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    Intel Core i7-4790K
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    ASUS ROG Maximus VII Ranger
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1866MHz (4x4)
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    MSI GTX 980 4G SLI (x2)
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    Corsair Carbide Air 540 Black
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    Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM (x2), Corsair FORCE LX 256GB
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    BENQ BL2710PT, BENQ BL2405HT
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    Corsair H105 (SP120x4 exhaust), Corsair AF120 (x3 intake), Corsair AF140 (exhaust)
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    Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    Marshall Stockwell
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  1. looks really neat, u also got featured on ekwb's instagram i believe! congrats on that. But are the GPU's sagging a bit? might be the bottom tube bending them downwards.
  2. thanks will check em out.
  3. thanks, i'll have a look at those
  4. Which ones? could you provide a link to those you'd recommend?
  5. So i'm starting to look into wireless mice because i want to keep the desk clean from cables so i'm really open to any suggestions, i'm currenly using the razer deathadder chroma and i like the grip and size of it. Any help is appreciated, thanks beforehand!
  6. nvm i swapped to syncback, much better.
  7. I went with Comodo backup, works so far.
  8. I've got 2 2TB barracudas and i want to have one folder in my main drive copy itself onto the my secondary HDD automatically, f.e. every time i change the document on main drive it should change the document on secondary drive or check for differences every 1 hr or so and update accordingly. What's my best choice of software in this situation? it's quite a simple task i would say and should not require anything fancy, a good user interface of couse is favored.
  9. considering the feedback i've been given here in these few minutes, is there anything i should know about the XPS 15? According to reviews a very rigid construction with solid performance.
  10. Yeah i heard about the fan noise, quite a bummer.
  11. the zephyrus costs extremely much, according to dave lee or linus it doesn't seem to thermal throttle at all.
  12. how is that, reviewers seem to like it.
  13. I was considering it because of the USD dropping in value.
  14. I've been struggling to find a retailer for the razer blade 14 that ships to europe, sweden in particular so far i've found none. Is there seriously no shipping to europe available?
  15. thanks for pointing that review out, read that one and the one for vivobook and, to be frank, none of them feel fantastic. God why is it so difficult to choose a laptop model.