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  1. Were not doing to be doing any simulations or anything, it is purely just for the design aspect, anything that requires serious power can be sent to the college computers. The only thing we'll be doing on the laptop is just drawing and manipulating bodies. Sorry, I should have specified that in the original post. For example my GA502 does all of that stuff perfectly well, but if I wanted to anything more I would send it to my workstation.
  2. Hey guys i'm looking for a laptop for my friend who is studying engineering with me. She doesn't game or anything so this laptop is specifically for college and running Solidworks. I myself enjoy the occasional minecraft session so on recommendation from others on the forum I picked up the Asus ROG Zephyrus GA502 which I'm really pleased with so I was hoping I could get some more recommendations here. Her budget is €750 and I don't think there is much leeway with that unfortunately. I suppose the main thing she's looking for is something that isn't too bulky (doesn't have to be super thin, the GA502 is a nice size), has a decent size battery (at least 8 hours just surfing the web, taking notes etc. (She doesn't want to lug around the charger with her)) and most importantly can run Solidworks. So 16GB of RAM would be ideal and an SSD would be a requirement. I don't really know a huge amount about it but all the workstations I've used that are built for Solidworks generally don't have dedicated graphics so I assume the same applies here. Other than that please hit me up with some suggestions, I really don't know much about the laptop market! Thank you guys in advance for your help!
  3. Too far out of my price range im afraid, I literally cannot allocate more than €1000 to this, otherwise i'll be going hungry for few months ahahahah
  4. To be honest 4 hours should be grand, too much wishful thinking with 6 ahahaha. 60Hz is perfect and the thickness doesn't matter. Thanks for your suggestions so far my guys
  5. For delivery to Ireland, I also need to use this laptop for college so 6 hrs battery life minimum when not gaming would be nice. The Acer Nitro 5 looks like a pretty good deal, I may be mistaken though. Share some of your knowledge with me! Thank youu
  6. I see. What about unique identifiers (Other than MAC)? For example would it be possible to get hold of a serial number or something and reverse search it? Thanks for your help btw
  7. I tried using the internal one, but the laptop is old and it wasn't performing very well. You said in an earlier post that 'there is a lot more than the mac id be worried about', i'm very curious now, could you elaborate?
  8. I'm trying to hide my real identity. I already have the burner laptop with everything stripped etc. and tails on it. I just need an alfa usb network card that cannot be linked to me.
  9. Forgive me, but I didn't really clarify what I meant by "traced". I don't mean physically tracked down, we have tor and tails for that. I mean if some nasty hacker or government managed to obtain some sort of information derived from either physical or remote access to the device, would they be able to deduce that it was ordered from amazon etc. under my credit card (or someone who I know). Essentially, what sort of information could be exploited from the device? The plan so far is to spoof the MAC, is there any other information that the device might give up that means it could be traced back to me?
  10. I'm looking to purchase for myself a lovely Alfa wireless adapter, however I would like it so that it cannot be traced back to me. Unfortunately there is no-one within reach who sells Alfa networking gear so that I could just buy it for cash. This means the only place I could potentially buy it is online, on amazon or something of the likes. However (and I'm still very new to this privacy game), I would have thought that would come with inherent privacy risks, that someone could somehow figure who purchased the card, (maybe even without having physical access to the card). Questions: 1. Maybe I am just delusional. Could the adapter be traced and if so, how? 2. Is there any steps I could take to mitigate this risk? Thanking you in advance.
  11. Just a side note why are the 2000W speaker sets cheaper than the 800W ones? what am I missing here?
  12. Yea I just looked at a vidjeo review and it has all this extra shite. Ill look for something a little simpler. Are they powerful enough tho? like the subwoofer etc? I want to shake the walls hahahah
  13. Yea i've been doing a bit more research and all the ones seem veerrrryyy expensive, this is wayy over budget but I guess if I save a bit more, would this fit the bill? https://www.gear4music.ie/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Behringer-EPS500-MP3-Portable-PA-System/PP8
  14. Right so i'm looking for a(some) big speaker(s) that I can bring with me to house parties. One that you hafta plug in, really loud, tons of bass and possible to hook up to a phone/computer with an aux around €250. I live in ireland so uk/irish websites are preferred. This isnt a requirement but portability and durability would be nice too (don't want them broken when someone spills their drink on it for example). I just wanna blast out my psy trance, thanks in advance I don't really know much about speakers so I figured what better place to ask?
  15. OK so I have a MSI Z170-A Pro Motherboard, and yes its going into my pink port. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that its going from XLR - the aux mic thing in one cable without any significant looking adapter? Thanks so much for your help btw very much appreciated. Also windows seems to be detecting it properly aswell: