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  1. Ansuex

    Possible GPU problems?

    If I remember correctly there is some custom drivers that could solve this problem. Have a look here: https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/27115-latest-official-drivers-for-hybridswitchable-graphics-optimus/
  2. Ansuex

    Used GTX 1080 ti vs New Rtx 2070

    I understand its tempting for the extra performance, But myself I would and actually did buy a RTX2070. It honestly didn't impress me that much and realise I should have saved up for the 2080ti.. the only real 4k capable consumer graphics card
  3. Ansuex

    32 - way SLI LINUS DO IT

    I do remember some guy running that way to overkill socket 1366 motherboard from EVGA (SR2?) with more then 4 AMD graphics cards.. not 100% sure how he got that working
  4. Ansuex

    Is a RTX 2070 overkill for my situation?

    If you plan on updating your CPU then just get the best graphics card you can afford
  5. Ansuex

    32 - way SLI LINUS DO IT

    This has to be fake
  6. Ansuex

    Is a RTX 2070 overkill for my situation?

    Yes, it would be worth to upgrade your I3 7100 at some point. I would say a RTX2060 would be a better match and makes more sense in price for performance .
  7. Ansuex

    Use second GPU for Nvidia game streaming

    I have no clue! but sounds like a fun experiment right? I can imagine it will work a bit like with the Physx card, allowing you to render the game on the RX580 anyway. And allowing you to stream it because a Nvidia graphics card is detected.
  8. Ansuex

    Dell XPS or Dell G5

    I would be fine with a 1050TI if its a real portable laptop (think macbook pro / Huawei matebook or XPS) otherwhise I am not really willing to lose on graphics horsepower.
  9. Ansuex

    Dell XPS or Dell G5

    Thanks! I just like the discount on the Dell laptops What other suggestion can you make? Willing to spend around 1000-1500 euro's
  10. Ansuex

    4690k with RTX 2080

    Ayrus, if you join the LTT community on Discord im sure someone is willing to help you get a stable overclock on your 4690k to get rid of that potential bottleneck
  11. Ansuex

    4690k with RTX 2080

    Sounds like a unstable overclock
  12. Ansuex

    4690k with RTX 2080

    Likely a CPU bottleneck indeed. Why don't you try to overlock your 4690k? its a shame its sitting in a Z97 board without overclock in the first place!
  13. Ansuex

    Which 2060 should i buy?

    I would research into which of those 2 has the best power delivery system for overclocking.
  14. Ansuex

    Online horror games

    I am afraid however that we are not able to discuss piracy on this forum.
  15. Ansuex

    which cpu do i choose

    actually gaming might be the place you see the most difference. Seeing the Ryzen 3d gen will see better instructions per clock and this is usually the limiting factor in game performance. For that same reason you can see more perforance in games with a R5 2600 over the R7 1700