first, then the for the GPU, then for the motherboard. We used Ninite to install several programs and that worked just fine. After that, we rebooted to check and the wireless was not working. We reinstalled the wireless drivers and the wireless worked once again. After that we rebooted to check the BIOS settings but instead let Windows install updates. We left the apartment when the computer was at 50 out of 202 updates and when we came back the computer was off and the motherboard would not power on at all. List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem. We have tested the PSU by jumping between the green pin and one of the black pins on the 24 pin connector. The PSU turns on and its fan spins. We also used a multimeter to test the continuity for the power switch and there is continuity when the button is depressed. We also checked the CMOS battery and under no load it had an output voltage of 3.1 Volts. We also cleared the CMOS. Edited the main post to better reflect the issues experienced.
  11. I have just watched 3 new videos of your on vessel. It seems like the quality I've come to know and love on Linus tech tips via YouTube has faltered. no more 1080p and I see a bunch of video stutter. I would love for this to be addressed
  12. Vessel Username : Krumm_C https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  13. Thank you, I've been looking at the Lg for quite some time. I just wish it had a 100mm VEAS mount instead of a 77mm
  14. Hey guys, i'm on the hunt for a 21:9 monitor for Christmas. I just need a little help finding one. I would like to see the following features Resolution: 2560*1440 or 2560*1080 size: 27"+ Vesa mount is a must 99% RGB IPS display. Also if it was around $400 USD that would be nice. any suggestions?
  15. I have a few invites and I will give them out at random. Post on thread if you would like to enter. Tomorrow the give away will end Update: The give away has ended
  16. Invite up for grabs, here it is https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/OVRN-EOFE-T3YK-8OIY
  17. Linus tech tips has expanded my computer knowledge and I will for ever more watch every video that LMG makes
  18. Thanks man. Ill share the love on the forums if I get an invite.
  19. I forgot what they are called. but they are a bullet shaped earbud
  20. SSD is one of the most important parts in a new system. try to save up for an SSD. Also the xeon is not needed
  21. cool that fair. Im also on the OPO forums I wish the best of luck to you and enjoy your new phone