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    Gaming, Astronomy, Physics, Biochemistry, computer hardware, and philosophy


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    Ryzen 1600 (3.9ghz)
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    MSI - B350M PRO-VDH
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    DDR4 crucial 8gb 2666mhz oc
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    R7 370
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    Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 (Windowed)
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    1 TB WD Blue // Sandisk SSD 240GB
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    Corsair CX430M
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    AOC - G2460PF 24" 1080p 144Hz (primary) and AOC - E2460SD 24" 1080p 60Hz (secondary)
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    Corsair K70 cherry browns custom keycaps
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    Logitech g502
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    Kingston HyperX Cloud II (white) Headphones and Logitech - Z623 2.1 speaker set
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    Windows 10
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  1. Second hand PC worth it?

    A ssd would be my first upgrade, cpu should last you for awhile if all you’re doing is gaming
  2. 4790K Still future proof for gaming?

    Your current cpu shouldn’t have any problem running games at 60 fps, I think you’re all set
  3. Is This a Good Upgrade?

    It’ll be a very good upgrade compared to what you currently have
  4. 980 ti sli or wait 5 years for next upgrade?

    No, you’ll have to upgrade ram to ddr4 aswell z170 won’t support it, z370 will though
  5. Thinking of buying a new graphics card.

    Vega 64 is a terrible value atm, not really even something you should consider unless you’re able to find a decently priced used one 650 Watts should be okay, your psu may be at high usage most of the time during any intensive task. Also prepare to have an ac in your room if you plan to game in any season other than winter i would wait for amds next line up if your strictly wanting amd
  6. 16 or 32 GB RAM

    Just get it when you need it. Future proofing ram doesn’t make sense especially when ram prices are this high 16 gb of ram should be good enough for mostly everything atm
  7. 1080 vs 1070ti?

  8. Don’t think ryzen+ has these problems
  9. Iphone 6s+

    Do not disturb could be on, check your notifications tab in the options and scroll down to the specific app and see if anything is turned off
  10. So its prolly a gpu bottleneck rather than cpu
  11. Like an on screen performance monitor software that lets you see cpu and gpu usages. It’ll allow you to see what is causing the fps drops in certain situations. I would try msi afterbuner’s rivatuner statistics server. There should be plenty of videos on how to set it up
  12. I would run some tests and see where your bottleneck is. No I would not suggest just replacing the motherboard, if you think the mb is bad then I would just save up for a good recent gen cpu+mb and ddr4 ram since ddr3 don’t be compatible.
  13. CPU Scratching

    Yeah it’s compatible, the scratching is normal if you’re talking about where the bracket sits in the heatspreader
  14. Is 160 degrees Fahrenheit ok for my pc?

    That temp is fine, it’s different because it’s measuring 2 different cores, cores are not always the same temperature you could clean it though to reduce the noise of the fans, more dust means more work the fans have to do
  15. Man fired by machine

    Clickbait at ltt forums strikes again