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  1. Thanks for the recommendations guys. What R9 do you recommend? Also I picked this monitor because it's an 28" IPS display. This machine will be used for more casual gaming. More of a work machine.
  2. Hello all. I had another post similar to this one about 3 weeks ago? but became very busy so I had to delay the PC. Here is what I've gotten so far. If there is something you recommended me change please explain why cheers:) http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/BTRBwP
  3. http://cplonline.com.au/monitors/dell-u2515h-25in-ultrasharp-ips-monitor.html is the monitor I will be getting. I want the total to be around 2.2 - 2.3 including monitor so a pc around 1700 or so. still think I should get the R9 390?
  4. Hello and thank you all for such an overwhelming amount of help in such a small amount of time! I should of been more clear. 2 - 2.5k including the 700 dollar monitor. so about 1500 - 1700$ on the PC. This is going to just be my work rig that I use for documentation, spreadsheets, ect with gaming on the side 'rainbow 6 siege, hearthstone, metro ect". Also I live in Australia
  5. Looking for input on the current build I came up with. Looking for way to improve it. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/tkmhCJ With a new Dell UltraSharp U2515H WQHD IPS Monitor. "not set in stone will change if theres a better model for around the same amount :)" Couldn't decide between the R9 390 or a GTX 970. Was thinking the 390 because of direct x 12? or should I still go for a 970? What is the fastest 970. cheers regards, James