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  1. dave4shmups

    Anyone here work in medical billing?...

    I wonder if it's good for me to practice Word and Excel on my MacBook Pro, because I have it on the Mac OS side of things, not in the Windows 10 partition. And any office that I work in likely won't be using Macs. I've thought about picking up a cheap Windows laptop for that reason. Then again, as long as I ignore the Mac's drop down menus, Word and Excel on it are probably mostly the same as they would be on a Windows laptop.
  2. dave4shmups

    Anyone here work in medical billing?...

    I live in the United States. If Medical Billing is mostly phone work, then what are some entry level office jobs where you’re using a computer most of the time? Also, should I use a temp agency? All I have on my resume is retail work.
  3. So I LOVE using computers, and am tired of working in retail. I know that there are medical billing companies that will train, although I’ve heard that it’s really tedious work. But I would love to work in an office job, in front of a computer all day.
  4. dave4shmups

    Can you run Cisco Packet Tracer in Windows 10, on a Mac??

    They got back to me, and Packet Tracer does not work on Windows on a Mac. So if I ever want to take any Cisco Networking Academy courses, I’ll have to buy a second laptop; a Windows one. At least the listed requirements for Packet Tracer are really low, so I can buy a cheapo laptop.
  5. dave4shmups

    Can you run Cisco Packet Tracer in Windows 10, on a Mac??

    Well, I just sent Cisco Network Academy a message on Facebook, asking them about this. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon.
  6. dave4shmups

    Can you run Cisco Packet Tracer in Windows 10, on a Mac??

    Via Bootcamp. Will it work?
  7. I was thinking about using Cisco Packet Tracer, but I was told by a professor of Computer Science that her students have not had good experiences running Packet Tracer in Windows on a Mac. Can you run this program in Windows on a Mac, or should I get a dedicated Windows laptop?
  8. dave4shmups

    Using a 2013 11 inch Macbook Air...

    Before I sell my MacBook Pro, do I have to reset it to factory defaults to erase any personal information? I don’t know of any other way to do that.
  9. dave4shmups

    Using a 2013 11 inch Macbook Air...

    I don't care if I get an ultrabook, although I don't mind the lack of ports on my MacBook Pro. I just want deep scissor switch keys and and a trackpad that has a real physical click, a simulated one.
  10. So late last week, we were out of printer ink at my house, and I asked my next door neighbors if I could please print something out. They let me, and the computer that I used was a 2013 11 inch MacBook Air. I LOVED it! It's the Core i5 model, and the keyboard felt wonderful to use! The key travel was at least as deep as it is on the Lenovo keyboard on my Dad's desktop PC. And the click on trackpad (or clickpad?) was wonderful as well! They were only running Yosemite on it, but it felt snappy. There is a Mac swap group on Facebook that I'm a member of, and I'd love to trade my 2016 MacBook Pro for a 2013 11 inch MacBook Air. But my concern is that it's a 2013 model-it's not considered vintage yet by Apple, but it won't be long.. So how long would I actually be able to use it for? Because at this point, I either trade my MacBook Pro, or I'd like to sell it and just get a PC laptop that has keys that nice, and a trackpad that's as good, or close to being as good, as the MacBook Air's.
  11. Does Apple "own" the butterfly switch design, or are there other companies that use it?
  12. I do too; that's part of what convinced me to buy my MacBook Pro at Best Buy in March 2017. (It isn't the best keyboard that I've ever used; I'm 41 and I've used a lot of different keyboards in my life.) And that's why this news stinks so much.
  13. dave4shmups

    Which games require quad core CPUs?

    Yeah, the Ryzen 3 1200 is cheaper then the i3-8100.
  14. So for a CPU for a PC build, I’ve been eyeing the Pentium G4560, which has two physical cores and four threads, but I’m concerned that I won’t be able to play the latest titles, like Far Cry 5 with it. Which games out there today require four physical cores?
  15. Yeah, I should, especially with GPU prices as low as they are.