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    2600k passively cooled by MUGEN2 40°C max @ stock
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600MHz
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    SAPPHIRE HD 6870
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    Antec One Hundred
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    WD Black 1TB (hackintosh), WD Blue 500GB (Win)
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    Corsair CX600
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    Dell U2412M
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    Apple Keyboard w/ numpad
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    5$ cheapo one

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  1. Hello, I'm currently looking to buy a new 104-key keyboard. Since I bottom out my keys anyways, I don't really see the point in shelling out for a mechanical keyboard. What I would like to have is a good membrane keyboard. I'm doing a lot more typing than gaming and I don't even need backlight. The few macros I have are in AHK so I don't need any macro keys, also dedicated media keys (even volume up/down) are useless to me. Just good typing and little key-wobble are important to me. Maybe you guys have some suggestions as what I've been looking for seems hard to come by.
  2. for audio you need a good Intel CPU (sadly, Zen isn't out yet). It should not throttle so no ultra-thin'n-light for gaming you will need a GPU. Look at the Dell Inspiron 15 (7559-0092). Both a bit over 1000€ but the CPU is a 6700HQ. You won't get a much better CPU in a laptop. Even has a GTX 960M. So gaming is very possible. Ram is only 8GB and the HDD a hybrid drive. Drawback: not very portable due to bigger size. but hey, you wanted performance!
  3. solution: underclock AND then undervolt. means less performance but let's be real, watercooling isn't cheap at all either way... and you won't be reducing the noise by extremely much. maybe make the GPUs exhaust into a tube that goes out the window or something.
  4. shouldn't be because I updated the driver about a week ago. before-> same error; after -> same error. oh, yes, sometimes I also get an IRQL_not_less_or_equal BSOD, mostly after coming off a light load. But I just suspected that that was me pushing my 2600k a tiny bit too hard (4.6GHz at 1.404V).
  5. Hello, I appear to have some ram that is dying. It is Corsair Vengeance LP 1600MHz CL9 DDR3. The ram has never been overclocked. Uppon cold boot i often get a message that some instruction referenced 0x00..020, which could not be read. Always that address; for almost a month now. And the error comes mostly from the Wacom driver but I remember also seeing it coming from other programs that load with Windows. I already let memtest run 4 full "laps", it couldn't find anything. Then I ran all the tests 50x on the first couple addresses (0x0..0 to 0x0..200). Nothing. It seems that as long as the ram is warm (physically), it works just fine. So, what would you do in my place now? RMA the first stick? It's not a huge deal but it is an annoyance and I fear it "spreading" to the rest of the stick (I know that that isn't how it works). Because it ran just fine for more than two years.
  6. wouldn't get a 2670 for gaming. the single thread clock speed is too low. And modern titles will load min. 2 but mostly 4 cores (not equally), so expect it running at base clock speed during games. Which is 2.6GHz. The old Sandy Bridge turboboost is just that stupid. And you CAN NOT overclock it. a 2600k on the other hand only is about 20-30% worse at IPC than a 6700k. And oh yes does an unlocked multiplier overclock beautifully. Intel has been pretty much sitting on their asses...waiting for AMD to play Ketchup. Which Zen most probably will do. I wonder if Intel is just sitting with like 10 IPC-improving architectures in the closet, waiting for Zen to come out just to then do a "surprise buttsecks" 50% ipc improvement. the point is: you will want 4 physical cores that have a good IPC compared to Skylake and which can clock high. The 1220v5 is gud if you can bring it up to 3.5-4GHz. The FX8350 has 8 cores and clocks fairly high but the IPC is shit. By about 40%. The other ones only have 2 cores. Multithreading (or the AMD equivalent) is BS for most real tasks.
  7. man, we need some watercooling-and-silence-firendly 19" cases like linus built for himself... maybe without the window... and just plain powdercoat black...
  8. "back in ma' day" (sandy bridge) k vs non-k was only about unlocked multiplier or not.
  9. that's basically it. buying a 6700k and not overclocing it is like throwing away 10-20% performance. And if you're honest, you won't ever upgrade the motherboard without also getting a new cpu. if you only game OC'ing won't make a difference tho. And in the case you don't want to OC, get a 6700 instead of a 6700k. tiny bit cheaper.
  10. assuming you are not a troll: watch a bit of ltt. the build quides, especially. also I think they have a video on how to install a cpu (so you don't damage anything). and yes, the bequiet comes with gud thermal paste.
  11. use an asus z170 board. the rest looks fine to me, maybe except for the cooler (price-to-performance on macho hr02 may be better) and the PSU (go for a Leadex if you can afford it).
  12. Apple couldn't develop such a thing if they were dying. They needed a replacement for Firewire 800 because USB3.0 was making it look very old. USB3 lacked some neato Firewire features (like daisychainging) so they rung up their buddies at intel who were cooking up something very tasty and expensive, called thunderbolt. Apple then ran with that. It worked because Apple customers were willing to put big bucks into the hardware-accessories (and their cables).
  13. switch to Tidal pleez; bettur qwaliteee lol JK Maybe get in contact with the google play store / play music support... via email that should be possible. You payed, so you have the right to access it.