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  1. Congrats on 1 million subs, been here a while, the reason was to watch some unboxing vids, cause I was preparing to build a rig of my own.
  2. As I play plenty of WoT, I can say this "overview" is quite biased. No, plenty Soviet tanks are not OP, French tanks UP? Sure. French have some of the best tanks. Like foch 155(which WG plans to nerf), Batchat, 50 100, 13 90, two last mentioned used very often in ESL... Most OP tanks imho are obj 268 and T57 heavy, Average battle time on server between all tank levels is 6 minutes. 7vs7 mode is already released and there are lot of problems with it, for example the tank level is analysed client-side, which causes cheating. "The clan leaders can split this money up to the ones that contributes." Only in the most honest clans, mostly clan leaders divide the gold among themselves.
  3. All I bought is ETS 2, wanted to get that quite a while ago, demo was good, was waiting for a sale. Want to buy other games, but then again, when will I play them...
  4. At which point did you saw that he decided on 670? Are you his stalker? :D
  5. Just go for the 7950. Performance per buck is definitely better.
  6. Short review of my Razer Lycosa: Never buy this Chinese piece of cheap, plastic crap. The cache fills up and the keyboard just freezes up, only way to fix that is unplug it and plug it back in.
  7. Looks pretty good, but I think even 600W PSU would be enough for that setup...
  8. I better see Slick here... Thanks for making them forums.
  9. Lito

    Gtx 700???

    It is not like you can't run something on 660, if you have excess money, you could get the 700 series right of the bat. I am still living on a GTX 560, everything runs fine.
  10. All the traffic is making the forum faint. :D