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  1. So I have Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5" stereo speakers that uses sound output, I'm also using Razer kraken for gaming and mic that also uses audio output and pic. Is there some kind of split for audio output so I dont have to plug one in and one out each time i want to use one or other? my MOBO is b550 aorus pro ac and it has only 1 output port.
  2. Just bought the ANNE PRO 2 keyboard and I'm looking to get some white coiled keyboard usb cable to match it, that isnt $50+ that i've seen on Esty.
  3. cool thanks, looked over some YT vids and reviews they look dependable! I will pick them up once I get the refund from the LL120s
  4. I'm actually looking on amazon for new fans as I saw your message. I dont really care for LED anymore. I'm about to return the corsair fans and the ram and pick something else up. no point having a corsiar set up if i can't even use the ICUE without crashing. Which version of be quiet would you recommend? looking for something that is near dead silent at 50% speed
  5. bad news...computer just froze again and didnt have nzxt cam running this time and my fans are connected to the mobo with no problem.... Gonna uninstall ICUE for now to see if its the problem.
  6. they are 4 pin..I will try it tomorrow morning , need a splitter for the 4 fans i think. thank you for your help!
  7. Yes I agree, I wish I put more thought into it before building this PC ( my first build ). I only use NZXT CAM to control the fan speeds since the case came with a LED/fan hub thingy. are there ways I can control all my case fans speed without using NZXT CAM?
  8. hey, I thought ICUE was the issues but i recently checked my event logs and saw " request thread encountered an error: Failed to send result: Io(Os { code: 232, kind: BrokenPipe, message: "The pipe is being closed." }) " it came back to " CAM " guessing its the NZXT CAM program. I just uninstalled CAM and reinstalled Icue, will see if its still freezing!
  9. So i'm doing more research and checked my event logs. It came back " request thread encountered an error: Failed to send result: Io(Os { code: 232, kind: BrokenPipe, message: "The pipe is being closed." }) " around the same time my pc froze. I just uninstall NZXT CAM and will be reinstalling Icue. see if its CAM or Icue.
  10. my new build i'm using LL120 from corsiar with ICUE. It turns out, Icue its making my new build freezes randomly from time to time and have to force shut down each time * breaks my heart each time I had to kill my new pc* Seem like a lot of ppl have the same problem on the corsiar forum. So now I have $100+ worth of fans that I can't even change the RGB colors. Will be returning these and look for something new. any recommendation? I currently have a black and white build, would like white LED if possible and quiet fans with good air movement. so disappointed in Corsiar right now.
  11. In the market for new gaming headset around $100, willing to spend a little over the limit if its worth. Been eyeing the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset. any better option out there?
  12. I have the Presonus Eris E3.5 stereo speakers. I'm in the market for a new gaming headset. Are there any type of headset where I could plug it in Presonus eris's aux headphone jack and able to use the mic at the same time?
  13. I had taskbarx. ended up disliking it and i uninstalled it. now every time i start up the PC i get this popup message. any idea who to get rid of it for good?
  14. Got my new pc up and running a few days ago and i've been running into this problem 3x now. Its on and off. My whole display screen would freeze. can't right click on desktop, ctrl+alt+del wont pop up nor will task manager. I had to force shutdown each time. Could it be the GPU or a program that i'm running in the background? I had wallpaper engine up and TaskbarX from microsoft store up running as well. any advice would be nice. its freaking me out...dont know if my new gpu is bad or what.
  15. thanks, i went back an there was a manual option -.- i was blind!