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    Intel Core i7-2600s 2.8GHz up to 3.8GHz
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    Acer IPISB-VR Rev 1.01
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    16GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual-channel
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    PowerColor Red Dragon AMD Radeon RX460 4GB
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  1. Well, this is almost the same as mine which is Asus TUSL2-C (I upgraded the PC of a coleague of my mom and got his old parts - this motherboard, CPU and RAM) Thoughts before posting, but after post was done: 'Well, was about to post only the first picture, but I found a bunch more, so it became a pretty long post...' This is the RAM Here's three GPU's I used with this motherboard (the one in the middle came with the motherboard). These are nVidia GeForce MX2 400 32MB, MX4 440 64MB and ATi Radeon 9550/9555 128MB (don't remember exact models anymore) Here is it installed in a case This time with a 40GB HDD, too Aaand it works Sadly it isn't very stable and sometimes doesn't even want to boot, haven't had time to troubleshoot. But I did do test it a bit. Started by installing Windows Millennium... And it was installed Decided to connect it to the internet And it went pretty well... Worked very stable indeed So I decided to try Windows 2000. Installed it in dual-boot with Win ME. Set-up everything and tried internet. Obviously needed a more modern browser and I found one, Pale Moon I think it was. Even tried a YouTube video (didn't have a sound card, still doesn't have one)... Then I kind of lost interest in this PC and it sat in my closet for months. Decided to put it in a better case since I had one and now it's in storage. Here's some more info for the CPU and motherboard (for some reason it ran more stable OC'd to 1.1GHz or 1.3GHz than when running stock 1GHz).
  2. I'm also from Bulgaria. @Ukyo82 I haven't looked at prices all that much, but is it really such a big difference? From what I've seen the price difference is compeletely normal for PC hardware prices. Also I think that if you get the minimum salary there are much more important things to spend your money on than PCs. And me? Well I have a few PCs and even more laptops... just look at my signature, well not everything is listed there. Why I have so many? I bought them cheap. And they aren't the newest or fastes, but they do what I need them to do. It's the same with my car - daily driver is a VW Passat B5 from 1997. It works, I can get where I need to go with it, so I just drive it. Also I'm really tired at the moment, so I can't think straigh, sorry, may have some mistakes.
  3. Personally, I've been using Arctic MX-2 for years and I think it's good enough for the price. At this point I think that more expensive thermal paste doesn't improve temps by that much, especially considering the price difference.
  4. I have almost the exact same kayboard. The only difference I can see is that mine has a big enter button. Mine also works, no problems, but I don't use it at the moment, but might start using it again. Wait, this keyboard is expensive? Didn't know that, but either way I'm not selling mine.
  5. I haven't used a Dell prebulit PC, but I've used and fixed/upgraded HP PCs. So I cannot compare them since I don't have experience with Dell PCs. And laptops... Well I have used and repaired both Dell and HP laptops. I'd say they're equal, at least for me. I've never bought new from them, so I cannot say anything about their warranties and costumer support.
  6. The first computer I bought for myself was a pre-built (didn't know that much about computers back then). That was in May 2012. And I'm still using the same PC, well quite upgraded. CPU: Intel Celeron G530 2.4GHz →Intel Core i5 2320 3GHz→Intel Core i7 2600s 2.8GHz Cooler: CoolerMaster with 92mm PWM Fan→DeepCool Ice Edge Mini FS v2→back to the previous one since the 2600s is only 65W RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz→8GB DDR3 1333MHz Dual-channel→16GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual-channel GPU: AMD Radeon HD7470 2GB→AMD Radeon RX460 4GB HDD: Seagate 1TB→add Seagate 500GB→remove Seagate 1TB and add Sandisk Z410 120GB SSD and WD Blue 1TB HDD Case: Acer→CoolerMaster Silencio 352M PSU: FSP Group 250W→CoolerMaster B500 v2 500W Monitor: Samsung S19B300 19" 1366x768→Samsung S22D300HY 22" 1080p→Acer SA220Q 22" 1080p IPS Everything that I've replaced on my PC is still being used by me. The Seagate 1TB HDD is a backup. And from the other spare parts I built my secondary PC. Actually the Celeron isn't used for anything, it just sits in a box on my desk. Now as for plans for the future - I don't have any. This PC may not be the newest of fastest, but it's enough for my needs. Especially since I don't play games that much anymore and the games I do play run great at 1080p max settings (well not all games are at max settings, but most of them).
  7. Oh, I didn't know which socket Northwood used. It runs fine and after changing the termal paste it isn't all that loud. I don't think it's possible to undervolt. Also for some reason HWiNFO show only the HDD temp, I haven't tried with a different program since I'm too busy these days and haven't had time to do anything with this laptop.
  8. Thanks. The GPU and chipset are cooled by one of the fans. The fan has a metal casing which is used as a heatsink. Don't have a picture of the fan, but you can see it in this picture. Well acording to the manual (found it in pdf format) it supports one of the following CPUs: Intel Pentium 4 560 (3.6-GHz) Intel Pentium 4 550 (3.4-GHz) Intel Pentium 4 540 (3.2-GHz) Intel Pentium 4 530 (3.0-GHz) Intel Pentium 4 520 (2.8-GHz) I have no idea if it will support Northwood, there's not much info about this laptop except that manual, at least not confirmed information, just some gueses. It does not even exsist on HP's website for some reason, but thankfully most of the drivers (except the GPU one) were on the HDD when I bought the laptop.
  9. A few weeks ago I bough a new laptop for my collection. Why did I buy it? Well it has a desktop Pentium 4 (it's got 3 fans and a big copper cooler for the CPU) and is in almost perfect condition. Well the sreen is bad and it is missing the battery. Installed Windows XP Pro SP3 on it and it can actually run YouTube videos on fullscreen without problems, well at max 480p, but that's good enough for it's age. I tried putting 3GB RAM in it, but as I later found out it supports 2GB RAM Max, so I just swapped the two mismateched 1GB sticks with a matching pair of 1GB DDR2 666MHz Samsung RAM. The laptop still has it's original HDD. It has Harman/Kardon speakers and they sound pretty good for laptop speakers and are also quite loud. Since I've taken the pictures I've installed some games (GTA SA, NFSU2, TestDrive Overdrive) and will probably install some more games. The laptop runs pretty good. Dissasembled it to change the thermal paste, so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures, too. It uses a 135W power brick, but I haven't taken a picture of it, not that interesting as the laptop itsself. I bough this thing for 50 lv. (about $28 US). It's a HP Pavillion ZD8000. Here you can clearly see the problem of the sreen. Though for some reason it looks perfect on white. Will fix it sometime in the future. Here's it booting Windows XP. Dissasembled... Some closer pictures, not the best quality, but that's what my phone can do, was too lazy to take out my camera. The original HDD, it's IDE The RAM I put in it And here's a picture of the BIOS Also more info of the specs of the laptop
  10. I managed to get a VM in a VM running no problem, but the VM in the VM in the VM didn't want to boot. Tried this over a year ago when I had 8GB RAM and i5-2320, now I have 16GB RAM and i7-2600s, but don't have the time to test it. Also I don't know wether the RAM was the problem or something else.
  11. Here's the desktop of my main PC And this is the desktop of my secondary PC (it's a dual-monitor setup) Also the desktop of my main laptop Main and secondary PCs are running Windows 7 with XP Zune theme and ClassicShell for the start menu. I also use ObjectDock (main PC and laptop), Rainmeter (secondary PC and laptop) and Fences (main PC). And most of the things are in Bulgarian. I have more PCs and laptops, but I won't bother turning them on only for a pic of the desktop. They're not that interesting, well except one laptop, but I don't have access to it at the moment.
  12. This reminded me that a few years ago my dad found one Matrox Millennium II 8MB and it was PCI. He found it in a pile of junked old computers together with a ISA sound card. The sound card we didn't even test, but the Matrox was used for a while in an eMachines PC (this PC is in my signature). And it did work, but for some reason it was slower than the integrated ATi 3D Rage Pro AGP 2x 4MB, so it ended up sitting somewhere and then my dad took it, the ISA sound card and a bunch of other old computer hardware to the junkyard (or recycling centre, I have no idea what it was). There was also a working 350MB HDD (or maybe it was 850MB, can't exactly remember, I had only a few minutes with this HDD).
  13. Is your HDD split into partitions? That would help. I moved my Windows 7 install from 1TB HDD to 120GB SSD. No problem.
  14. I have no use for smart home things (light bulbs, appliances, etc.). Maybe where I'd draw a line is tech in cars. When I'm driving I want to have full control over my car (I don't mind ABS, but other safety things and tech are useless) and no touchscreens in it. The most modern thing in my car is the radio - what I want from it is to be able to randomly play mp3s from a USB stick or memory card (that's it, no bluetooth or anything). Also no driverless cars. I can just let go of the steering wheel of my car and it will go whereever it wants, who needs technology to control it /s I have no need for a smartwatch. My current watch is just fine (pic from internet below). The main thing I don't like about smartwatches is that you have to charge them every couple of days while regular ones last years with one battery. While 4G speed is plenty for me, I don't mind 5G, but I don't want a smartphone with a screen bigger than 4.7", that's the perfect size for me. Implants? Like becoming something like the Terminator? Well if I had to choose to die or get some implant, I'd choose the implant. Otherwise I'm fine with what and who I am. Also I don't want to pay with anything other than real cash. While I may change the way I think about paying in cash only and the phone size limit (in the far future), I'm not going to change the way I think about the other things.
  15. I have Windows 7 on a few of my PCs. What am I going to do after end of support? The same I'm doing now. I mean I still have PCs and laptops with XP that I use and are connected to the Internet. While I do like some of the features of Windows 10, I still prefer Windows 7. Actually some of the programs I use do not work at all or have problems on 10, but work fine on 7.