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  1. Was wondering how to make an internet kill switch so I never am able to use my home ip. I know nordvpn has a kill switch but its meh for me as I use my own OVH vpn and probably will use some others. So I want to know the general way of making one on my pc so it doesnt affect my parents or anyone else on the internet at my house. Also need one for my phone, I use nord on there but can't find the killswitch for mobile
  2. and people told me my voltage was too low, jfc, I was told 1.175 at 4ghz was too little and unstable and somehow you are stable at 4.2 at 1.1375v
  3. yeah i did that and so far i havent had any problems since then
  4. Ok nvm this entire topic is complete, im just too fucking stupid to plug in a cable fully
  5. Just tried my monitor on my moms stuff and it worked so idk if its my gpu or motherboard as i got a pcie error the other day and i tested with my old 1060 which i know for a fact works and it didnt
  6. I think she uses display port for her laptop using a docking station but i can go check
  7. So my old monitor, my MAG24C display port broke about a month ago, so I decided today that I would get a new one, went to microcenter and got a replacement, got an MAG241MVC. Before I did this, my mom had a monitor that had a display port on it and it was a brand new monitor as well, I plugged it into that monitor and the displayport worked on it so I know my gpu and cable should be fine. Got my new monitor and plugged everything in, displayport went in and nothing happened. I plugged in hdmi and it worked. Why would my displayport not be working on a brand new monitor? I also have 3 different display port cables, one from my old monitor, one from my moms monitor and one I bought at best buy
  8. been trying to avoid bios updating but i guess im gonna have to do it sooner or later
  9. If by revision you mean bios version then sure Asus Prime X570-P Bios version 1005 from 8/2/2019
  10. Anything in here that you think might work? Apparently its a problem with the 3000 series chipset from AMD
  11. So I should DDU my graphics drivers then see if it persists? and what does the PCI Express Legacy Endpoint one mean?
  12. It happened around 11:09, in system it says last reboot was unexpected, thats when I had to forcefully shut off my pc to get back to normal
  13. How would I be able to check my PSU, i have an RTX 2070 Super, I only have one monitor for the time being but its usually 2, the only thing is, it never started doing this until i went to 1 monitor Also my PSU is an EVGA 750 Watt 80+ Gold power supply
  14. Ram seems to be perfectly fine
  15. Error checking is different from defragging right? Because I know defragging will kill an ssd
  16. I have a Samsung 860 Evo 1TB from like 2-3 years ago when i bought it new and I have 16gb 8x2 Corsair LPX 3600mhz
  17. Ok, is it memtest.org or memtest86.com
  18. Its due to ryzens stupid voltage. The stock/idle voltage is 1.45 volts which heats up the cpu pretty badly. You can change it in bios or ryzen master. I currently have my 3700x at 1.175v 4Ghz
  19. So the title doesnt do much description to my problem Not exactly sure when this started but id say maybe mid april. So to get down into the detail of when this happens and what happens, it goes like this. I will be watching youtube. It is either when firefox or discord is being used. Even though discord is open 24/7 i have only had it happen once when mainly focused on discord. 60% of the time I am able to recover from it but it takes about 2-3 minutes to do so. 40% of the time it will freeze my entire pc and black screen. It happened again maybe 5 minutes ago and during that time, it froze, black screened, then I was able to move my mouse around and all my corsair lights were moving as if everything was fine, I was not able to ctrl alt delete to get to task manager or anything. During the 60% of the time I will not black screen but it will freeze on whatever frame it is currently on in the YT video when in full screen. If you need a better description of what happens and when it happens please ask. I have things here that I have ruled out, and things that I have not. Ruled out: CPU Overclock GPU Overclock Faulty Ram (Memtest86 said its 100% fine) Faulty SSD (Error Checked it) Not Ruled out: Faulty Mobo Faulty GPU Faulty CPU Anything else that you might suggest. If I am to test with different components I have multiple old hardware that I know for a fact works fine My old CPU - 7600k, Mobo - H110M, Ram - 4GBx2 2400mhz I think Gskill ripjaws, GPU - GTX 1060 6GB, 275GB MX300 Crucial SSD
  20. So I kinda figured everything out, 4200mhz at 1.2 volts wasnt stable so i bumped it up to 1.25 but i think thats too much, could probably go lower, but at 1.25 max temp was 80c in R20, im chilling at 4000mhz at 1.175 volts which to my current experience is stable with ab 30-40 minutes on blender benchmark and Prime 95, max temp on blender benchmark and R20 was 70c flat, max temp with P95 was 85c. I'm using the stock 3700x cooler.
  21. So, I undervolted to 1.2 volts and OC to 4.2ghz and gained a lot of performance in Cinebench R20 atleast, i went into the LTT discord and asked a couple of questions about it and people are just telling me to not undervolt it and 1.2 volts cant be stable at 4.2ghz and wont be stable in the long run, blah blah blah keep it stock volts but oc manually, dont keep it at a static voltage it can cause damage to other components and none of this is making sense to me as undervolting should be saver than over volting. Can anyone else confirm or deny any of these claims?
  22. Are we thinking about the same video? Im pretty sure the one you are thinking of when he did it in the bios he deleted it because it was false, the one through the ryzen master was accurate, 1.1 volts or smth he got stock speeds with cooler temps
  23. So I've noticed the horrible voltage on the 3000 series as a whole and how my cpu idles at 1.45 volts and 65-75c, I want to undervolt it but not sure what to set it to. the 3700x turbos on all core load to 4250mhz, I know I have to go into the ryzen master program to undervolt it as the bios i broken for undervolting (i think) I don't know what voltage to set it to for 4200mhz though. I saw someone with a 3900x on youtube get his at 1 volt to 3.8-3.9ghz but dont know if its the same numbers for the 3700x as it is the 3900x So I got a stable Cinebench R20 render at 1.2 Volts 4200mhz and it lowered the temps at idle and gained 2c on render because stock at load is 1.16 volts 3800mhz. I was told in the LTT discord these things, can anyone prove them to be correct? the life span of your CPU is a couple decades, OCing reduces it by like 2-5 years - PhoenixFlower#0893 Yeah, that's not going to be stable @Khoomn - Elisis#9169 (Saying 4200mhz at 1.2 volts is unstable) Because even 4.2GHz isn't doable with 3700x on higher clocks - Elisis#9169 (Even though I just did R20 at 4200 1.2) i'm not sure 1.2 is okay though - PhoenixFlower#0893 It's fine as long as it doesn't run high voltages static - Elisis#9169 @Khoomn Be carefull on undervolting. PC have mechanisms which can make it stable like additional power to capacitors while changing states atc. And if you do it wrong you can cause death of other components or data corruption. Try to do overclocks via guides. - gimli.cz#7498 Just leave your voltages at auto, Your CPU can handle itself - Elisis#9169 (Only problem is, my cpu temps look like a heart rate monitor at idle, see pic below)