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  1. Hello, Im looking for any PSU recommendations that are around 550W and are compatible with this part list.
  2. Already got it, I was just choosing the Edition and i didnt see "Windows 10 Home" like last time i did this so i got kinda confused. haha. anyway thanks for the help man. Appreciate it
  3. I've been having serious issues with my HDD not recognising things like my controller, not being able to update Windows, or any drivers. So i decided to get a HDD first and then buy a SSD when start making money
  4. Hi, I recently ordered a brand new GTX 1080 and a new HDD which are coming today. And I have decided to install Windows 10 on this new HDD, my old HDD had issues with updating drivers etc. I went onto the windows 10 website to download the tool and theres a few choices of what sort of OS i want installed on the HDD. Theres "Windows 10" "Windows 10 Home Single Language". I want Windows 10 Home. Im guessing that i should just go with "Windows 10 Home Single Language" but im not sure and I dont want to screw something up on my new HDD. So is "Windows 10" also a version of Windows 10 Home or should I select "Windows 10 Home Single Language" This might look like a really amateur thing to ask by im just trying to make sure i dont screw something up
  5. alright, thanks for the help anyway
  6. my result came in as "good" and i got Current Pending Sector Count - 100 - 100 - 0 Un-correctable Sector Count - 100 - 100 - 0
  7. i installed crystaldiskinfo but i cant seem to find anything that says "Dead Sectors" could you tell me where to look for this please
  8. yes i did a clean install of windows, ill run CrystalDiskInfo now
  9. Hello, I built a Gaming PC a while back and I got brand new parts except for one, my hard drive. I originally built this PC because i had an issue with updating any sort of drivers and not being recognised as an Admin even though I was. When i built my current PC i noticed that I have the exact same issue as my old PC did. I cant update my AMD GPU driver, i cant update my XINPUTt driver when using a controller, things like that. I thought about this for a while and realised that my HDD was the only thing that i didn't change from my old PC, I have a Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD. I was wondering if this is the reason that I'm having this issue. Is this because of the HDD and if so can you recommend a good 2TB HDD that i can get that doesent have this issue? Thanks
  10. The first PC had a pre installed OS and the new PC hand the OS installed through my USB.
  11. Hello, I built a brand new PC a while back because my old one had an issue with permissions on my account, and updating drivers etc. Because i was running low on money at that point i decided to factory reset my old PC before moving the hard drive over to the new PC. I have recently noticed that im having similar issues when it comes to updating drivers on my PC, the hard drive was the only thing that i moved from my old PC to my new one. Could this be because of something to do with the hard drive, would getting a new hard drive fix this issue?
  12. yeah, I've done everything i can but i still got the same issue. Ill just get a WD black 2tb hopefully it'll work. thanks!
  13. oh alright, but would getting a new Hard Drive fix the issue with my not being able to update drivers or have them detect anything?