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  1. it is not necessary that i want touch screen but i wanted to know it can be done or not so that when i do the screen replacement it also helps me in deciding the best screen for my laptop
  2. I am not doing the repair by me and i am going to the shop for that my laptop has NVIDIA GEFORCE 840M 2GB DDR3 please help me whether it supports 1080p and touch capability as well please help me
  3. Hey!!! please help me as i have HP Pavilion 15 P077TX laptop and its screen is showing black lines from bottom and top of screen and i need to change the screen can i change the screen resolution from 1366*768 to 1920*1080? can i change the screen from NON TOUCH Screen to TOUCH Screen? Please help me please
  4. it is not installing it saying please ask the HP regarding this if there is any workaround that
  5. Hey!!! Please help me with HOW TO UPDATE THE INTEL GRAPHIC DRIVER FOR HP LAPTOP P077TX please help me please
  6. dattharao


    @CPotter please tell linus do a video whether TEMPERED GLASS is required for laptops or not
  7. dattharao

    What are the best new options for SSD?

    Will you please provide any benchmarks score to prove that?
  8. dattharao

    What are the best new options for SSD?

    In the intro he said that budget doesn't matter that's why i suggested NVME
  9. dattharao

    What are the best new options for SSD?

    Thank You for proving my point
  10. dattharao

    What are the best new options for SSD?

    I doubt Sandisk Ultra III for performance par with MX500, 860EVO