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  1. r4tch3t

    electronic conference room sign

    Cheap Lcd, RPi or similar and setup a little script to grab the data from the server and display the relevant information?
  2. r4tch3t

    DVI, DVI-D and DVI-I cable help

    DVI I is integrated. It can have both VGA signals and digital. DVI D is digital only, so you can't use a DVI to VGA adaptor. So do answer your question DVI D cable will work fine in both DVI D and DVI I ports.
  3. Don't worry, those look like the wireless grounding straps they sell on Ali express, no need for a ground wire! /S
  4. r4tch3t

    What is this called?

    You might be after cable combs.
  5. r4tch3t

    i5-3470 ft. RX 470 for PUBG?

    True, but I was also playing at 1440p high settings, 1080p medium should work fine. According to a couple sites he should get 40-80 fps. Pubg also runs much better these days than what it used to. Still bad though.
  6. r4tch3t

    i5-3470 ft. RX 470 for PUBG?

    You should be fine, 3570k here, before I overclocked I got around 50-100fps paired with a 1070. A 3770k would be a decent upgrade though.
  7. r4tch3t

    Raspberry Pi 3 B Power Help

    You'll be fine. Unless you overclock or something crazy the power supply should be more than enough.
  8. r4tch3t

    Need a new Desk.

    Check the weight limits on it as kitchen counters can be heavy. You could also get 2 and have a massive desk. I like the idea.
  9. Depends how you want to do it, you can just get a PWM fan splitter and connect 2 fans to one header. Be aware of power limits though. Or you can get molex to fan header adaptors if you're not worried about fan control. Or you can get a fan hub that has dials on it, or a usb port for control.
  10. He did mention they eruptions both be identical except size. An example so to say. No difference at all for frames. Increased power consumption would be an obvious difference.
  11. r4tch3t

    Super low fps in cs go.

    Will definately help. Although the stock cooler should be able to keep it under 90 at least. And 90 at idle is definately not stock performance. Based on the rest of your setup you should get a better cooler anyway. I'm using a Hyper 212x which works well.
  12. r4tch3t

    Super low fps in cs go.

    Yes, a cpu had a max operating temperature of 105. You will be thermal throttling. You need to clean your heatsink /reapply thermal paste.
  13. r4tch3t

    Uhhh. Windows not activated?

    www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-10-suddenly-deactivated-update Maybe that will help.
  14. Only know what Google tells me (Google knows all, praise Google) Disable Screen Sleep on Raspberry PiAugust 26, 2016. Click Settings, then at the top choose Disable Screen Sleepfrom the dropdown Also for future knowledge this is more of a Linux OS question side Raspbian is based on Linux of some sort.
  15. Regardless of if what he said is correct (I don't know) there's no reason why it should be like that. However you can fix it yourself. There should be little tabs on the side of the sockets in the plastic housing. Depressing these will allow you to remove the socket and put it in the right place. You can usually do this with tweezers.