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    i7 5820K
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    Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme
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    G.Skill 2400 DDR4 32GB
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    MSI 980TI 6G Gaming
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    Parvum Systems L1.0 ATX
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    M.2 Samsung 950 Pro / 850 Pro
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    Corsair AX1200i
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    ROG Swift PG348Q
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    R5E Monoblock / Fullblock GPU / 1000mm Rad.
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    Atreus, Custom made 60% w/ Cherry Browns
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    Sound Blaster ZxR / AKG K712 Pro
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    Windows 7/10 Pro x64

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  1. Take a PWM fan splitter or extension cable and connect the PWM wire (the 4th pin, which is the pin a 3 pin header doesn't have) to the red 5v wire from a molex connector (do NOT use the yellow 12v molex wire!). This constant 5v is identical to the PWM signal that makes the pump run at 100%. if the pump is not connected to a fan connector its running at 60%
  2. did they build if for you? anyway, id contact the store and ask them how to solve this.
  3. i actually did mean serial number. the shop im ordering from has serialnumbers on the invoice and on the packaging all the time to compare items for warranty. dont know if this is a european market (or even swiss) market thing tho... but either way cant be wrong to check the model number
  4. if you still have the packaging compare serialnumbers on the box with the one on your card. the serialnumber might be even on the invoice.
  5. vsync is enabled by default if youre using gsync. since.. like a year. you dont have to disable vsync anymore. look it up. if youre below 144fps vsync is automaticly disabled even if youve set it to enabled. the setting now only kicks in if youre reaching more than 144fps. if youre going over 144 vsync enables itself to reduce tearing, if you dont want that in csgo disable it on the advanced tab in NVCP for that specific program/game. dont edit the global settings as you dont need to. the times where vsync had to be disabled to use gsync are long gone, i believe they changed it somewhere july 2015
  6. well looks like you got a 2gb card then. releasedate for the 4gb card was 23 december 2013, since your bios is from october theres no way its a 4gb but to make absolutely sure can you measure the cards lenght?
  7. what gpu shows up if youre clicking on lookup? can you post the techpowerup link please
  8. i wouldnt count on that. my bios doesnt even recognize my card. but either way its kinda weird.
  9. check serial numbers as revsilverspine and me already told you. maybe someone bought a 2gb and a 4gb card and returned the 2gb card in the 4gb packaging. if it looks sealed i doubt that the reseller check serialnumbers. you can also check what card you have in gpu-z by clicking on "lookup" in the top right corne of gpu-z. this will open the gpu you are using on techpowerup.
  10. afaik theres a 2gb and a 4gb version. are you absolutely sure its the 4gb version? check the serial number sticker on the card. did you bought it off amazon/refurbished? maybe someone sneaked the 2gb in the 4gb packaging.
  11. it is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrox_G200 and its sgram. it was one of the first cards to use system ram as vram. the card was expandable from 8mb to 16mb.
  12. hey ive switched from a pg1279q to the pg348q and i can see the difference. but ive got used to it, tbh it hold me back for almost a year (was thinking about buying the x34) because i thought the difference is too big. you can tell for sure at the beginning. but if youre always at 100fps you get used to it pretty fast. its really not that bad, the resolution is just so much better imho. im using a 980ti and most games run high/ultra presets fps capped (1575/8000mhz oc)
  13. the uni im going to uses airdrop for almost anything so ive got a mbp for that. if that would not be the case id use a nice custom clevo instead.
  14. you might need to change the crossover in the software but it should do just fine. but if your speakers are handled by the sub just use the 3.5mm line out. its not like it sounds different if youre using a different output for each speaker.