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    Jacksonville, Florida, US
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    Coding, 3D Graphics, 2D Graphics, Game Art Creation, Game Design, Rare Computer Parts, Computing History, Weapons, r/cableporn, Engineering, Physics, Anime, Xbox, AI, #Nvidia4life, #HBM2shoudlvewon
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    I am a relaxed guy with a love for Science, Computing, Gaming, Art, and, Game Design. Anything that has to do with computers will entice me and grab my attention; I love to get into complicated ramblings about all sorts of things and admire people who have the will and desire to improve the human condition,
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    Would Tell.. Can't Tell


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    ASUS X399 Zenith Extreme
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    1280GB DDR4 ECC at 3200MHz
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    x2 Nvidia P6000
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    DARK BASE PRO 900 Rev. 2
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    x2 WD Black 4TB, x1 1TB Samsung 970 EVO, x1 Gigabyte AORUS Gen4 1TB
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    Seasonic PRIME TX (Recently Upgraded)
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    x2 Dell Ultrasharp 4K U2718Q
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    Custom CPU Water Loop With 350mm Radiator
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    Custom Built.
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    Logitech MX Master 3
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    Razer Leviathan, Corsair Void RGB Elite
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    Windows & Linux (Sideloaded onto Separate Drive)
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  1. I have been looking into building a samll motion tracking rig using the Xbox Kinect V2 as the Main Caputer device and coding the rest of the software needed to trasporrt the data directly into Blender 3D 2.9 Alpha and then Outputing the Direct EEVEE render output from the viewport into OBS using a tons of tricks and coding to make it happein from a single application, i am incredably close to archieveing this, i have the Required software, and an unsed Factory Abandoned Kinect V2 ready to work, but... i dont have a Kinect Adapter for windows... i bought one off of Ebay a while ago and ive been messing around with it but it's most definetly not a microsoft designed one as ive noticed it sparks every time you plug in the power supply to the adapter box, that is why i come to you the Linus tech tips community to help me find one that doesnt break the bank....
  2. my name is marlon I am from jacksonville FL I have been running off a 2015 hp15 laptop with an dual core Intel celeron CPU and a HP 2000 series HDD that runs at 500RPM &4 GB of ddr3 RAM. This machine can mostly normal stuff but have repurposed it to make basic 3d Modeling and coding sadly it is unable to perform what I need to to do at a rate Wich is acceptable even tha. Still proud of it though even if unable to open Steam. So this is my chance to enter to the PC MasterRace eventually