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  1. Find an old case on ebay /graigslist for $1. Drill out the rivets. Recycle rest of case. Backplate for a dollar.
  2. r4tch3t

    Sound interference from multiple devices

    Is it a constant tone? 50/60Hz? If so you may have a ground loop problem. Basically the ground from the TV is at a different voltage compared to the PC causing current to flow at mains frequency inducing the hum.
  3. r4tch3t

    Harvey Norman gaming pc

    Made a system with an 8700k, 2080, ssd etc With a GSync screen for the same price. Just a quick select the first option kind of thing. but don't get the Harvey Norman's pc. Call up PLE and they will help you if your not confident (not a shill, mattress in Australia but from PLE) https://www.ple.com.au/Products/629505/PLE-Custom-Intel-LGA1151-Coffee-Lake-Desktop-PC-System?KitId=629505&kc-6298=633590&kc-6298-qty=1&kc-6299=613556&kc-6299-qty=1&kc-6300=633621&kc-6300-qty=1&kc-6301=633081&kc-6301-qty=1&kc-6302=630970&kc-6302-qty=1&kc-6303=621165&kc-6303-qty=1&kc-6304=633203&kc-6304-qty=1&kc-6305=602206&kc-6305-qty=1&kc-6306=602206&kc-6306-qty=1&kc-6307=602214&kc-6307-qty=1&kc-6308=622046&kc-6308-qty=1&kc-6309=630936&kc-6309-qty=1&kc-6323=602206&kc-6323-qty=1&kc-6325=608230&kc-6325-qty=1&kc-6310=602206&kc-6310-qty=1&kc-6311=620010&kc-6311-qty=1&kc-6312=602206&kc-6312-qty=1&kc-6313=602206&kc-6313-qty=1&kc-6314=624322&kc-6314-qty=1&kc-6315=627451&kc-6315-qty=1&kc-6316=615991&kc-6316-qty=1&kc-6324=602206&kc-6324-qty=1&kc-6317=602206&kc-6317-qty=1&kc-6318=628401&kc-6318-qty=1&kc-6319=601343&kc-6319-qty=1&kc-6320=618036&kc-6320-qty=1&kc-6321=602202&kc-6321-qty=1&kc-6322=602203&kc-6322-qty=1
  4. r4tch3t

    Harvey Norman gaming pc

    You can still save a grand and have a better system at Australian prices.
  5. r4tch3t

    Harvey Norman gaming pc

    @bleedblue Link to online listing. I7 8th gen, 16gb, 1080 non ti version. 2tb hybrid sshd. Not that great a deal price wise. No screen either. Build it yourself or find a mate to help. You'll learn enough to maintain it in the future and have a much better pc. For that price you could probably get a 9700k, 1080ti, 16gb, 1TB SSD and 4TB HDD or something like that.
  6. r4tch3t

    Harvey Norman gaming pc

    That will be a great pc. It's made by Asus not a home brand Harvey Norman pc. You can probably save some money if you build it yourself.
  7. ITunes? Install it once for this. Set the settings to copy file to library when adding adding songs. Point iTunes to folder(s) it will import everything without duplicate. Delete the original. Other music players might work like vlc but Google is flooded with iTunes answers.
  8. r4tch3t

    Laptop for game development

    You'll want as much CPU as you can so you compile times are quicker. Also integrated graphics will be a plus if you want to develop games and test them on a range of hardware. Graphics I'd say something like a 1060, you can always test the game out on the pc at high graphics settings. 16GB is plenty. You could get away with 8GB but 16 is nice. To be honest, you probably don't really need that much of a laptop since what you'll be developing, at least for the first year or 2 will be fairly low spec. Best bet would be to talk to the professor or a current /previous student to find out what you need. My 2c anyway.
  9. r4tch3t

    2 monitors affect FPS??

    You'll be fine, as long as the second screen isn't showing 3d content it won't affect it. If you're worried about it you can always disable the second screen when you play games. If you're wanting to watch YouTube or Netflix whilst playing games I'd recommend a raspberry pi for the second screen.
  10. r4tch3t

    Mixed triple monitor sync

    You shouldn't have any difficulties. At least according to a quick Google search.
  11. r4tch3t

    Spectrum Adult ...

    Probably not appropriate for this forum...
  12. r4tch3t

    Can I trick Samsung DeX?

    You'll need to get a dex compatible cable. Look for one with plenty of reviews and return it if it fails to work.
  13. r4tch3t

    Why is my gpu not going in?

    You will have to remove the gpu and reseat. There is also the possibility that by trying to force it you bent the slot a little. Picture attached to try to clarify. (shows the slot that would be on the motherboard or similarish)
  14. r4tch3t

    Why is my gpu not going in?

    Yep that's a better explanation than mine.
  15. r4tch3t

    Why is my gpu not going in?

    You'll need to take it out and align the metal bracket tab at the back (the bit with the display outputs) . There's a slot it goes in at the bottom and you've missed it.