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    Intel i5 6400
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    Sapphire RX480 8gb OC
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    500 Watts or something
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  1. Hi, this is the second time I've had a BSOD from this error this month. Both occasions I was running a minecraft server whilst also playing on it. System is a 3900x on a x470 Gaming Pro Carbon with 32 gigs of RAM. The error is "Kernel Security Check Faliure" Has anyone had this error or been able to correct it?
  2. Hio all, when I try to open the flash bios option, the PC restarts but the display never turns on. The PC then restarts a few times before staying on but screen doesn't register input. Restarting the PC allows me to go to windows. Also, it seems like my GPU, an RX 480, initializes super late, almost by the time windows is fully up. Therefore I have to spam the delete key for the bios to pull up later... PC drivers are all up to date besides the bios so anyone have any suggestions? I'm running a 3900x.
  3. My issue with it is that it's right on the flash. Knowing that they're soldered on using small beads kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. As the title suggests, the back end of the board is bent upward. I don't know how this happened. My system has been having some BSOD issues recently. One was about a kernel access, one was about driver something or another. So I opened up my PC to see that the M.2 was bent. Should I RMA it?
  5. What brand and model of mouse are you currently using and for how long? If multiple which is the most preferred. Logitech G502. 2-3 years now. Second mouse, first broke after I dropped it on the mouse wheel. For what purpose do you use the mouse? (example: Gaming, Media, Work etc ). Gaming, CAD work, video editing Do you lean towards a lighter mouse or a heavier mouse? Heavier, I have a work desk and often tinker so a heavier mouse is less likely to be knocked off the edge How would you rate the comfort of the mouse from 1-5 where 1 is least comfortable and 5 is most comfortable. 5 During long usage of the mouse, do you experience any pain/soreness in your arms? No Is your stated mouse wired or wireless? (If wired, would you prefer wireless and vice-versa) Wired. Wireless option available at an extreme premium I'm not willing to pay. Does your current usage of mouse require extra buttons? Occasionally. "Sniper mode" allows me to slow the sensitivity way down and is useful when scrubbing through timelines and other things. How important do you think the dpi button is for your usage? Rate from 1-5 where 1 being least important and 5 being very important 5. Its very nice to switch mouse speed based on what application I'm in. Some apps have buttons super close, and then I go back to windows and have to be across the screen instantly. How will you rate the response of the buttons on your mouse from 1-5 where 1 being terrible and 5 being excellent. (Response here means if you press the button, does the mouse responds or not) 5 Do you lean towards a matte finish or a glossy finish on your mouse? If others please specify (example like having a skin). Matte/semi-gloss How do you rate the build quality of the mouse from 1-5 (where 1 being flimsy and 5 being sturdy). 5. Slammed it in anger multiple times. didn't break. Do you think you can get a better mouse for cheap as compared to your current one? (Specify model and brand). No. Would you prefer rgb on the mouse? (yes/no) Is included, not really used. Used to be synced with discord but my hand covers it... Is there a specific problem faced by you when using the mouse? No.
  6. Well, general IO. HDMI, Display Port... really all the missing ports that you'd expect to see on a pro model device
  7. Hi, I'm in a scholarship program at my university and we have a mandatory Apple Swift programming course. Because of this, we all now have 13" MacBook Pros. Most of us are PC users, so we have a lot of USB 3.0 peripherals and the likes. Our campus has 1 gig ethernet connectivity. Something that can be used with other USB C devices would be nice since these MBP's are only ours for the next four years. Anyone have any suggestions under like $50? Preferably cheaper!
  8. Buddy of mines looking for headphones for PC use (discord, gaming) with decent quality and decent mic quality. What around 100$ are decent price points. I said, with personal experience, the HyperX Cloud 2.
  9. Plus a Harry's advert??? Do I get anything with the code 'LINUS'?
  10. My friend has a Cyberpower bought through Nebraska Furniture Mart with a warranty, and when his radiator leaked and fan broke, it cost him about 300$ to ship it in to avoid voiding the warranty. Personally, the CLX seems to be more attractive due to the traditional form factor, but the significant price difference due to the higher storage SSD is not worth it. If you have room, the Cyberpower PC seems good.
  11. I am looking to make a Ryzen 9 3900x workstation for USD $2,000. I would like at least 16 gigs of RAM. I'm not sure what motherboard to go with, but I think the taichi is supposed to be high-end? I don't need a GPU factored in because I have an RX-480 currently and can upgrade later on when GPUs actually impress me again. This will be paired with a Blue Yeti, Razer BlackWidow Stealth, and a Logitech G502, and a 4K 60fps FreeSync Monitor. I will be doing CAD modeling (fusion360), and electrical engineering work on it as a college student, as well as Vegas 15 4k 60fps video editing. I will be running minecraft servers and other games on it as well.
  12. Alright. Should I wait for Navi to see if it's any good, since I have a spare RX480 to use?
  13. I like this one over the 9900k for the higher amount of cores, however I've heard some uneasy things about the Radeon VII's performance..? I know the 16 gigs of HBM is good for future proofing and stuff like Machine Learning, (despite tensorflow being dominant.).
  14. What sort of system could I build for $2000 right now? I have an RX480 8gig that I can use while waiting for the RTX series to deflate in price, or waiting for Navi. I'd like a threadripper build or something insane since I'll be using this for 4k60fps video editing(Vegas 15), CAD work(Fusion360, Autodesk Inventor, Revit), modded minecraft and it's servers, and other games. I have a 4k 60fps freesync panel.