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  1. Use ds4 on GTAV pc without keymapper

    Apparantly the solution is very simple, before I use home streaming I need to use TeamViewer and put the host PC's Steam into BigPicture mode, then it works.
  2. Use ds4 on GTAV pc without keymapper

    I tried a fresh windows version and a fresh GTAV version, I tried both in story mode and online, same problem. I made sure I have the latest NVIDIA Game Ready drive (from Geforce Experience) and all other drivers on its latest. My PC doesn't start a program when I plug it in, it detects it a wirless controller or XBOX360-controller (this is random). If I have GTAV open, unplug the controller, the issue is gone
  3. Use ds4 on GTAV pc without keymapper

    It works fine for me in Call of Duty and Rocket League, but it doesnt work in GTAV. It looks like there's a diagonal mirror in the screen (I see everything twice and very flickety), as soon as I unplug the controller it works like normal again. Could you help me solve this? Thanks
  4. Use ds4 on GTAV pc without keymapper

    Hello, I want to know if it's possible to play GTAV with a DS4 controller without a keymapper like DS4Windows. I want to play using Steam Link, using a keymapper isnt possible then. Anyone know how to? Thanks.
  5. PS4 controller in GTAV

    im not spending money on that
  6. Gtx 1080ti >50 fps GtaV 1080p Monior

    do you have the Nvidia drivers installed?
  7. any 1 know if wan show on tonight

    As it says at "upcoming events" there is a wan show
  8. PS4 controller in GTAV

    Hello, I recently bought I PS4 controller to use on my pc. It does not work in GTAV, I can launch the game fine, but it looks like its "switching" viewing angles really fast, this makes the game unplayable. If I run DS4Winows it works just fine, but I dont want to use it, as Steam home streaming (I use a Steam Link for this) doesn't support this. It works fine in Call Of Duty: World War 2, Rocket League and PUBG. How can I fix this either In-game or trough Steam?
  9. router redirect user if domain is ** to another port

    How do I do that? and will it work with Mc servers?
  10. Hello, I want to know if its possible to let my router redirect a user to port "example" if the original ip used is "example.example.com" Thanks
  11. Do you already have the monitor?
  12. change username

    You are a moderator, do I still need to PM?
  13. change username

    Hi, Just a quick question: am I able to change my username? Thanks.
  14. Gta V pc unplayable with controller

    Yes, the problem doesn't occur in COD:WWII, Rocket League or Pubg
  15. Hello, If I connect a Ps4 controller to my Steam Link using Bluetooth or USB and launch gtav, the game loads fine but in game, online and story mode it will glitch. It looks like its switching viewing angles very fast. If I press 'options' on the controller and open settings, I see the mouse moving around very fast. As soon as I unplug the controller it works just fine. Would anyone know a solution? Thanks