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  1. it's actually not bad! but unfortunately, i have a really small desk, i don't think i can fit this with my mouse
  2. I checked it, yeah I agree it's a nice keyboard but it is not TKL, I really need a TKL keyboard because of space management, my desk can't handle a mouse and a full keyboard without giving up space to either peripherals.
  3. Oh, so basically membrane switches are like laptop keyboards, which removes the tactile feel on the keyboard. But is it as good as cherry mx switches? Really new on membrane switches.
  4. will take a look into that. *5 mins later* WAIT IT'S A MEMBRANE KEYBOARD! But is there really a much of a difference though?
  5. I agree, I don't expect a $50 backlit mechanical keyboard to be as good as $100 ones. I think this will do! I think I can't find a better deal than that. Thanks alot
  6. It is a great keyboard! but the question is, am I willing to spend $169 $120 for a keyboard? hmm, I dunno, but will keep it in mind! Thank you
  7. the most safest thing you can do is, not work on a carpeted floor. Because the gloves might not be enough to resist ESD
  8. Greeetings! If you are reading this, you are probably interested in my thread. So here's the story. I need a new mechanical keyboard, which has Cherry MX Red switches, not that expensive, and preferably TKL. My, i dunno, 5 year old? keyboard is I feel feeling rusty and becoming too much noisy and I think it won't suffice me for what I'm doing (mostly productive stuff such as video editing, photo editing and light gaming) plus it really hurts my eyes using a keyboard that is not lit while I'm using my PC in the dark. TL;DR -Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard -Backlit Keys -Not THAT expensive, about $100-ish or below will do -Durable -TKL Your help would be very, very much appreciated! And as always, thanks in advance!
  9. I'm farming on casuals until I can have most champs, and the toxic people I've encountered are Filipinos. (Considering that I'm on the asia pacific server)
  10. Really? Well that's good... and bad
  11. Meh, it's just sad to think that people ignore a decent multiplayer game that is not toxic
  12. Greetings! So I've been playing Paladins for a few days now, and I really enjoy it; no toxicity, everyone has teamwork in mind, everything is positive I'd say. But the thing is, I don't have anyone to play with, so if you don't mind, would you play with me?? I promise I'll be decent
  13. So much work in school, I may not reply immediately. Bare with me :(

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    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      And i guess i can't touch my own phone after 17th july because of school, not grounded but like staying in school and live there...

    3. Memorizer


      Oh. Well, good luck on your school stuff! I hope you won't get stressed out

    4. Ordinarily_Greater


      Yeah, i think it's easy

  14. Oh, right. That's why never use a small vacuum cleaner. Thanks