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  1. I mean do they make a all in one that has USB/Power on switch? Sorry for confusion
  2. Picked up a Meshify C non TG for $10 (power switch does not work/no fans) with a few dings, scratches here and there. Planning to redo front case usb header/power on switch with new interface to support usb 3.1 and usb 3.2 gen 2 type c. Would look like this with additional power button switch. Does a all in one power on switch/usb interface exist like the pic below? I know Fractal has D1 but does not include several parts.
  3. Reviving this post to say I got this PSU for $135 new in box. So far all the parts acquired has been on sale!
  4. Hi, Using a gen 3 2tb NVME drive for gaming storage only while gen 4 1tb for boot only. Would the gen 4 drive revert to gen 3 speeds? CPU : 3900x Thanks
  5. Only parts acquired is Noctua D15 /Noctua 140mm x4 / 32 gig ddr4 Samsung b die / 2tb SSD m.2
  6. I was building up for 10940x/10980xe, until AMD wiped the floor with them. In some instances the 9980xe even beats it out probably due to security fixes. Always rolled with Intel, but this launch was disappointing.
  7. Honestly I'm just getting quality parts over a yearly time period to put together at the end of 2020. What I'm shooting for is a Zen 3 Ryzen 4950x. Since that is the end of AM4 socket that would be perfect for me and I'm hearing atleast 10% increase over Zen 2.
  8. Is their a new revision of this power supply? Google search shows that this model was released in 2013. Does anyone have any bad experiences with this psu? Are the cables decent? Now before you ask why a 1200w and not a 850w? I feel safer with a bit more oomph than needed and longevity - also multi rail. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the heads up, maybe it will appear again.
  10. HP EX950 M.2 2280 2TB PCle Gen3 x4, NVMe1.3 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 5MS24AA#ABC Anyone familiar with this ssd? Does not come with heatsink. Earlier today was $209 on Newegg and wondering is that a good price for this unit? Not familiar with new tech. https://www.newegg.com/hp-ex950-2tb/p/N82E16820326181?Description=hp ex950 2tb&cm_re=hp_ex950_2tb-_-20-326-181-_-Product
  11. Never overclocked ram, and I've read up that it can be messy. However trial and error is part of the fun too... until something bad happens. Hopefully the kit isn't binned, sticker on the back says 10/19 so you're probably right. I also read that Samsung is phasing out B-die, chose this just incase.
  12. Anyone familiar with this ram? Compatible with Zen 2? Whats the max overclock potential with 2 kits? (4x8) 2x8gb 3600 15-15-15-35 part number # F4-3600C15D-16GTZ
  13. I'm just another idiot needing confirmation. Corsair AX850/AX1000 titanium on the list? I believe it came out earlier this year. I see AXI and earlier model AXs. Thanks
  14. Ahoy Asrock Z390 Phantom mitx mobo has 2 fan headers: system and cpu only. I'm thinking of getting D15, with 3 other Noctua fans. Would it be possible to have a fan controller connect to mobo, but I can still adjust thru mobo bios/software? Thx