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    An idiot pleb who is useless arround to house and has no possible future at all.
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  1. KawaiiNacho

    Offline games for a laptop?

    I can't find anything that interests me. Terrarie for some reason doesnt want to work and Planetary annihilation's gui is slow for some reason which makes it unplayable. I recently took over the world in hoi4, again. Most other games I play are either online or too demanding. I can't download big games either.
  2. KawaiiNacho

    Offline games for a laptop?

    I can't play online games and my laptop only has an MX150 (does have an i7-8550U though) Whats some fun games I can play?
  3. KawaiiNacho

    What pair of Studio monitors do you use? Set up questions

    Im using mackie's but looking to upgrade to Klipsch. Heard only good things of them. If the signal does not need to be converted from analog to digital or vice versa, you won't need a dac. I ran my bookshelf speakers through a 3.5mm before and it worked just fine.
  4. KawaiiNacho

    Upgrading GPU but I'm not sure which cable works ...

    if your monitor has an HDMI or Displayport you can use any of them. If it only has Dual DVI you need to get an HDMI or Displayport to Dual DVI adapter or cable. Oh whoops, Sorry for any confusion.
  5. KawaiiNacho

    Upgrading GPU but I'm not sure which cable works ...

    Both cables are able to push 1080p at 144hz. HDMI 1.3 is able to push 1080p at 144hz iirc so if you have that laying around you can just use that.
  6. KawaiiNacho

    Can connect to internet but can't connect to game servers

    I've tried both already and they solve the problem
  7. KawaiiNacho

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Id do that too if the nzxt cam software isnt horseshit and doesnt fuck with my software & games.
  8. KawaiiNacho

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Not the most recent picture. I recently replaced the ultrawide with a 144hz 27" monitor. Wanted a combination of both but that's too expensive PC: CPU: i7-8700K GPU: GTX-1080ti RAM: TridentZ RGB 16GB 3600mhz MoBo: ASUS ROG Z370-E PSU: Corsair RM 750x iirc HDD: 1TB + 4TB WD Blue SSD: 500GB of the 850 evo iirc Peripherals: Keyboard: Cooler Master CK-350 (brown switches) Mouse: Steelseries Sensei 310 Speakers: Mackie's CR3 (or 4, maybe) Microphone: Audio Technica AT-2020 Audio interface: Steinberg UR22 MK2 Monitor (left): No idea tbh Monitor (middle): Also no idea, but replaced with an AOC C27G1 Im planning on getting a be silent case & fans (and aio water cooler) because i'd much prefer a silent pc than an aesthetically pleasing computer. The RGB christmas tree lightshow was cool some years ago but i'd much prefer something subtle now.
  9. KawaiiNacho

    Can connect to internet but can't connect to game servers

    Ah that makes sense. Guess i'll just have to use a VPN or a mobile hotspot then. Thanks!
  10. KawaiiNacho

    Can connect to internet but can't connect to game servers

    "That type of connection"? Isn't connecting to a server to play a game the same as connecting to a server to download a webpage? I've got no clue how any of this work so please correct me if i'm wrong.
  11. Hello, Im in a hospital for a very long time and there really isn't anything to do besides watching netflix or youtube but that gets stale after 2 months. The only games I can play are singleplayer and my laptop isn't really powerfull enough to play the demanding single player games I usueally play at home (eg cms 2018). I tried to launch an online game hoping the wifi won't die on me but I couldn't even connect to the game servers. I tried War thunder, EVE, War planet online and ever agar.io or any online browwser game doesn't work. I can connect to the internet just fine. My WiFi properties are: SSID: Clients Guest Protocol: 802.11n Security type: Open Network band: 2.4 GHz Network channel: 11 IPv4 address: IPv4 DNS servers: Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Description: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Driver version: Physical address (MAC): D4-6D-6D-FD-88-97 What do?
  12. KawaiiNacho

    Windows 10 not booting after trying to move bootmanages

    Alright so this is the lengthy and frustrating process I did to get back into windows. Bootrec /fixboot? Nah acces denied. Bootrec /Rebuildbcd? Location not found Literally anything else on the internet? Didnt work. So I decided, lets try reinstall windows, which was a nightmare by itself because some dynamic disk wasn't doing something it should do. Made a small 10GB partition, install easyBCD, Make a bootloader for my F drive (which was the drive my windows was on). Fix bootloaders to be sure. Set priority for the new bootloader I made. Delete the 10Gb partition after some testing and its working now, more or less. Not the most orthodox methot but if its stupid and it works, its not stupid.
  13. KawaiiNacho

    Windows 10 not booting after trying to move bootmanages

    Did a new install and deleted the old one.
  14. So I have a 1TB HDD and a 500GB SSD. Originally windows was on my HDD but I bought my SSD some time ago and moved windows over. Now for somw reason the bootmanager stayed on my HDD and it was quite annoying for some stuff I cant recall anymore so I tried moving it to my SSD using EasyBCD. I dont think it went really well... Now when I boot via Windows Boot Managed I get the error code 0x0000098 and when I boot via either my HDD or SSD I get taken to a windows screen to either install or repair. I tried automatic repair/startup repair, sfc /scannow, bootrec /fixboot, /fixmbr and some diskpart thing telling me to go to some directory but my pc couldnt find it so no luck there either. OS is Windows 10 home x64 Specs dont really matter I think. I did noticed that right after I moved, or tried to move my boot managed the computer didnt want to shut down. It just restarted. So I cut the power and forced it to shutdown. /Help
  15. KawaiiNacho

    Can I photograph stars with this 24mm lens?

    Oh okay, just wanted to make sure. Thanks fam.