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Status Updates posted by aisle9

  1. This might make me nuts, but there's a $450 refurb RTX 2070 Super on Newegg, I have a $50 Newegg credit, meaning I could have a 2070S for the price of an RX 5700 XT...and I'm passing it up despite being in the market for a GPU.

  2. Ok, decision help needed. I have an AsRock Z390 Phantom ITX/AC board and an as-yet unknown ITX case for my 8086K as one option. Option B would be a Raspberry Pi 4 and a nice setup for it. Putting the cost aside for right now, what's more practical, and what's more fun? I know which way I'm leaning, but I'm not sold yet.

  3. AsRock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX @$190...worth it?

  4. In short: f**k Gigabyte. In longer, more eloquent form: f**k Gigabyte and their inability to build a single goddamned motherboard that doesn't die in a year and take other parts of your system with it. Seriously, I've had a bad Asus board, MSI board, AsRock board, all of that, but my failure rate on Gigabyte shit is so much higher than anything this side of ECS and Biostar. The latest adventure is a B450 Aorus M that killed a WD Black M.2 drive, a Samsung 850 Pro 512GB and a Seagate 1TB laptop HDD, all in the space of one day because fuck Gigabyte, that's why.

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    2. aisle9


      Big oof. My last best hope is maybe to update firmware and pray that that’s all the board fucked up. Could RMA the Pro, but the Seagate’s an old laptop pull and the label was pulled off of the Black to install a heatsink.

      Seriously, fuck Gigabyte. I am so tired of their shit breaking and taking my shit with it, and I don’t say that lightly. My favorite board ever, the best overclocker I’ve had the joy of using, was a GA-Z97M Gaming-5. 4.8 GHz at 1.275v on my old 4790K. And I had to dispose of it two years after buying it because a VRM went and it deep fried my 4790K while I was at the grocery store.

    3. dizmo


      Sounds like a personal problem.

      None of my Gigabyte boards failed, my roommates and best friends have both been going 4 years + without issue.

      Why do you keep putting parts in if you know it's defective, and why do you keep buying Gigabyte boards if you have such issues?

    4. aisle9


      I didn't know it was the board, of course. The sequence of events was such that the natural assumption would have been PSU, and I didn't realize until after testing the PSU on a different junker board I keep around for just such an occasion that it wasn't the PSU. That kind of left the board. This board was bought over a year ago, and I haven't bought anything first-hand from Gigabyte since. After this, I don't intend to do so again.

  5. Seeing as how I don't fancy a brisk swim across the North Atlantic, I'm afraid my UK trip will have to be cancelled. Well, shit. Hopefully you lot will still be there in 2021/2022.

  6. Is it just me, or is Linus starting to look a bit like David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor, Jesus Christ have any of you ever watched TV)?

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    2. Windows7ge


      @The King of the UndeadDoctor Who (to my understanding) is or was (haven't watched it in a long while) a television series broadcasted on BBC America. A British television channel.


      It was a great show while I watched it. The Dalik, the Weeping Angels (my fav), The Silence, River Song, Rory, Amy, I saw some of the older doctors and newer but that one I saw the most of/liked the most.


      It's a show I do recommend. Something you can easily binge if you're bored.

    3. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      I watched that once. long time ago. didn't know there where ten of them.

    4. aisle9


      @The King of the Undead It's a casting gimmick they use to keep more or less the same lead role, but cycle actors through it without ever keeping anyone around long enough that they'd have to pay out large second contracts. I think they're up to the 13th Doctor, who's actually the 15th Doctor or something like that. I stopped watching partway through Peter Capaldi's run because, as brilliant as he was, the writing and supporting cast were terrible.

  7. This status update is brought to you by my MacBook Pro 2012 13". I paid $220 for it and it looks immaculate inside and out. Had the screen not had fingerprints on it, I wouldn't have even believed that it was used. 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD later, this thing is nice. For the record, I finally own a MacBook.

    1. GrockleTD


      but what about staples gaming chair? ?


    2. aisle9


      I bought the MacBook a week ago, it just didn’t arrive until today. And the chair...eh. I like my office chair, even if it is getting a bit old and creaky. I work at that desk too lol

  8. Why do most MacBook listings on eBay read: "Works great! Everything is fine aside from a dead battery, a bad speaker, a melted GPU and a logic board that might have actually been on fire once until I threw the laptop in the bathtub"

    1. Sauron


      don't they come like that off the shelf?

    2. ARikozuM


      Gotta fill that niche.

    3. greenmax


      ppl r dumb as fuck

  9. Mid-2012 MBP w/i5-3210M for $200...did I do good? I honestly don't know. It seems like they usually sell for more, but I could buy a T430 with the same specs for half of that so...?

  10. The new speaker I just picked up randomly turned into an FM radio...

  11. Is $250 a good price for a 2012 15" MacBook Pro w/i7-2675QM, Radeon 6750M, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD and no power adapter?

    1. Theguywhobea


      I think those are the models that all had bad GPU's? So maybe not.

    2. aisle9


      Shit, the seller mislabeled it as a 2012. Yeah, 2011 had the melting GPUs. Dammit. Back to looking at $250 2012 A1278s.

  12. I'm about to buy a 2010 MacBook Pro from a reputable Newegg seller for $35. Something's the catch here, right?

  13. That feeling when you have to get across the pond in a few months and can't get it to freaking line up so you can ride a 787. #firstworldproblems

  14. A 1280x1024 CRT that’s tested and working. I am so freaking tempted to go back and get that tomorrow. If you’re in the Atlanta area and want a CRT for all your epic retro gaming needs, message me and I’ll send the location to you


  15. I think at this point I'm going to skip Turing/Navi. I'm looking for a credible 4K card in the $400-500 range, and for whatever reason I'm holding out hope that the Volta **70 card will be able to hold its own at 4K high/60 on most titles.

    1. PianoPlayer88Key


      I'm skipping Turing / Navi too.


      I'm wanting at least 4K 60 fps (minimum, not just 0.1% lows or averages, even in the thickest / most complex battles / scenarios) at MAX settings (not just high, and including ray tracing, etc, times multiple displays if possible) in the then-latest most-demanding AAA titles released AFTER my next GPU goes on sale, in about the $200-300 range.  So, I'd be looking at like x60 to x70 class if they brought prices back to sane levels - x60 $200, x70 $330, x80 $500.


      (Better yet, like GTX 200 refresh launch prices in mid 2009: GTX 275 = $249, GTX 285 = $369.  There was also a $499 dual-GPU GTX 295.  There was also a big price cut by Nvidia - the GTX 280 had launched late 2008 for $649.)


      Also I don't think I want to upgrade until the then-available lowest-end new cards are faster than the fastest card (including workstation / datacenter / enterprise multi-GPU configurations) from my current desktop video card's generation.  I remember seeing shrink-wrapped EVGA GeForce 8400 GS cards on the shelf at my nearby Fry's during the mining craze in mid 2017 or so...


      Yes, I prefer massive performance bumps when I upgrade.




      My current cards (GTX 1060 3GB in desktop, GTX 970M 6GB in laptop) are good enough for my current 1080p 60 medium / high gaming in somewhat older titles, but I can't push them too hard.


      For example, in GTA V with the settings in the spoiler, my GTX 1060 3GB gets about 0.3 fps at the beginning of the in-game benchmark!  (If it doesn't crash, that is.  My 4790K's HD 4600 gets about 1.8 fps, and laptop's GTX 970M 6GB gets about 6 fps.  It's severely VRAM constrained with those settings.)





  16. After a few hours owning a Mac, I don't get it. I'm returning it tonight.

  17. I went hunting for a Raspberry Pi, and instead found a $99 netbook with a Celeron N3350. Oh, and a 1440p IPS screen. I now own several, and I win Christmas.

    1. handymanshandle


      ...the hell kinda combo is that? I wonder if about 90% of the budget went to the screen.

    2. aisle9


      I'm typing here on my main PC while running video on it on a battery-centric power plan. I haven't even tweaked the BIOS yet, and it's pure sex. I might go back and buy them out today.

  18. Upgrading to 1909 just saved my laptop from certain death. Of course, it was a previous attempt to upgrade to 1909 that killed it. Oh, Microsoft, you so cray cray.

  19. I'm looking at upgrades. Specifically, Pixel 2 to iPhone 11, ThinkPad X250 to T495 or X395, GTX 1070 to RX 5700 XT. I have enough in PayPal and Amazon credit to make two of the three happen now...and I'm at a total loss as to which order to go in.

    1. aisle9


      Whelp, I just did the adult thing and moved the PayPal funds into my bank account and paid off about half of the leftover moving expenses even though there was no particular need to. I just hate seeing numbers in the "money I owe others" column. So, um, I guess I'm down to deciding which one of those I want most in 2019 lol

    2. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      I would do the one, that impacts your everyday life the most. To me it would be:

      Phone, laptop, gpu.

  20. That's now twice in one week where a Craigslist buyer has demanded a refund for a reason that boils down to, "I didn't read the ad." Am I a bad person for ignoring them once it's clear that there's not actually anything wrong?

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    2. handymanshandle


      It's so funny when people try to put the seller at fault because their reading skills never advanced past Kindergarten.

    3. aisle9


      @Dan Castellaneta Dude, if you had any idea how many people would show up to buy the "Grandma's Trashcan Special" with a Core 2 Duo, HD 4350, 4GB of DDRs and a 160GB hard drive for $30 then call me back wanting a refund because it couldn't play fucking Fortnite after the ad very specifically said, "Not for Fortnite"...


      I eventually just stopped selling those builds. Partly because I went from "buy anything" to "stop buying LGA 775 and AM2(+)," partly because I just got tired of angry parents on the phone because their kid still can't play Fortnite and won't shut up about it.

    4. GrockleTD
  21. Facebook Marketplace = Flakebook Marketplace. Not wasting my time on that site again.

  22. So there was a guy on Reddit today asking if he could put a highly-anticipated, not-yet-announced product on eBay without repercussions. He was quickly warned off of it, but I just figured I'd ask if it was a custom board RX 5700 XT. To my surprise, he replied that no, it wasn't, but it was something "closely related" being launched "at the same time". He's since deleted everything. Anyone care to guess? My money's on him somehow getting his hands on a sample of the GPU that's going to be one step ahead of the 5700 XT in performance.

    1. GrockleTD


      I did hear rumor of a Rdna based Radeon VIi replacement, but i’d Guess a 5700 AIB

  23. 48 hours of Prime day and all I bought was a $6 Q6600 from eBay. Up yours, consumerist culture.

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    2. dizmo


      Damn that's not too bad. I'm definitely getting 32GB of RAM for my upcoming build though. And probably an R5 3600, so I'd really want to make sure there were no issues on that front. Damn cheap NAND, tempting me to buy buy buy. I need to save money for a car instead ?

    3. aisle9


      lol My main rig has 32GB in it right now and I'm still not entirely sure how. It's matching RAM, so I'm guessing I pulled 16GB from another rig that I ended up selling and just stuck it in Sabre rather than having it sit in a drawer?

    4. dizmo


      Hahaha, mystery RAM is the best kind of RAM ?

  24. Dammit Microsoft. Patch Tuesday killed my HTPC. 

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    2. aisle9


      @DrMacintosh That's exactly what my Ryzen rig was doing before doomsday. Back up everything. There's a startup BSOD coming for you that you're probably going to have to reinstall Windows for.

    3. DrMacintosh


      What update caused the issues for you?

    4. aisle9


      @DrMacintosh I'm not entirely sure. Didn't think to check, honestly, and I kind of wish I had. 

  25. I've been convinced that the RTX 2070 Super is the GPU I need to replace my 1070 with...then I started seeing those 5700 XT numbers compared to the price and damn...do I really need the 2070 Super's horsepower?