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  1. Why iPhone X and NOT iPhone 8: - They both have almost the same size. The iPhone X is maybe a half centimeter wider/taller. Overall, aside from a few single millimeters, same Size~ - However, iPhone X has a 5,8" Screen with Oled, iPhone 8 has only a 4,7" Screen with lower Resolution, lower Pixel density, and "only" IPS, even tho it's a good panel. - Battery is like almost 50% larger in capacity than iPhone 8. - iPhone X has 3gb Ram instead 2gb. And a used iPhone X should be a bit cheaper than a new iPhone Xr of course (because it's 1 year old tech + Used). Edit: See? Similar "Wide", but just a few millimeter talled. But MUCH bigger screen. It looks more like 2017/2018 design, and not like... 2010 design.
  2. Can i use 2 gtx 1060s in one pc? (and another question)

    What do you mean with 4k ready? Which Games? Which Settigns and which fps? If you're fine with medium / optimized settings @ 30 fps Cap, you can have a PS4 Pro-like experience with a GTX 1060. If you want 60 fps, and rather high/ultra than Medium... Buy the strongest GPU you can afford. But: Wait for the RTX series, they will launch in 1-2 weeks.
  3. 2cool4u

    Yes, MSI afterburner actually is THE way to undervolt. ^^ Depends how much you undervolt. You need to use the STRG + F Curve Editor. Just try max Undervolt, it's the easiest. (save it as Profile 1. You can try weaker undervolts with 0.85 Volt, 0.9 volt, etc, and save them to other Profiles) 1. Take the 0.8v Point, and pull it up to the Clock speed you want to pair it with. Probably 1800-1850 Mhz should be stable - you need to test it for yourself (Firestrike runs work great!), every Chip is unique!! 2. Every other dot, you pull DOWN. It has to be BELOW your Target point. 3. Click Apply --> Curve should jump to a horizontal Curve. No other dot is on a higher Clock speed than the 0.8v one --> Card will NOT boost above 0.8v + the Clock speed you paired it with. (4. You can easily apply a +300-500 Mhz OC offset on Memory always, whatever works stable on your card). This result will not be the highest performance, but the highest performance per Watt. The best efficiency. You should be able to bring a GTX 1070 down to 100-110w Powerconsumption (instead 150w), with max 5%~ performance loss If you want any middle value, without sacraficing clock speeds, it's slightly different. There, you chose your point (let's say, 0.900 Volt), you hold SHIFT, and THEN you pull the dot up. Example: 0.900 Volt should be stable with 1950-2000 Mhz~ (again, try out what works for your Chip). If you hold shift, the whole Curve will move up and down. It's very important, to NOT change how the Curve looks. You don't want bigger Step-jumps than the stock curve (like leaving it stock, but have 1 HUGE step upwards). This is equal to applying a random Offset OC. Afterwards, you pull every BIGGER voltage-dot down below. So the "highest clock" is set with 0.900 volt. Example from a German Forum: https://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=11113697#post11113697 The Picture above is WRONG. This is NOT how it should look like. The Picture below is CORRECT.
  4. i'm curious what will happen too. But on the other hand.. all the Prices rise everysingle year. Samsung, Huawei (P20 Pro started at 849€), even Oneplus is getting more and more expensive. Maybe except xiaomi. But they will rise too, if the Parts will get more expensive.
  5. The won't. Why would they? how? ^^ That will never happen. Apple is absolute KING of Smartphone Profit. Not in Number of smartphone sales. But if you count, how much Money 1 Manufacturer makes profit from ALL of their smartphones sold.. Apple is by Far #1. Which is quite ironic ;-) Samsung and Huawei both sell MUCH more single smartphones than Apple does. But Apple still makes more profit ^^ See: https://www.investors.com/news/technology/click/apple-rakes-in-bulk-of-smartphone-profits-but-small-slice-of-unit-sales/ Apple has just a Marketshare of 18%. 18% of all sold smartphones are iPhones. But iPhones make 87% profitshare out of the whole smartphone industry. And Apple has a monopole on smartphones right now: iOS. There is absolutely ZERO competition with iOS as a mobile OS. One of the reasons, Apple can dictate Prices how they want. Android is different. If a Samsung is too expensive, then you can look at huawei, or LG, or Oneplus, or Xiaomi. All run with Android (just different skins, the base is identical). It's "replaceable". Apple would go many steps backwards if they jumped to Android, and just destroy their own monopole. So i can for sure promise, Apple will never jump on Android, as long their smartphones with iOS sell like cake.
  6. At least on my last 2-3 devices or so it wasn't possible anymore (and i remember back then, you needed Root for that) because anything android-system-intern got changed.. Maybe apps not beeing that compatible with different locations or something like that. But when i tried moving a bigger App to SD Card, just a few mb got moved (app cache etc), the App itself was still on internal. despite every modern Android version has this option in App-settings Or, it said "app on external storage"; but less size was free'd up on internal.. Or maybe it doesn't work with all kind of apps. At least, i just tried it with 9gag (160-180 mb right now). I moved it to External storage, and checked how much mb i have free space on my Internal storage. And moved it back to internal. Free space didn't change at all
  7. Actually, this is a wrong statement. You can NOT shift app location to the SD Card. That was maybe a thing at Android 2.x times, or maybe 4.0 still, but then it stopped. What you can shift to SD Card are stuff like App-Data or App-Cache (where your login info is saved etc). The huge App itself will remain on the internal storage. Sometimes, you can't even really do that, because the App won't work that good anymore, because they can't use the SD Card. Whatsapp for example can NOT use the sd card at all. Even on Android, internal storage can NOT be replaced except of more internal storage. SD Card is fine for media files~ Or Offline-downloaded Spotify songs. But that's it basicly. Again: It is NOT possible to move Apps to an SD Card on any modern Android device (anymore).
  8. Fair enough^^ Just writing my own experience there i've even read somewhere, somebody had a screen protector, and it dropped. Screen protector didn't had a single scratch, but the Displayglas underneath it got cracked Talk about Luck haha
  9. Phones that still have a headphone jack?

    Sounds rather stupid, to judge an entire Company for the end of all time, because 1 single Product was faulty. By that logic you would have to live in the Woods without any technology or Clothes, because every single Product has a chance in beeing faulty. If other people didn't had the same problems you did, then maybe it was simply bad Luck (which has nothing to do with Samsung), or the Problem was the user?! Think outside the Box. example: I have a S7 Edge since 2 1/2 Years. It never failed, and it's the best smartphone i#ve ever used, by FAR. GPS, Fingerprint, Display, or any other thinkable function was working flawless without Fail. IP68 rating worked perfectly so far, never letting any fluids in or Dust. What does that say now? Am i just lucky, and every other Samsung device will forever not work ever again?
  10. I never used a screen protector at all. Neither tempered glas, nor even just a foil. I have never had 1 single Scratch, not even a little one. In my opinion, screen protectors are a complete waste. You don't have gorilla glas for nothing, that's more than enough. Don't drop it, don't scratch it over your keys like you're insane, and nothing will ever happen. * using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since pre-release (5th March 2016) every single Day. I always put it into my jacket or pants-pocket, no special bag or anything. Just a somewhat slim case. Nothing on the Screen.
  11. iPad Pro 9.7" or 10.5"

    Edit: i forgot to mention... ipad Pro 2nd gen (10.5") has a much better Camera - might be helpful to take photos of Documents / Whiteboard etc. Overall.. i think, even if the iPad Pro 10.5" is more expensive, it will serve you very great as an overall good device. performance, battery life, updates, Camera, size, etc etc.
  12. Phones that still have a headphone jack?

    Then the S9 should be a bit smaller, yes ^^ Around 11 mm less tall, and 10mm less wide. That can be alot. And of course, by Far not such "huge" Bezels. But before you buy, can you not take it in your hands once? ^^
  13. Phones that still have a headphone jack?

    Well, the Dongle is mostly not much thicker than the headphone cable itself ^^" except on the connector-part. I bet, in 99% of all cases, it won't be an issue. But well^^ But well, Samsung Galaxy S9+ or Note 9. Regular S9 has only 4gb Ram, and just a Single Camera - keep that in Mind. The S9+ has 6gb Ram, Note 9 also. Despite having the same dual camera setup than the S9+, the Note 9 does provide better Images! (Maybe only from a different firmware, and an Update might bring the same quality for the S9+ too). Also, much bigger battery on the Note 9.
  14. Phones that still have a headphone jack?

    Wait, maybe it's still just a rumor. Otherwise, Adapter not an Option? I feel you, i really don't want to miss the jack at all. But since i've been using Samsung s7 Edge for 2 1/2 years, i'm thirsty for a little Change More towards a more stock-like experience, and i'm kinda thrilled for the OP6 - i hope the camera will be close to Pixel 2 quality (or Note 9 / S9+), then i would even use my headphones with Adapter - if the overall package is good. Otherwise.. Note 9 is the best smartphone with a headphone jack right now. And will probably be untill the next galaxy Lineup (or the LG V40)
  15. The R in the iPhone XR stands for REGULAR

    thx for answer.... Damn, that number really got me there -_-"