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  1. Monty007

    Project Leviathan

    Love the airbrushed case!!
  2. Monty007

    [Build Log] <<<<<<<< "Parvum Warfare" >>>>>>>>

    James, I was going to ask your thoughts on the Mayhems fluid that your using in this system. Do you recommend for daily use or only for show systems like yours? I have always really loved Mayhems fluid because you can see the fluid moving around. I know that the biggest concern is for the degradation on flexible tubing when it comes to the breakdown of the fluid in the loop. I know that you used clear Mayhems with UV dye in Robocop build which was also really nice by the way!! Thanks in advance for your response.
  3. Monty007

    Back To The Future Build

    sounds awesome. I love that case. Looks like a modified Apple G5 case which is one of my favorite all aluminum cases.
  4. I'm moving about 15-20 mins away. I'll figure out a way to brace the GPU's. They are connected with 2 solid fittings in between the 2 cards. so I just need to brace the bottom card for vibrations and large bumps.
  5. Hi I'm moving in about a month. Do I need to fully drain the loop in my 900D or should I be ok if I keep it vertically and move it carefully? What do you guys recommend? It is a big boy and weighs over 100lbs easy (3 1/2 litres of coolant). But my brother and I should be able to put it into the original box. This is what it looks like but I have added another 780 since I took the pic. Thanks in advance!
  6. thanks for the quick responses and advice!
  7. Monty007

    | LUMO |-Loop finished,final pics this week.

    That's Toight! (In Goldmember's accent) Very nice buddy. Love all your detail work. can't wait to see the finished product!
  8. Monty007

    %50 size, 100% sexy. [Titan Black SLI, x79, ft03]

    wow! What a powerhouse. Like a nuclear mini-fridge. LOL well done. Enjoy in good health.
  9. Monty007

    Envy MK II - Caselabs Mercury S8! Featured Build Log!

    Absolutely stunning build. I love the details you went through and the horizontal mounted Res. is very cool and very different. I love CaseLabs builds. Well done!! Was bleeding your loop a difficult task?? Seems like it might have been.
  10. Monty007

    P3rNoX Desk Build [ First Modding Prject ]

    this looks awesome! can't wait to see the final pics!!
  11. very nicely done. The blue coolant adds just the right touch!
  12. Monty007

    Project Working Gamestation

    looks great! can't wait to see the finished product!!
  13. Monty007

    EK backplate with reference cooler?

    I successfully did this with my Gigabyte GTX 670. You need to look at your stock reference card and see if the holes on the backplate would have anything interfering. I was able to use 2 out of the 6 and get some different hardware with a nut on the backside to hold the backplate on.
  14. Monty007

    Powermac G5 MOD - Update 02/15 Page 6 #104

    incredible job bro!! This is one of the cleanest G5 builds I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few of them. My only recommendation is to build another plate to cover up the PSU area and add more HDDs. Well done! Your photographs and attention to detail are inspiring! I'm planning to do a G5 build too and would love to have a wiring diagram for the power on button in front for the Power and LED. Thanks in advance!!
  15. Monty007

    Victory's Power Mac G5 Gaming PC Build

    I love your setup! I'm running a Hackintosh and game on Win 7. I especially love your G5 case and your monitor!! You should hopefully get around 100 fps if not higher. Any plans for a custom water loop? What Mobo tray did you use? The Hive one from the UK? I have an old G5 that needs some new hardware and would love a link to the one you used.
  16. pretty crazy deal for Canada. $399.99 CAD with $20 Mail-in Rebate + Borderlands: The Prequel http://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-geforce-gtx-780-oc-af-88434-1243.htm Regular retail for this is $549 deal expires 10/31/2014
  17. Monty007

    Apple's October 16th event: new iPads and 5k iMac

    i like Apple and the products they make. Pushing the consumer computing level upwards. Apple and non-Apple are creating better products for us, the end consumer. That is why I love free markets and competitive markets because the consumer gets to participate and 'usually' gets better products out of it.
  18. That's Canadian pricing for you.
  19. Monty007

    Tronnic's Buildlog

    what is that app you have running that monitors your video card temps, etc?
  20. this is the best build I have EVER seen! Can't wait to see the final pics and your progress shots. Subbed for sure!!
  21. Monty007

    Tronnic's Buildlog

    amazing build and battlestation! I love the posters on the wall and especially how clean you have kept everything - inside the computer and out. Do you pay any FPS games? I'm really interested in the LG monitor for my next upgrade and wanted to know your experiences with games like BF4. I'm currently gaming in triple monitor surround but plan to go to a single monitor for FPS gaming with an auxiliary monitor on top for maps and GPU monitoring software.
  22. Monty007

    How much is my Late 2011 MacBook Pro worth?

    mac haters as usual. go to mac2sell.net. They have fairly accurate resale rates. I usually use that as a guide and put it on craigslist. I have always gotten within $100 of the mac2sell price. I have sold 5 MBP's on craigslit without a problem. having Applecare helps with the resale value. My $0.02
  23. Monty007

    900d front radiator question

    I'll have to look through my old research posts. Lots of stuff on OCN but I don't have them bookmarked anymore since I completed the build. If I find them I'll post back here. You can still do it. Just cut out the bottom slot. Should give you all the room you need. Are you going to run the fans in a push or pull setup on the front rad?
  24. Monty007

    900d front radiator question

    i faced the same problem when I was doing my current 900d build. I could not do it without having to take out the 5.25" bay. I didn't actually do it because I did a sandwiched rad setup in the basement in stead. Link to my build is in my sig. I have seen others pull it off once you cut out the cage and grind off the plastic trim at the top of the opening..