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  1. That’s great news! Thanks for the reply!
  2. So I'd love to get one of these adapters, BUT I am concerned as to how much is would raise the power bill in the house that I live in. For reference, I live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado.
  3. Is this mostly a problem with older AMD CPUS? The reason I ask is because of this video: And because there's another channel that I follow where the guy is using a Dell Optiplex that has an Intel i5-3570, and he never has CPU issues when running the latest games.
  4. Gotcha. I promise that I'm not a console fanboy at all, so I apologize if I came off as one. Who writes the instructions for all CPUs? AMD and Intel, respectively? I'm sure there are different ones for ARM-based processors.
  5. I've seen build videos using older CPUs, like the AMD Phenom II X3 B77, and the guy who does these videos sometimes says that you can't play the latest games on this CPU because it doesn't have the latest instructions. Why isn't this a problem for CPUs in game consoles, like the Xbox One and the PS4??
  6. Compared to the version available on Windows 10? Can you do everything in Visual Studio for Mac that you can do in the Windows version?
  7. OK, thanks! I did a Google search last night, and the results said to give MacOS at least 55gb of space, so I'll probably give it about 80. The hard drive is 256gb, so that'll leave me plenty for Windows, and applications like Visual Studio. I do have Visual Studio installed on the MacOS side, but I don't think it's as full-featured as the Windows 10 version is.
  8. There wasn't anything important on the Windows 10 partition, so I deleted it on the Mac OS side. Before I re-install Windows 10, how much space does Mac OS need??
  9. I didn't know that about Visual Studio. How can I expand the partition? I don't know how much space Mac OS needs; I'm running Mac Os Mojave.
  10. So I have Windows 10 setup and running on my MacBook Pro, and I checked the drive space-for some reason, I only have 25.7GB free out of the 75.1GB partition. I don't have anything installed on the Windows 10 side, except for a free version of Visual Studio, and Microsoft Office 365. That's it. I didn't even install a web browser; I'm just using the Microsoft Edge browser. So, how can I free up more disk space? I've already done Disk Cleanup today, and there's only one hard drive (a 256 GB SSD) in this MacBook.
  11. OK, thanks for all of the replies! I appreciate them and they help a lot!
  12. I'm still looking for the right Windows 10 laptop, however it seems as though a monkey wrench has been tossed in. The tech/computer repair guy at the local business I work at said that more and more applications require 8gb of RAM, but I didn't ask him which applications he was referring to. I would use a Windows 10 laptop for MS Office, web surfing, and light gaming-when I say "light", I mean I wouldn't be playing any games newer then Half-Life 2. I certainly wouldn't be playing the latest AAA games or doing any video editing. So what is this guy talking about?
  13. Well, how bad could they be if it’s sponsored by Google? I mean Google’s not perfect, but they are a major tech company.
  14. So I found out about this Google IT certificate that the company Coursera offers, but the deadline to sign up for it was October 8th, and the courses look right up my alley. The problem I'm having is how the heck to contact Coursera, so that I can find out when they'll be offering this certificate program again. This is the only contact information that they have on their website: https://www.coursera.org/about/contact Seriously? I know they have a physical street address in Mountain View, CA, and at this point I'm almost thinking of sending them snail mail. It really shouldn't be this difficult to contact a tech company located in silicon valley. Any suggestions would be welcome.