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  1. So I made the mistake of assuming I was buying the same ram sticks I already had but they are just the newer version. Each box gives these numbers Current ram: pc4-19200 2400MHz New ram: pc4-21300 2666MHz Because they are the same product (just new vs old)would I be able to use them together
  2. Cool thanks again mate
  3. So how does one get a free copy of windows 10
  4. Good to know, thanks guys.
  5. I did not know that, I have to take the power supply from my old one so I just needed to know if I could do that. But do I just go on their website and it's easy to get?
  6. So I have everything to build my new rig but wasn't sure if there was anything wrong with using the hard drive from my current PC until I'm able to get Windows 10?
  7. Nevermind that, didn't know you could just Google search and it gives you the right one, but thanks a ton man.
  8. I've tried that already but the drivers won't install, plus the driver search only shows for Windows 7 and 10 and I have 8.1
  9. So that didn't change anything, the bios setting was already set to PCI-e but the other slot is pci-1, would that work or not?
  10. Bios is what I didn't do, when I view specs it shows Microsoft basic graphics adapter. I did not know you had to do that when swapping cards
  11. I have an AMD fx4300 on an MSI 760GM-p34 (fx) motherboard and I just got a GTX 1650. Installed it and my rig doesn't even use the card so I need help with this.
  12. So I ran memtest and there were about 250 errors.
  13. So I reinstalled windows but it did crash again. This time giving PFN_LIST_CORRUPT
  14. so I'm trying to do the memtest but I can't get to my bios to do the boot, how do i do this
  15. It's 8.1, but does it clear my hard drive or something?