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  1. Darkseth

    Mediatek vs snapdragon

    They are still behind Snapdragon, since they don't even have any counterpart to modern High End Snapdragon SoCs. The strongest Mediatek can barely beat a midrange Snapdragon 660. Also, it's an advantage in terms of efficiency and performance when qualcom / samsung etc use custom Cores instead the basic A53/A72 etc chips. Since you can get many really good Snapdragon powered smartphones, i don't really see a reason to buy any Medietek Device at all. Since you only find those in low-price areas.
  2. Darkseth

    Enthusiast Phone/Brand

    Define enthusiast first. Enthusiast Photograph? Enthusiast Gamer? Enthusiast Video-watcher (Display quality etc) Enthusiast Poweruser (using alot of Apps, switching between them, etc). If you want the highest pure "Speed" possible, it's difficult to go past Oneplus. So, what exactly is the reason Oneplus and Samsung (which models?) don't do for you? If you don't tell us that, it's not easy to suggest something, that makes it better Overall, Huawei mate 20 Pro is currently one of the best smarpthones you can buy. Heavy performance, battery Life, "features", Display, Cameras..
  3. Darkseth

    Oneplus 6 or Xiamoi mi 8

    Oneplus 6 (not 6t): - Headphone jack - OxygenOS. Nearly stock android, with nice features under the hood. In my opinion: The better Stock Android. It's Clean, it's fast, it's efficient. Also, fast updates (it's already on Android 9 since 2 months almost) - easy to Root and install Custom Roms, huge community. Xiaomi Mi 8: - Probably a tad better Camera - Infrared Sensor - Infrared Face Unlock. Oneplus has a VERY fast face unlock, but only with Camera. Mi 8 has it with Infrared scanning, which should be more secure, and should work better in bad Light conditions (that's why there is a bigger notch). - Spec Sheet claims HDR support too.
  4. Darkseth

    OnePlus 6t or essential phone

    6t is the better phone. But free is free. If you friend doesn't mind at all, sell the Essential Phone, like @OrbitalBuzzsaw mentioned. Otherwise, be happy with a free 2017 flaggship phone~
  5. Darkseth

    Looking to sell my iPad Pro... Need appraisal kinda

    Also, consider how much it would cost BRANDNEW from Apple / other stores, and in comparison to the new ipad Pro 2018 (and it's increased prices). So lucky you, you could probably sell it for like 75-85% of whatever these products would cost NEW. Apple Products are very value stable over time, and that would really be possible. People waited for new iPad Pro, but the new 12.9" is horribly expensive. Second 2017 generation is still not very cheap, as long yours is a bit below that, people will spam you because they are interested.
  6. I actually cant think of any Tablet, that has a modern enough Android version to actually install Spotify on, that would NOT work as a remote control for spotify ^^ Especially, if nothing else runs. You can easily get a halfway modern Amazon Tablet from black friday discount, and that will work - as long you get spotify on. And even without Play store, in that Amazon App Store you should be able to find it.
  7. Darkseth

    OnePlus 6 off gearbest

    it will work, only things missing are some bands for USA, and that it simply has the international Rom installed, instead beeing directly for Europe.
  8. Darkseth

    Bad battery life.

    and.. what exactly is a horrible battery life? Even if you don't use it at all, after 2-3 weeks every smartphone will be at 3%. What's the Screen-on-Time of this perticular battery Charge? (or any 100% --> 3%~ discharge cycle)? Was the battery life always bad? Did it SUDDENLY got worse? Like, half battery life from one day to another? (then it's not because of the batter). Half a year is usually not enough for the battery to get so old, that your battery life is "horrible". Even if you fast-charge it every night. My S7 Edge had like 72-73%~ Battery capacity left, after 31 months of continous using.
  9. Darkseth

    S9+ Android Pie Beta?

    If i'm right, you nee to download the "Samsung Members" app from the play store, and register for Beta programm there.
  10. Darkseth

    Mediatek vs snapdragon

    Mediatek is NEVER better than Snapdragon. Just because the Fact, you have no problems with snapdragon SoC devices, to use Root / Custom Roms etc. There's a Reason, Mediatek SoCs are only used in the Cheaper devices.
  11. Darkseth

    iPhone sales on Black Friday?

    From germany here too, and i've never heared Media Markt excluding anything (if Apple or anything else) from this no-vat events. it's a product like every other They often do this after new year too btw. if you can wait after christmas (no guarantee, but i've seen them doing it at that time a few times so far. Or even every year, and i wasn't paying enough attention). Just wait untill Black Friday comes, probably check out Mydealz and use a Keyword alarm for iPhone Xs (so you get Xs and Xd max notifications).
  12. Darkseth

    Nexus 6p died :(

    They never beat anyone in specs, except the midrange, just as the Pocophone F1 doesn't today. it's a Midrange Killer, because every Flaggship destroys the Pocophone in Specs. it's JUST the price, that makes the pocophone a good phone. Sell it for double the price? That would be a Failure ^^ Oneplus One was at a similar level when it came to SoC (CPU + GPU), Ram, maybe things like headphone jack, battery. Rest was midrange. Bad Microphone, bad camera, etc. Most specs were midrange, just SoC /Ram was flaggship. And don't forget, Oneplus was a startup company that noone knew. That could have as well went horribly wrong. They HAD to call low prices, so people buy. Good reputation, fanbase/community, and they had a successful base, they knew they can be successful --> They called higher Prices (so more profit = more investment for more development), AND not to forget, put BETTER hardware in it. OP1 Camera was garbage back then. OP 6/6T Camera is pretty much 1 step below the top-class today. It's more durable build than double-priced phones (jerryRigEverything), and they come with the pretty much best Android Skin. Even tho the Prices are not as "cheap" as they were 4 years ago, they are still very good and decent, and give the Phone a very good Value compared to most other Flaggships. Also don't forget: Other phones get more and more expensive too. Most expensive phones 4 years ago were like 700€~, maybe 750€. Today? Mate 20 pro/Note 9: 1000€. Inflation + increasing revenue with increasing success/sales. That's how a business keeps his thing running. This exact same thing you can see on graphic Cards (Not just Nvidia, AMD too), you can see it on Cars even since the last 20+ years). Oneplus was NEVER a Flaggship killer before. And it is Today more of a Flaggship killer, than it was ever before, because it can compete now better than ever. And 350-400€ for a Oneplus 6 (Gearbest), which is still basicly a "flaggship" today, with latest SoC etc... tbh, that is "budget", this is midrange Price range for me. And even if you buy a new 6t for 549€, it's still cheaper than Nexus 6P was when it launched. Not to mention todays Pixels. Compared to them, the Oneplus 6(t) is still a MUCH cheaper phone. Almost 500 bucks less than the Pixel 3 XL, which has slightly worse performance, a worse Android skin, and if you read the news, you need both hands to count all the Problems it currently has.
  13. Darkseth

    Nexus 6p died :(

    Older Oneplus are not really worth. The Prices don't drop mostly (if they do, just slightly). The 5t should be available for <300€ for example, since you can get a much better Oneplus 6 base model for 343€, or 128gb for 387€ (Gearbest) - while MSRP was like 519€+. And 549€ for the 6t now (but base model 128gb instead 64). On the other hand, gearbest has 1 5t model for 552€~, which is absolutely throwing money in the trashcan. if you want to buy Oneplus, and don't go for a second hand model on ebay or something, you get MUCH better value (and often lower prices) if you only consider the latest model, or the models from the last year (like 6 AND 6t.)
  14. Darkseth

    Nexus 6p died :(

    Oneplus 6/6t. The better "stock android", better camera.
  15. Darkseth

    Upgrade to One Plus 6T?

    I disagree. I have the 6t, switched from S7 Edge. The Fingerprint reader is perfectly fine. I have registered 4 different fingers, 1 single time Each. It is faster than my S7 Edge sensor (yea i know, that wasn't the fastest) and more reliable. I have less "misreads". Also, in many cases, Face Unlock is also there, unlocking on these rare cases, where it MIGHT misread. So.. i think, some youtubers are just too stupid to use it correctly. i've seen an indian idiot, that tried to unlock the phone with his Finger at 90° angle to the Display, and complained how it wasn't reliable. Duh. And: I take a slightly slower In-Display reader anytime over a faster one on the back. Front > Back in my personal opinion. Just beause you can unlock it, when it lies on the Table. Other than that: Bigger battery, taller few Pixels more on the longer side, MUCH smaller Notch, so you can actually see more notifications / symbols. I consider the 6t as the better device. However, coming from an 6, i don't think it's worth spending 100+ bucks moree for it. Except, you really prefer Front fingerprint reader than Rear. Also, bigger battery. Audio: i use wired headphones, and will never switch to wireless, beause it's less convenient for me. I have not much problems. The cable from the Adapter is a bit thin, wonder if it lasts long. But quality wise, it's at least as good as my S7 Edge was. Handling is just a smaller disadvantage of course, beause you have an adapter inbetween. But tbh, i rarely use headphones anymore, since i drive with Car, instead lolTrain. (except City, because too difficult/expensive to park there). I use headphones rarely, but i use the bigger battery every single Day. TL;DR: Both is viable. Stick to the 6, and be happy. If you really want this in-screen fingerprint sensor on the Front + smaller notch + 10-15% bigger battery life, do the upgrade, if you can't stop thinking about it. Overall experience will be the same, as it's still 99% the same Phone, except some minor facelift-changes.