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  1. Hey guys, So full disclosure this is for work. I want to remove values from a map who's keys contain a substring "x". I.e if the Key contains "x" I don't want it in the map anymore. I did it using the removeif method before, but my leads are insisting I use a Filter. Thats where I'm stuck. I thought filters would return a map the DO contain Keys with "x". I can't find any examples that match what I need to do
  2. Hey all, I lost a file on my pc, and I don't remember the file name either. It was my little sister's graduation video. And by lost, I mean the file is somewhere on my multi terabyte clusters of 6-7 hard drives. I know the file is on here somewhere (or at least I hope), just need a better way to sort everything. Any softwares or in built windows function to help me just scan all my disks for a file type and then dig through the results?
  3. Got my answer after some asking around. If anyone has pre-ordered through a retailers (Your carrier for ex) we can get the $200 credit starting March 4th
  4. Tombile does that every year too + we get an accessory for free. I see that on the Samsung site we gets $200 samsung credit which can snag you the Galaxy Buds for free plus $50, but I'm not seeing a way to get that if ordered from my carrier
  5. Hey y'all so I'm pretty sure this counts as non-tech. Usually when Samsung releases a new flagship there's some sort of promotion where actually get something substantial for free. For example my last upgerade was the GS7Edge, we got the gear VR that year. For the S10 I think they gave the new galaxy buds for free or something. I can't find a similar promo for the GS20. Does anyone know of anything?
  6. Hi folks, Trying to add a persistent sidenav to my webpage. When I say persistent I mean its always there even when the screen gets smaller. Currently as soon as I get the screen to medium the sidenav goes away. I've searched and search for the help to get this behavior and I ain't got nothin'. Please help, the Materialize CSS docs aren't helping much either
  7. I logged back on to say exactly that! My cat accidentally turned filter keys on
  8. All things I've tried. Still googling and trying to find a fix. Its definitely something obscurely simple cause my cat didn't accidentally open any menus or anything. So its gotta be a windows or logitech shortcut for something that was triggered
  9. Hey folks, So I have a Logitech G613 Keyboard. My cat walked all over it and now there's different typing behavior on my PC. The most noticeable: There's and audible chime/clinking sound when I type coming from windows itself. I have no idea where to turn this off. Doesn't seem to be a logitech feature. Then secondly, holding down a key doesn't work. When I backspace I have to hit backspace for each letter, I can't just hold it. This behavior is on all keys. I checked sticky keys, they are off, and I don't know what else to tweak. It was obviously somehow done through some keyboard shortcut, but I don't know which one!
  10. Helpful but not 100%. This is for single values. I need to convert a whole strong into an array. "{2.5, 3.5, 36.4} into a double array
  11. Hey there! Learning C++ on the fly for a school assignment. I have to read data from a csv and crate objects with it. I have Java experience so I already have my class coded that has the fields from the csv file as fields for the objects. Now here's where I'm having just a tiny hiccup: The CSV file format is as such val1,val2,val3,{array of doubles},val4 I have my code written already that reads the file line by line and reads the data successfully (tested via cout all the fields to the console.) Since the array of doubles get read in as string i need to convert that string into an array of doubles, how do I accomplish this?
  12. Hey guys, Looking for a decent HDMI Switch with audio out that supports 4k@60hz. Flew the coupe and renting a room so my PC monitor is my Monitor and TV nowadays. TIA