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  1. r4tch3t

    Fan Wire Diagram

    Typically it's like this, Red - Positive Black - Negative Yellow - RPM sense Red - Positive Black - Negative Yellow - RPM sense Blue - PWM signal
  2. r4tch3t

    Pcie sound card project

    I remember these working quite well.
  3. r4tch3t

    dropping a hdd

    Safer yes. The heads are parked and can withstand more impact
  4. r4tch3t

    Fellow Command & Conquer fans

    No microtransactions, so they couldn't figure out how to add crates. But there will be no base building, 8 unit types with pallette swap for enemies, 5 mission long campaign, 6 DLCs on launch including the rest of the game. It's EA...
  5. r4tch3t

    need a dual psu case for atx

    Also remember you have spent multiple hundreds of dollars on the rest of your hardware but almost nothing on what feeds it.
  6. r4tch3t

    need a dual psu case for atx

    Lian Li v2000 can hold 4 360 rads with modding. Also the issue isn't the amount of power rather how clean it is. Running at those speeds makes it very sensitive to ripple in the voltage. The raid max just can't provide a steady enough voltage for your cpu regardless of how much power it has.
  7. r4tch3t

    PCIE Card Design

    Why do you need pcie? It's a very high bandwidth bus. USB has plenty of bandwidth and is supported by many micros natively. USB 3 to a lesser extent but still a lot easier than pci.
  8. r4tch3t

    need a dual psu case for atx

    But limiting it to one that can hold dual power supplies is, well, limiting. Personally if you could find one, a lian Li v2000 with the dual psu bracket would be my choice. I have a V2000b and am trying to find a dual psu bracket for it. Only case I can find so far is this. You can also mod a second supply into your case. But as others have mentioned, raid max isn't exactly a premium brand, they work well enough, but your using top end hardware, you need a top end psu like corsair and the like.
  9. r4tch3t

    need a dual psu case for atx

    But Linus made an awesome chiller. But if you really wanted dual psus you could test it with the second psu outside the case to see if it helps before buying a new case(assuming you have a spare psu)
  10. Reading some more on the forum, it should be possible, but since it's fairly new tech (AMD sort of makes it's iGPU into a dedicated PCI GPU via infinity fabric) it throws errors and no one has got it working just yet, you'll have to wait a while for unraid. Other software may work though. There's no reason why it can't work, just no one has got it working. Maybe go for a 2600(x) with a second hand 1050 if you have room. Otherwise Ivybridge iGPUs work with unraid.
  11. Is definately possible. It will depend on your server software support though. Unraid should support it.
  12. r4tch3t

    What is SVCHOST? WinServer 2016 Essential

    It's pretty much just Windows. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svchost.exe
  13. r4tch3t

    Usage of laptop while charging.?

    Yeah it will be fine, it will just charge the battery slower. The heat generated by the laptop and battery will shorten the life of the battery, but it shouldn't be much different from normal since it'll likely run hot regardless, gaming laptop.
  14. r4tch3t

    My mouse doesn't register as a mouse

    Does the mouse work on your pc? Try removing the device from device manager so it can be recognised again.
  15. Only thing I can think of is if someone made one themselves and put it on guthub or something. Try guthub lian Li, long shot but if you get the right person they might be able to give you something.