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    .Ric. got a reaction from FinishGamer86 in PC Wont turn on, please help.   
    The cylindrical shape lightning up on the PC case indicates the drive being accessed. If you have a mechanical hard drive and heard cracking noises while that light is active, I'd bet your boot drive is done for.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from MandoPanda in Your opinion on RGB   
    I don’t like RGB myself; either I turn it off entirely, or keep it to a static white light for cleanness.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from asus killer in this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable   
    Seems like it has been taken down at last.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from Spotty in this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable   
    Seems like it has been taken down at last.
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    .Ric. reacted to DrMacintosh in Macbook Pro overheating (2015)   
    There is no point in doing this since his device is under warranty. 
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    .Ric. reacted to The Sloth in 1700$ college laptop   
    what is your buddy going into? 
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    .Ric. reacted to Enderman in Do monitors have microprocessors inside them?   
    It's not a CPU, it's an asic. It's hardware coded to process a digital signal and produce images. You can't run software on it unless  it is a real all-purpouse CPU like the ones in tvs. Afaik monitors don't have the capabilities that smart tvs do, so no, computer software cannot run on it.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from Enderman in Do monitors have microprocessors inside them?   
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    .Ric. reacted to ShadowCaptain in Now What?   
    You could Save up and buy them all at once, but the time you have a PC there could be new parts out!
    Then you arnt wasting warranty
    wait I know
    Step 1) Print off the list
    Step 2) fold into paper plane
    Step 3) climb onto the roof of your house
    Step 4) throw it
    Step 5) whoever it hits, has to buy you a PC
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    .Ric. reacted to -iSynthesis in Who does Apple think they are?   
    I have configured a mac pro with the specs you listed and it came out at around 10k. The 1080s in your System are your fault at configuring. The D700s in the Mac correspond to the Firepro W9000, which on its own is a 2.5k€ to 3.5k€ card. Your 1080s will have better gaming performance, there it ends. Professional Driver Support, double precision support etc. which you cannot get on consumer grade GPUs. A 10k mac pro is obviously not aimed at gamers, which is why they use these cards.
  11. Informative
    .Ric. got a reaction from Hyper_X in What are your temps?   
    Something I found out (empirically, so I can't be 100% sure of the following) is that changing a MacBook's fan curve might cause even worse problems. Fans are controlled by the SMC; I used to manually ramp up the fans to max speed before doing something extremely intensive, especially for the GPU in Windows, but I constantly got hit by thermal throttling and awful performance.
    Then I questioned myself if that program could have been the cause; I rolled back to a previous restore point before I had installed that fan control app and let the Mac decide how to cool itself down. Guess what, it worked just fine. I suspect that maxing out fan speed too early might have led the computer in believing it was overheating and thus throttling down after a few seconds of workload.
    Again, it's just an empirical thing. Since then though I never used a fan control app again.
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    .Ric. reacted to DXMember in RX 480 just hit USA stores, initial supply 20x bigger than one from 1080   
    makes sense as it's 20x cheaper
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    .Ric. reacted to ShadowCaptain in Mac Pro or Macbook Pro 15 Retina??   
    Hard to say its worth it, when your machine currently handles what you do

    Id wait as its likely new macs will be announced soon
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    .Ric. got a reaction from Alvee Ahnaf in Steam summer sale 2016   
    My assumption is slightly about 21 hours from now.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from Ryoutarou97 in Steam summer sale 2016   
    My assumption is slightly about 21 hours from now.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from Reptilicus in XPS 13 gaming?   
    I see it this way: eGPU to me are hardly justifiable. Such setups usually cost quite a lot and you buy the notebook based on your needs, not adapt it to them.
    Also, ultra low voltage CPUs aren't exactly powerful, and a 1070 paired with them... The Razer Stealth looks like a fine ultrabook to me indeed, but just that. If I want to game decently on a laptop I'd get one with a good enough dGPU already inside, which on the other hand is surely going to have much better specs than ultrabook hardware.
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    .Ric. reacted to Reptilicus in XPS 13 gaming?   
    As far as I know the Razer stealth is the only ultrabookish laptop that is working with the Core. Also, most of the time the CPU is not the limiting factor when it comes to your game. Unless you have something like a pentium, most games end up hitting the ceiling when it comes to something like VRAM, etc. The thing about going with the eGPU is you really have to want that kind of thing. If it isn't going to fit in with how you already use things, then you might want to consider just building a cheaper desktop and buying a decent laptop. I agree a lot with Mantayd on this because even though you can upgrade your GPU, the ULV chip in the Stealth or XPS 13 is where you are going to hit your limit. 
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    .Ric. reacted to ShadowCaptain in [Rumour] Apple to get rid of 11" MacBook Air in favor of a 15" variant   
    So they can have the 12" macbook, 13" and 15" air, and the 13" and 15" Retina pro
    makes sense to me
    now I just need apple to release a 15" with a 1080 (or even a 1060 or amd eq) and ill be in the queue on launch day
  19. Funny
    .Ric. got a reaction from Ryan_Vickers in Experiences with non-techies   
    Some days ago a mate asked me: "hey, there's something wrong with my iPhone 5. There's some powder of some kind, like sand, in the camera lens". It was true indeed, and photos were dirty as a result. I asked if there was something in his pocket that could explain it and tells me there were several traces of cigarettes' tobacco.
    I notice there's something ticking inside "oh and if you shake it, there's something moving inside it". I shake it and yup, definitely something moving inside hitting stuff internally, even though the device was working properly.
    I just told him to bring it in for repairs asap, I'm not sure I want to know how that even happened.
  20. Funny
    .Ric. reacted to Enderman in 13in Laptop with good battery and decent portability   
    They have great build quality, if you've ever taken one apart.
    There's a reason millions of people have macbooks and barely anyone has a hardware failure.
    Never seen any complaints about cheap glue or pins, idk where you got that from.
    literally the first review on the lenovo website:

  21. Informative
    .Ric. reacted to Shahnewaz in High-End Processor With a Low-End Graphics Card or Vice Versa?   
    A high end processor with a mid-tier GPU is my choice. CPUs are socket bound compatibility-wise, and therefore suffer from more restrictions (socket and RAM) than GPUs. On the other hand, GPUs are almost like a drop in replacement for any modern PC. This is the perfect choice for longevity, considering you will be upgrading your GPU in the future.
    For a budget gaming rig, it's almost always the other way around, since you don't have that extra money to spend for a faster processor. Gaming is mostly GPU intensive, so it's wiser to spend most of it on the GPU when you're budget constrained. Sure, you might need to replace the whole platform for a future upgrade, but there's not a whole lot of options to choose from when money is short, and gaming performance is an immediate priority.
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    .Ric. reacted to Starelementpoke in bad company?   
    You being unlucky. A single product does not mean a company is bad.
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    .Ric. reacted to LordLeewee in Best laptop overall?   
    no no, no one mentioned it in this thread not even the article, its ok for you to have a preference, stop ramming it down everyones throats 
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    .Ric. got a reaction from smiles rising in iPhone environmental imapct?   
    They recycle pretty much everything, first and foremost aluminium and glass. Recently they've shown off a robot they named "Liam" which basically disassembles iPhones and separates every possible component. If I'm not wrong they actually recycled quite a ton of gold out of older devices.
    So yea, when an iPhone ends its lifecycle it won't just go in the rubbish bin and get vaporized, if it's what you mean.
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    .Ric. got a reaction from maria2244 in do you keep you PC run 24/7 or you turn it off when not using it ?   
    Turn it off if I remember to. Usually though I don't leave it on purposely.