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  1. Best "note taking" experience? Save up for a (used or deal) iPad 2018, maybe iPad 2018 (10,2") + Logitech Crayon (or Apple Pencil, if you need pressure). No alternative. There is pretty much NOTHING available below 200 bucks, that can be recommended in comparison. Cheapest Android solution would be a Huawei M5 Lite + the M5 Lite Pencil (25 bucks~). However, no more Updates, bad OS for a Tablet, and not good Tablet-Apps. iPadOS is vastly superior. In Windows nothing exists. Other things... Well, yea. Trust me. For note Taking, an entry iPad + The Apple Pencil / Logitech Crayon is by FAR the best experience you will get in that price range, and i highly recommend saving up f or that. Trust me. You want to work with that effectively, fast, and have many options organising everything. Get the iPad. Be happy untill your college time is over, Win Win. Recommended Apps for that: GoodNotes 5 / Notability. You can't go wrong with either. You do can go with very old refurbished devices, like the mentioned Lenovo X220T~. But: It weights 1.4 Kilogram (iPad will be 0,48 Kilogram), the Display is a 768p Resolution, and it's very questionable, how precise the Pen will be. Try it out before, but even todays Microsoft Surfaces will NOT give you a much better experience than an Apple Pencil will. Still: Because of the usability in Tablet mode, the amount of Apps, and especially different Note Taking Apps (Windwos has pretty much ONLY OneNote. Either you like the features, or well.. no other way. You have to use THIS application. On iPad, if you don't like Notability? Try GoodNotes 5. Or ZoomNotes. Or Noteshelf. Or NotesPlus. Or MarginNote 3 / Liquid Text. Many possibilities with their own different special features and perks. But that is the Reason, that an Ipad is THE absolute best option hands down, for pure 100% Digital Note Taking.
  2. What is your current phone? Exynos Galaxys since 2017~ are a bit inferior to the Snapdragon version, especially in battery Life. Samsung's with Exynos are a bit more "averrage", while the P30 Pro has one of the highest battery lifes you can find in a Flaggship. Don't get me wrong. Battery Life on the S10+ is not utterly Trash like it's on the Pixel 4 (XL), but it's nothing special. How about some alternatives? Oneplus 7T (Pro) for example. Otherwise: Photos: P30 Pro > S10+ in some cases like night shots. Videos: Huawei is pretty much garbage here, S10+ one of the best Android phones. Only beaten really by the iPhones. Display: Samsung of course.
  3. Both have 2gb Ram. Pro has a Laminated Screen, and stereo Speakers. Technically.. it's the better Device. Depending on the Price difference, consider taking the 2019 iPad 10.2" into that comparison. It's not faster, but it comes with 3gb Ram, which will for sure give it a longer Update cycle. @Drak3 The iPad Pro 1st Generation does NOT feature a 120 Hz screen, sadly. This is only for the 2nd and 3rd Pro-Generation.
  4. Oneplus 7t vs. Pixel 3.. Well, let's ignore the huge size difference, which should make them uncompareable. 128gb Base storage on Oneplus vs. 64 on Pixel 3. 8gb Ram vs. 4gb Ram. Multitasking will be a HELL OF A LOT better with Oneplus. 4gb is not much, and not flaggship worthy. Youw ill notice many more reloads, when switching between Apps/games. Camera: Is NOT better anymore. Since this year, Oneplus and others became so good, Pixel is far from beeing "the absolute Best". Sometimes it takes the best shot, sometimes it's another phone. Even if the Images are like 5% worse on the Oneplus, i would take the Super wide angle + Telephoto lense over the single Pixel lense. Also, Battery Life will be a whole other World. Pixel never had a good battery life, especially the non-XL. Oh yea, day2day performanc e will seem a lot better, thanks to the 90 Hz Display. My (trying as best as possible) objective opinion: Pixel 3 is perfectly Solid, if you are looking for a SMALL COMPACT Device. If you do, compare it with the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. If Size does not matter, i honestly don't even see why you should take a Pixel 4 (small one, or XL) over a Oneplus 7T. The Oneplus is the better Device overall, despite beeing cheaper, with the better Software (OxygenOS is in my Opinion the better Stock android) For very simple Tasks just as watching Videos or listening to Music.. Even a Xiaomi Note 7 / Note 8 (Pro) will be 100% perfectly fine. A Flaggship is not meant for the most light usage you can imagine, and quite overpowered. It's a Price, you don't need to pay, to get the things done, you need/want.
  5. Well, it's a fairly old Device with limited Hardware (1.5gb Ram is not that much) with a Marvel SoC. It's not a Qualcom, so drivers for Custom Roms might be a Problem (same with Mediatek), one Reason why noone made any more Custom Roms. Also the Reason, why there's almost no Custom Roms for any Huawei device, because of their Kirin CPU, and Huawei often locking the Bootloader. If you might need an Upgrade for the Future (Example, some Apps don't run anymore on 4,4/5,1), might look into a (used) T580 Samsung A10,1, i've seen it for 139€ during some Deals. Also, more modern, T510 or T590 are solid ones too. But could be more expensive.
  6. CyanogenMod probably? https://forum.xda-developers.com/tab-4/development/sm-t230-nu-unofficial-cm-11-based-t3648887 Most Roms for the T230 seems to be on KitKat, so this might be your best bet.
  7. There is only 1 Reason, to get the regular iPad (10.2"), over the Air 3: You can't afford the Air 3. It's A12 vs. A10. A huge performance difference. You won't notice it always, but a 2 year newer Chip WILL be supported longer, and will be more future proof. And, if you convert Videos, the additional Performance helps alot. Display is better in 2 ways: Laminated, AND supports P3 color space. 7MP Front camera vs. 1.2MP. iPad 2018 from March 2018 vs. iPad 2019 (10.2"): Both support the A10. Disappointing for the new one to feature the same old Chip. But well. It comes with a bigger screen, Smart connectors (not very usefull, since there are only 2 Keyboards for it. The completely overpriced Apple keyboard, i would never recommend, and the Logitech Keyboard), and 3gb Ram over 2gb Ram. This alone is kinda worth going for the newer 10.2" iPad. More Ram = More updates in the Future. Alternative to the Air 3: iPad Pro 10.5", you can find it quite cheap, sometimes cheaper than the Air 3. It can do better: - 120 Hz Display. Extremely nice for every single scrolling / swiping. I love it. - Thinner - MUCH better Rear Camera with OIS and Flash (for scanning Documents, etc) - Real Stereo Speakers. If you watch videos alot, this will give you a much better User experience. - 4GB Ram (instead of 3), that's a big difference. It comes with an older A10X, but it's a "-X" Chip. The A12 has around 20% higher CPU performance (i doubt you will ever notice a big difference there), but the A10X has 30-40% more GPU Performance than the A12 Chip. So it's just a small Trade for much better Hardware. Best points are the 4gb Ram, Stereo Speakers, and 120 Hz. And i think, because it is a "Pro" (and not just a regular consumer model), and comes with more Ram, it will not get less Updates than the Air 3, despite beeing 2 years older. I have the Pro 10.5" since 1 1/2 Years now. Mainly using it for browsing, Video streaming (youtube, Netflix, Browser Streams), and digital Note taking with Notability and GoodNotes 5. It never Overheats. If you do demanding tasks, it can be a bit warmer, but it was always Very far from beeing "hot".
  8. I myself went from an S7 Edge to a Oneplus 6t (Snapdragon 845 device), and even normal daily usage was a HUGE difference in performance. But right now: Either you get a SD 845 device for cheap (like a Mi 8 <300€ or something like that), or you take on of those 90 Hz models, because that is one of the best "innovations" in Smartphones in the last Years. Like a Oneplus 7T (non-Pro) is already a huge step up. If you wait for the S11, you might as well wait for the Oneplus 8 / 8 Pro.
  9. It sounds stupid, but hear me out: Do not drop your phone - and it will not break. There is no phone, that survives every single Drop. Every Drop is unique. You could have a phone surviving 30 drops, and the 31th will crack it. So it's not possible to recommend you one. Btw: EVERY Phone has a Glas screen. Otherwise anything could scratch it.
  10. Pictures: Pixel. Overall product: Xiaomi. More Ram and storage always helps, the camera really isn't that far behind (especially with GCam!), and Build feels more premium. But honestly, most midrange phones don't "lag" in day to day usage.
  11. And the 6T couldn't keep up with the Pixel 2/3, or iPhone Xs, regarding Camera. It was like always a step behind. Often, with GCam it came closer, but still didn't reach them. This year's 48 MP Camera, more polished Software is closer to the Pixel than ever before. Some reviewers made Camera comparisons, and it was pure Random, which phone had the best shot in a certain scene. one time, Pixel was the best. The other Shot, Huawei was best. Next was Samsung, even Oneplus 7 (Pro) did beat EVERY other competitor. It's kinda... Random. Depends on the scene, which is best, and you can't say anymore, that a Pixel/iPhone is ALWAYS better than Oneplus. Maybe more often, but not every single Time.
  12. Too bad Then... Whatever OS you prefer, because that will be the biggest difference there. ^^ Both are one of the best Flaggship Phones right now, so you shouldn't regret either.
  13. Pixel 4 has a 2k screen, and it's playing in 2K: 2160 x 1080 is in fact even a little MORE than 2k. True 2k = 2048 x 1080. I have just tested Youtube App on my Oneplus 6T. The Video DOES support 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p, on my Phone maximum 1080p is available. Beause my Phone has a 1080p Screen. Just like your Pixel 4, so probably it's that? I mean.. on a PHONE it doen't make that much sense, to use 1440p or 4k resolution on a Youtube video, when the phone itself has 1080p Resolution - the Pixel density is high enough so you don't benefit from that.
  14. Get the iPhone, if you want iOS, get the Oneplus if you want Android. It's that Simple. ^^ 2 different OS = 2 different Products. You can NOT compare them. But i would not get the Oneplus 7, because it has only 60 Hz. Get the Oneplus 7T, with 90 Hz and a better Vibration Motor.
  15. Unless you need a Feature, that is Android only, for Tablets: iPad > All.