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    Sapphire R9 390x
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M
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    Dell u2515 h
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  1. Blue microphones snowball Rode nt usb
  2. It would really help if you would just watch the jay video completely, as you are asking questions that are getting answered in it
  3. Indeed i didn´t remove the battery, didnt think it would be a huge issue with modern hardware and discharging myself electrostatically beforehand.
  4. Short answer, yes. Longs answer: Just look the prices up on ebay, but one rarely gets more than original price on ebay
  5. on which part in particular do you need help?
  6. This video explains rly good what to do afterwards, he also has a video on essential programs wich might be usefull
  7. So I posted about this problem on here before, but the issues just keep on coming. I have a 2018 Xiaomi Mi Air 13, with an i7 and a MX 150. At first i had some problems with screen flickering, especially with grey colours, as many have on the internet. So i ordered a new panel online, disassembled my laptop and tried to put the new one in, but i ordered one with wrong spacing on the mounts, still tried the video connection on the new one out and it worked just fine. So again ordered an other one, with correct mounting points, only to discover that this screen had a loose contact on its connector. So i tried multiple times if the problem wasn´t on my side and swapt those 3 panels through to see if it was the internal HDMI cable or indeed the connection on the screen. It was indeed the connection on the screen. So i wanted to put my laptop back together with the original screen, ready to again order an other panel. But as i was done with assembling the laptop even the original screen wouldn´t work anymore. Notice here that this one did work seconds before as i was searching on which side the error was. So i tried to connect an external screen via the HDMI out, but no succes their either as suddenly no HDMI output could be detected anymore. The laptop also seemed to be stuck in a bit of a loop as when i turned it on the fans and keyboard backlight would start, but turn off after like 20 seconds and then on again. Also turning the laptop off even with pressing the power button for more than 5 seconds was sometimes not possible and only through removing the battery it turned off. Already tried a few things like booting without battery and only with power cable, or pressing buttons for windows safe mode etc. Not even possible to get/display into bios anymore.. In the attachment a video of the error can be found. Now my question: Is their a possibility that i damaged something on the internals, and if on which part, or any other ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance for the help, isn´t my first time working with computers but this error is really frustrating. Video_of_error.mp4
  8. Try an other psu. Had the same problem a few years back, bought a new motherboard, only to find out it was the psu. Likely because it has gone through huge strain in the last years.
  9. yeah looked into it but i only find options to change display temperature and not for brightness or am i missing something?
  10. So i got the following problem, On my Xiaomi Mi Air 13 the screen begins to flicker after a certain time, when i lower the brightness under 80 percent. I guess this is due to PWM flickering and so i´m searching for a free program, which dims the brightness of the screen through software and not through dimming the panel. Any suggestions or anybody with the same laptop and the same problem?
  11. Yes you do, as i mentioned further down in the post, also printing out documents on paper, with a real printer doesn´t work. And with the print to pdf feature you can only print certain sides into the pdf, whilest with the export feature you are forced to export all sides into the pdf document
  12. yeah i know, but i need to print out my documents a lot soo...
  13. Maybe try to boot again out of the bios