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  1. Currently rode nt-usb is around 150 and ATR 2500 is around 80$. WIll ATR 2500 last one or two hour? So amazon reviews are so horrible about this mic. Is there any place where I can get NT-Usb in less than 100?
  2. Where I live does not really matter because I am going to buy it from US.
  3. Thought about blue yeti. But i read on some reviews about the weight of blue yeti. How can I mount this mic in front of me without letting the mic in frame? And do I need to be too close with the mic?
  4. Hey, I need to buy a mic for my Youtube Channel. I have a budget around 100$. So suggest me some mics. I am thinking about buying usb mic. I am going to use this mic with my dslr to shoot video and also do some voice overs. So what will be the best mic for me on this budget?
  5. I have watched this video . And the nw 800 sounds pretty damn good with Behringer u-phoria um2. Should i go and buy this mic? this will cost me about 100 usd in my country.or a rode smartlav+ is better than nw 800? or should i boy Audio technica atr 2100? please suggest me the right microphone.
  6. I have a youtube channel. Now i want a decent mic setup. for this i want to buy a mic. Andi have selected Neewer NW 800 and for audio interface i have selected Behringer U-Phoria UM2 . WIth this setup will i get a decent sound ? or can you suggest me a mic setup this is better than this for under 80 bucks ?
  7. I have found lmg 's intro in that following link.. If I use this on my videos ..is there any problem??
  8. What type of connection I have to use for nvdia surround on a gtx 980 or 980ti?? dvi, hdmi, dp?? my monitor have only hdmi and vga so I have to use connectors.. and I have 3 monitors..
  9. I don't think that the 1070 will better than a single 980... bt I am waiting for the benchmark..
  10. I am in a tight budget...and my father will not gave me more money.that's why I asked this in here
  11. I have two option 1.I will get a r9 390 with 3 1080p monitor. 2.or I can get a gtx 980 with one 1080 p monitor what do you prefare??
  12. titles tells the mattar.. which is more speedy??
  13. Is there any limit in samsung evo 850?? like there can only 1 tb od data can be written..like this there are any limitations??