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  1. Ah the usual, cold and can't see over the snow banks lmao and yeah Cumberland County
  2. I mean, I would just care about your max temps, seeing as how you got a decent overclock on atm, I would test it.
  3. Hello, gpu temperatures in the 70s are very safe, and actually is a good temperature compared to lower quality fan coolers.. To keep it short, temperatures in the upper 80s is where concern should be met, won't cause any damage, but it isn't something I like to have my cards at.
  4. R5 2600 is ideal since it gives a higher single threaded performance when compared to the R7 1700. For your sake and not just word of mouth I would look into some (recent) benchmarks comparing the two overclocked CPUs. Keep in mind the 2600 should be able to get a higher overclock than the 1700. In the end it is up to you, if you feel like you want to get serious with more intensive workloads find out the power needed to deliver those. I am not well educated on the resources those task perform but since you're getting into it I feel it maybe something important to know. For gaming six cores is more than plenty, even if you wanted to have your desktop flooded with open programs. tl;dr for gaming the six cores on the 2600 is all you need, even allows for a lot of multitasking alongside gaming. Trade off is 2 less cores for a higher single thread increase. For your future tasks I would research if you need 8 cores. If you do then might as well get the 1700 with a sacrifice to your gaming fps.
  5. Also seeing as how he's giving you his mb, what's he doing with his cpu?
  6. Be more descriptive. "Games" is too vague. Why the r7 1700, you going be recording/streaming your gameplay too?
  7. Guessing the led flashes red. Did you put a overclock on your cpu? You can try resetting your cmos. Dont think it would let itself fry unless you did something stupid to it (like very high voltage) may need to rma it if all else fails could be a bad chip
  8. Facebook will give your information for even the smallest amount of money, no surprise to me if they come to an agreement rather quickly.
  9. Ew, why? Pretty soon in the future we're going to have to open a different client for every triple-A game we want to play
  10. The esports argument is a very boring and old debate.. it also has been debated a thousand times in the past and the argumentative points are well established. It does NOT need to show up everytime there is news about something related to esports.. Please keep to the topic of the article
  11. No you can keep everything, no need to wipe your storage
  12. Oh, when I heard dual core and 6700 I instantly thought of skylake i3 processors like the 6100/6300 my bad
  13. No I wouldn’t. You can buy a ryzen 3 (4c,8t) for cheaper. Since you have a 6th gen intel you have ddr4, so you’re gonna have to buy ddr3 ram too if you get that i7 Ryzen 5 1600 can be had for $150 new and that’s 6 core 12 t
  14. works, although that's a 16 gig kit, idk if your system already comes with 8 gb or not
  15. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/RTJkcf/gskill-memory-f42666c15s8gvr i usually go by theme, but this would be the cheapest yet realiable option i’d go for
  16. https://pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#t=14&Z=8192001&sort=price&s=402666&h=0&xcx=0 would pick one of these, made sure it’s 288 pin and the same frequency, timings shouldn’t matter really you can change it to your country if you’re not from u.s
  17. No this is wrong, it is not about “most”. all recent motherboards only support ddr4. You need to look at the system and decide based on either the motherboard it says or the ram listed. Never recommend something just because it is ‘common’
  18. I’d just soak it in alcohol if it is really caked on that bad. Then apply some nice elbow grease
  19. You’re fine, you can even do a small oc with ryzen stock coolers, there isn’t gonna be any lifespan losses running stock
  20. You can pick up a used 1060 6gb pretty easily for 200-220 if you’re not going to do used then I would prolly wait for next gen or just pick up a 1060 3gb
  21. The turbo is about 100 mhz difference, not worth the cost
  22. If you just want the rgb, you can replace the fans with a rgb one, but if it’s also the water cooler you want there shouldn’t be any problems. You can use the one you wanted originally or look at nzxt https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/2RdFf7/nzxt-kraken-x62-rev-2-982-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-rl-krx62-02
  23. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/FRYLrH/be-quiet-dark-rock-4-cpu-cooler-bk021 fits build theme, is quiet