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    Intel core i5 6500
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    Gigabyte z170 d3h
  • RAM
    16 gig @2400
  • GPU
    Gigabyte g1 gtx1070
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    Coller master ???
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    Samsung 850 evo 500 gig plus toshiba 320gig
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    Hunt key 750 w
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    Cheep one bt
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    Cheep one bt
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    Win 10 64 bit

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  1. Hi, I am from Iraq, the internet is always slow although we pay more, however due to recent demonstrations government shutdown the internet and when it comes back it is even slower than before to prevent uploading or promoting gathering. I am thinking in satellite internet, are there a standard equipment to be purchased? All what I see is vague and ask to quote offers. Can anyone advise me. Thanks
  2. Just a question, when AMD made their comparison to Nvidia cards, what was the Ray tracing i.e. on or off?
  3. UPDATE Dedicating all my day resolving this issue revealed that when I move my user name and password for my internet from my litebeam ( from router to bridge mode) to my Tinda router (from DHCP to PPPoE mode) resolved the problem. Thank you
  4. Fresh firmwares tried many times.
  5. Hi, I am connected to internet using Tinda router and Ubquiti Litebeam m5 to my local ISP, recently when I was viewing YouTube videos I noticed that no ads are displayed and fail to connect and this applied to any site contains ads. I am not using any ad blocker and even when I clicked on redirecting link to connect to retailer it in many times failed to open the retailer page. I bypassed the router to connect to litebeam by ethernet cable directly and connect by POEEE connection but no difference, so I think the problem is coming from the Litebeam M5. Can someone help me I think that a spying something is installed on My Litebeam. All the connected devices in my home suffer the same thing and all firmwares of the router and Litebeam are up to date. Thank you
  6. IDM sorted files according to their types, and I keep them as they there, and I use these folder subtypes to add files downloaded from other programs and also files copied from my external hard drive, when windows delete the folders not the files it delete a program files designed to sort these files.however, thank you for your clarification.
  7. thank you, but why it deletes download folder subtypes, it is a feature of internet download manager.
  8. Hi there, Since When I installed the recent windows update ,(win 10 Pro 1809 OS built 17763.55), once I do desk cleanup windows removes all downloaded files from download manager folder ( mine was worth of 10 gigabytes) . I repeated it twice and the same results occurred. I know that there is a bug in windows 10 update , but this is extreme. anyone have the problem, how can I overcome it. Thank you
  9. So Basically, beyond 4 cores, scan speed depends on clock speed rather than core or thread count, am I right?
  10. Hi, Does the number of cores/ threads affect antivirus scan speed for example (windows defender) providing that the core speeds are the same ? Thank you
  11. https://steemit.com/busy/@jawadovic/unicef-calls-for-cryptocurrency-donations
  12. all reviewers aretalking about this tech day but only slides are available apartfrom two minutes video on the web
  13. Did AMD has an AMD Tech Day 2018? I can not find the full video anywhere, anyone can suggest a link. Thank you