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    Asus x99-a/3.1 USB
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    INTEL 750 800GB, Samsung 1TB 850 Evo
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  1. I also put my 860 EVO in it and did the same thing. Some videos came over but no pictures in there.
  2. I also put my 860 EVO in it and did the same thing. Some videos came over but no pictures in there.
  3. Old PC Asus x-99 New PC MSI godlike z390 SATA 3 for the WD Black Side note I notice a red blinking light on my thermaltake 71 RGB case
  4. I moved some pictures and GoPro videos onto my WD Black 6TB from my old PC which had windows 10 Home and then just put it into my new PC with the window 10 Pro and the hard drive doesn't show up on My PC when I went to disk management I saw the hard drive was there instead of it being blue being initialized already it was black like i had to start over. Can't do nothing with it but when I put the hard drive onto the other PC I can see everything on there still all the pics/videos.
  5. Looking to just delete everything and reinstall so everything is kinda like brand new. Looking to see what is the best way to go about it. Dont do it much but the way I use to do it is just full system restore through the PC
  6. Old PC will be a hand me down to my little bro was thinking of doing a full system restore to give it to him all fresh? That a good route to go or is there a different way?
  7. So I finally built me my new gaming PC and my old one will be a hand me down for my little brother. How can I set it up? CPU: I7-5820k MOBO: Asus x99-a Main storage will be: Intel 750 800gb 2nd: Samsung 850 Evo 1TB SSD 3rd: WD blue 6TB Thanks in advance
  8. Just built my new PC m.2 is there but not my 2.5" SSD so tried a few things. I flashed the BIOS trying to figure it and after awhile I tried to get back into the BIOS and the screen is all black. Will try the CMOS battery next.
  9. Msi godlike z390 mobo cant get into the bios no more. The screen is all black. I even did the hold down shift and restarted my pc so it goes into the bios and same thing the screen just stays black
  10. Put the m.2 in the m.2_1 slot and the SSD I put in the SATA 1 slot
  11. Msi Godlike z390 I have my m.2 and an ssd. After the installation m.2 is there but not my SSD. I tried the easy set up in the MSI bios and reinstalled windows and yet everything still the same
  12. Thanks thought i was doing it right but i never went to customs lol
  13. Is there a quicker way? I installed the set up onto a usb since i the fool didn't pay attention and for the CD instead of the usb. When i hit close everything restarts and i have to re insert the usb drive.