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    In the WAN show yourself and @Slick read Nilay Patel's response which included claims that Nilay Patel was the one that reversed the decision and that YouTube didn't get involved... However those claims are untrue.

    Check the time and date on Kyle's Tweet saying that his video was restored by Youtube, compared to the time and date that Nilay Patel claims he retracted the copyright strike on Bitwits video.

    Kyle's Tweet** was posted 11:02pm 13th February 2019
    Nilay Patels email retracting the takedown notice was 2:15am 14th February 2019.

    **Worth considering that Kyle would have received the email prior to posting a tweet about it, so Youtubes decision to reverse it could have been even earlier. If you were interested in double checking the facts I'm sure @bitwit will be happy to share *when* YouTube sent him an email notifying him of their decision to reverse the claim, and where it lines up in the timeline of events.

    He only sent off the email retracting the claim AFTER Youtube had already intervened and reversed the strike.




    From The Verge article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/15/18226105/a-note-about-youtube-copyright-strikes-from-vox-media


    At my direction, the strikes were retracted. Here's the note from YouTube:
    Again, the strikes were retracted at my specific instruction, not through any YouTube dispute process.

    Also on Twitter Nilay Patel lies multiple times stating that *he* retracted the claim, even though by the time he sent that email it had already been reversed by YouTube several hours prior.

    As noted by Kyle in his tweets, after Youtube reversed the copyright strike and issued an email to Vox Media stating that the claim was not valid, Vox Media still had an opportunity to dispute that outcome and continue to pursue the matter. It's possible that Nilay Patels email to Youtube to retract the claim was Vox Medias/The Verges way of electing not to pursue the matter further after the decision to reverse it was already made by Youtube.
    However, Nilay Patel is intentionally lying by saying that YouTube was not involved in the decision as he states that it was "not through any Youtube dispute process" and that it was entirely his/Vox Medias/The Verges decision to retract the claim.

    I'm going to repost this in the thread as well, but I was hoping you would personally take the time to read it or reach out to Kyle personally as I think it is very important as it highlights the tactics and attitude by Nilay Patel and Vox Media/The Verge in regards to the entire incident.

    PS. Thanks for the shout out on the WAN show ❤️

    1. Spotty


      Keep in mind there is a 3 hour time zone difference between California (Bitwit) and New York, however even with the time zone difference the timestamps still puts Kyle's tweet before the email Nilay Patel sent.

      I would strongly recommend checking the times/dates with Kyle before commenting on it.

    2. hiitswilliam


      @Spotty You also got a shout out yesterday during the drama stream. That video got a lot of views pretty quickly.