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  1. It's identical to any other Oneplus 6t, and neither the Display nor the Camera are terrible. Actually, both are pretty good. Not the best on the market, but very far up. Also, unless you're a diehard McLaren fanboy, i wouldn't get it, 3 months before the Oneplus 7 comes out with a new generation chipset, and bigger changes.
  2. Darkseth

    Cheap "gaming" phone?

    You should differ Buiild quality and "Premium Feel". You can have a PERFECT Build quality with Plastic, and a BAD Build Quality with Metal/Glas. For example, is the Clearance between 2 parts even on the whole phone? Do 2 parts maybe not fit perfectly, and creating a sharp edge? Thnigs like that. Let me show you a nice example: LG G5, that modular one from 2016. The Body was actually Metal, but the Build quality was Crap: https://www.xda-developers.com/the-g5s-build-quality-issues-and-misleading-marketing-take-away-from-the-merit-of-its-virtues/ i'm sure you will see the issue ^^ Also, Jerryrigeverything gave it a thumbs up for durability:
  3. Depends which smartphone it actually is. There are more things on a smartphone that makes it good or bad ^^ Like, which CPU is build in, Display resolution or other Features. If you can tell me the Model name, i can look into it.
  4. Darkseth

    Reinstall Andriod help

    You can't do that. The Android firmware, you install / flash, NEEDS to be specificly made for THIS Tablet. You can't just take a Samsung Android firmware, and install it on anything. You have 2 options: Official, and unofficial. Official: Lenovo Firmwares, which will not change anything you don't like. it's from lenovo afterall --> Just do OTA Updates, and you have the same. Unofficial: If there are some devs making Custom Roms for THIS specific Tablet, there will be an XDA Section for this, and you can find Custom Roms there, AOSP Based, or LineageOS etc. They will hopefully be bug-free (there CAN be bugs, stuff that still needs to be optimized), but you won't have these apps you don't want. My personal suggestion: - Uninstall them - If that't not possible, hide them / deactivate them. They will still take up space, but you won't "see" them.
  5. Then check if Nokia 7 Plus falls below 200 (in Germany i have seen it for 229€). Otherwise below 200, my suggestions would be: Xiaomi A2 Lite, or Xiaomi A2. Both with stock android (one), solid performance. Xiaomi A2 has a faster Processor, better Camera but smaller battery, no headphone Jack (you can always use adapters) and no micro SD Slot. Or you get a Xiaomi Note 5 / Note 6 Pro. I would recommend 64gb + 4gb Ram over 32gb + 3gb Ram tho, since it's mostly 20€ more only. They come with a headphone Jack, a Processor slightly faster than A2 Lite, but slower than A2, a big 4000 mAh Battery, Micro SD Slot, Headphone Jack, decent Camera. Also, LineageOS Custom Rom support, if you don't like MIUI Note 7 coming next month as "Global version" (with more LTE Bands for outside asia). I think i personally would look into the Xiaomi Note 5 or Note 6 Pro with the Storage option you want, and optionally install a Custom Rom on it - otherwise, you already will have a very decent allround phone, that's one of the best in that price range. I also highly suggest to watch some Xiaomi Note 5/6 Pro reviews, or Xiaomi A2 (lite) reviews from italian youtubers, so you can see what they are like^^ If you want NFC, then you would have to look into different phones.
  6. They are always the same, and have always the same quality. It's all about the capacity (mAh. A2 has 3080~ mAh, Pocophone has 4000 mAh). What do you mean some fail more often? I dno't know anything about that. They all "fail" the same, and lose capacity similar fast. It depends how the user uses the phone, how often he charges it, etc. None of them. But on the Pocophone, you can get to the Battery the easiest, easier than on the other Glas phones:
  7. Well, there are also Xiaomi A2, which is a VERY decent allrounder, and should be a good bit cheaper. Similar to the Nokia 7 Plus, but it has no NFC and a smaller Battery. Probably Pocophone, because it has the Snapdragon 845 (2018 flaggship SoC), and the only thing it's missing, is NFC. Otherwise, it has headphone jack, stereo speakers, a decent camera for the price (especially with the GCam Port), and there are Custom Roms for it, like Lineage OS, to make it more "stock android" like, if you don't like MIUI. I personally... would probably go for a little less of a compromise, and get a Xiaomi Mi 8. Should be 50-100€ more, and it has compared to Pocophone: - a bit smaller battery - Metal and Glas, instead of Plastic - NFC - better Camera (same sensor if i'm right, but different optics and Optical Image stabilisation) - Better Oled Screen But it's a higher Price range.
  8. no, you got that wrong. You can absolutely buy Apps etc without any problems, that has nothing to do with NFC. NFC = Mobile payment in a local Store, by saving your Credit Card info into the Phone, and by simply holding your phone to the Terminal to completely the Payment.
  9. Pocophone does have a headphone Jack! You pretty much only miss out on NFC (Mobile payment with Google Pay), which is missing. Other than that, check what LTE Bands your carrier uses, if i'm right, Pocophone doesn't have the best LTE Support for USA for example. Not sure about Italy. Also, "just" an IPS LCD Screen instead Oled, and just Plastic (but not a bad build quality, it just doesn't "feel" as premium as glas/metal). Other than this, this phone earned the "Best Budget phone 2018" with a reason from many Youtubers, it's awesome for the Price. Also, Jerryrigeverything gave it (and the Nokia 7 Plus) the "best durable Budget phone" award too: And the Camera will get a noticeable quality bump, if you install the Google Cam Port. If you really need or Want NFC for mobile Payment, i would check out a Nokia 7 Plus for that part, or Honor 10. They are quite solid phones for that price. For the USB Port: Look out for USB-C. I would honestly not buy a non-USB C Android Phone anymore at this point, except it's a super cheap <100 bucks entry level phone or something.
  10. Darkseth

    Is this a good phone???

    And in addition, you buy a Phone, that has an outdated Android, and will not receive any Updates anymore. Invest into a Xiaomi A2 Lite for example. Gives you the same "stock android experience", but comes with a MUCH better battery life, more modern design, and not a worse performance. And of course, it will be up 2 date for the next 2-3 years.
  11. Darkseth

    What to buy

    You will mostly use a (flip) cover anyway. At least most do. Otherwise, dbrand skin. Or simply take care of it. Then it won't matter. Screen doesn't scratch any more or less than any other smartphones does. small scratches at level 6, deeper at level 7. Same as my smartphones i used the last 3-4+ years, i never used any screen protector, and i never had a single micro-scratch whatsoever. But tbh: That won't help anything, if you just "get a surface because ipad pro can be bent". it's a different OS, and if you don't like windows for whatever you want a Tablet + stylus for, you won't be happy with it.
  12. Darkseth

    What to buy

    If you don't bend it like a retard, then nothing will happen... lol. Idk about others, but i usually don't try to destroy my Tablets on purpose. Oh yea, iPad Pro 2nd gen is perfectly Legit too, if you get it for a better Price. Can also compete with Surface Pro just like the iPad Pro 3rd Gen (2018)
  13. Darkseth

    What to buy

    What do you even want to do with it??? Without knowhing that, it's not possible to recommend you ANYTHING. iPad Pro is the better Tablet, period. But Surface is the better Notebook. Where is your Focus? To break it down, Both are your Choice, if you want to do handwritten Note Taking. Surface with Surface Pen + One Note (or maybe Nebo), iPad Pro with Apple Pencil + one of the many very very good note taking Apps. For PURE Note Taking, iPad wins in my opinion. it's faster, UI is better for touch, and you have many more different Apps, that make perfect use of the Apple Pencil. If you want to use a real Keyboard, for things like Office (your thesis, home works etc), the Surface is better, because it has full Windows 10, an actual File System (No, iOS does not have one, the Files App doesn't change that fact), and flawless support for USB Sticks with all important file types~. If you have a real Computer at home, and want to use that too, Surface has an advantage here because they work better together. Stuff you save on your Surface, OneNote, Office etc, you can sync with OneDrive, and edit on your Home Computer too. Gaming: iPad the usual Mobile stuff. Surface: Also, some minigames from Windows store. You can completely forget playing things like Witcher 3.
  14. Same with Oneplus 6t (just a different Number, 9.0.12). Comes with January patch, optimization for screen display deep integration with google duo general bug fixes/improvements
  15. Darkseth

    phone with good camera

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro, or P20 Pro (cheaper) is quite good. Samsung's S9+ or Note 9 are very decent too. Maybe even considering Oneplus 6/6t, since there is a quite well working GCam Port available including Google's Night Sight Mode. But to be fair, the camera "out of the box" can't quite keep up with Pixel and others. But it does come quite close. Of course, all depends on the scene. No phone will get every single scene best.