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  1. So, no ideas? Guess I just have to spend even more money and get a new monitor!?
  2. Hello, I have just upgraded my computer, and I have gotten the most strange bug ever - maybe one of you have an idea to what is going wrong here. Ryzen 3700X Asus TUF gaming X570 plus 5700XT powercolor Red devil Monitor: Samsung s27a950d On my old system, I never used displayport. So the problem is. I boot up, I get the all clear beep from post, then I get VGA dail beep (one long two short) and the troubleshoot led for VGA glows on motherboard. I DO get into windows however, and everything seems to work, I get good scores in benchmark. Some times I get into windows with no bug, and I get the same scores. Most of the time I can use the computer just fine, even after the bug, but it do black screen from time to time. Trouble shooting that I remember I have done: reseated ram and GPU Changed RAM Bought new display port cable (I have tried 3 brand new ones now) Updated Bios fresh install of windows (for a short while I thought that worked, but the bug returned) Updated all drivers In the end I realised that my new great GPU was faulty, even though it was the same on ALL the display ports. So I took it out and put in my old one. But here is the kicker. I still got the bug. I had then noticed that when I got black screen in windows from the bug, my old monitor I used as second monitor seemed to keep working. It was running HDMI. So I tried hooking up the monitor with HDMI - no more bug. I visited my parents, stole my mom monitor (she got mine instead, we just swapped for testing) and her monitor works fine too - WITH display port cable... So I am left with the conclusion that somehow my monitor triggers a bug on my computer - but only when its running on display port... (Can it have something to do with the higher refreshrate? 120hz compared to 60 that it runs on HDMI, and that my moms monitor runs) Please I need some input to this very strange and puzzeling bug!
  3. And of course, as the bad human I am, I forgot all about this when it started working! It was a problem with PSU! How exactly, I am not sure. I had an older Antec case that came with 2 PSU in it, they were linked together so they worked as one, and I had a couple of computers run in it with no problems what so ever. But after testing all my hardware, ram, cpu, gpu and so on in other computers, and getting my board back telling me that nothing was wrong. it was more or less the only thing I didn't try. And as soon as I put another PSU on it, it worked. Why the other setup did not work, I do not understand, as it still runs my old computer, but at least I found a solution,
  4. OK! So I think maybe its a problem with the logitech gameing software! I tried turning off so it doesn't boot with windows, and so far it has worked, but it can still happen The problem just is then, I cant no longer change my DPI and refresh of the mouse. So I have this 8k DPI monster and I use 2k at most, and 1000hz refresh but can only 500! So is there anyway I can change on theese settings, without haveing to use the buggy gameing software! Also, why is this suddenl a problem in win 10 when it NEVER was in win 7?
  5. Did I not explain the problem good enough? Or am I the only one in the world with this problem? Please if someone have an idea how to fix this, so my mouse sensitivity stay the same at all times! ty in advance!
  6. Hey! I upgraded my computer, and after doing that, I upgraded to windows 10 aswell. I suspect this is a software failure, but I do have new motherboard too. I have a Logitech G500s gaming mouse, when I start up windows, the sensitivty is very low on it, then when windows is all done loading it goes up and get a lot higher. If this was the only problem I could live with it, but I play CoD Black Ops 3, and from time to time, totally random in the middle of a game my sensitivity is changed so its very low, the only fix I have found is to either change the sensitivity ingame, or quit, both is a pain I use the "no mouse acceleration fix" too Does anyone have some input into what could be wrong here and how to fix it, because it really starting to annoy me, and I cant find anything on google If you want more info on hardware or software just ask.
  7. I tried clearing CMOS, and it didn't help either. I will send it in to them and wait their judgement. It isnt the same board, as they were nice enough to let me order a new one with the promise of reimbursing me, if the first one was really defective. I have also tried with graphics card, same problem. ty for the inputs, but as ProKon says, I feel like I have tried all troubleshooting already, so nothing to do than send it back, and curse myself for not using my normal dealer, but one so far away I cant just drive there, but have to wait for postoffice and so on. I will post an update when I hear from them if anyone is interested. thx for the help once again.
  8. I have tried turning it on by shorting pins too, but that really isnt the issue And I am not going direct to gigabyte, just my retailer, thats how it works in denmark anyway I was pretty sure it was dead too, but I hoped something new had happened I didnt think of, since my old computer is 5 years old, and a lot can happen in that time I remember once sitting with a dead computer that wouldn't boot for hours before realising you had to connect the CPU fan to the right pins on the motherboard, stuff like that But ty for the replies anyway, and if someone think "did he do this or that" dont hesitate to assume I am stupid - It might seem so obvious, no one thinks of it The thing that bugs me is that I get 2 motherboards, that both has this problem. thats whats makes me think, I cant be this unlucky, something else is at play here!
  9. Hello LTT guys. First time on the forum, but the youtube channel promise you are smart and helpfull. I have bought new parts to upgrade my PC. A Gigabyte ga-z170x-gaming 3 motherboard. A skylake I5 6600k, Radeon 390X, and 16 GB of corsair ram. (and a hyper 212 evo to cool it) I just have the motherboard laying on the box it comes in. I connect power to it, both the big connector, and the small 8pin ATX connector at the CPU. I connect the CPU cooler to the dedicated pins on the motherboard. (I will attach an image where I outlined what connectors I use) Besides that, I just run the connector to the powerbutton so I dont have to short it to turn it on, no other front connectors. So to the problem. When I turn it on, the fan start spinning on the cpu cooler, and nothing else happens. I have tried with only one stick of ram, and in all the slots. My mate bought the same setup, just with the I7 CPU instead. I have tried ram, and cpu in his, and they work. The graphics card work too, I am using it in my old PC, but when I try to post I just the onboard graphics anyway. On my friends motherboard, when he turns it on, there are some LEDs that turn on, and make a red stripe across the board around the IO ports, this does not turn on here. only thing that happens is the fan on the cpu cooler. I suspect the motherboard is broken, but the reason I ask here is, its the my second board, with the same failure, and I could just be very unlucky, but before I send it in for RMA, is there something really obvious I missed?