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    History, Politics, Geography
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    I love history and geography although many people think it is boring. Favorite eras to learn about: Early Crusades, Hundred Years War, Thirty Years War, Imperialism and Industrialization, World War 1 and maybe 2?, The Cold War.


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    Intel i5 4690k
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    MSI something idk
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    8Gb Corsair Vengeance
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    EVGA GTX 970
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    Deepcool tesseract
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    250GB SSD, 1TB HHD
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    EVGA something
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    Asus something
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    CM Storm
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    CM Storm
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    Windows 10
  1. I'm using the ASUS USB-BT400. It has always given me problems which I've never been able to pinpoint, but at least they were consistently problematic and relatively easy to solve. But now with the windows update they connect to my airpods according to the Bluetooth device control, but it won't indicate that its playing audio on the speaker icon on the bottom right, and nothing comes out of the air pods. I can't seem to find the problem and idk if the adapter just sucks or its a software issue. Im just so frustrated at this point. Idk anything about software. If it helps, how I originally got it to work is that I installed the drivers through the disk that came with the adapter. Of course, it didn't work... Then I downloaded the drivers online and idk how but after some genuine frustration and tinkering around I made it work. After realizing how quiet they sounded, I did more tinkering with advice online and nothing worked, but it magically worked one day, although I did notice that now I occasionally get green lines that flicker on screen especially when gaming (idk if its related or my GPU is just having problems). So in other words, I didnt set it up as cleanly as I could have and probably ruined something in the process. Im just so bad with software, I don't know whats going on anymore.
  2. Dvdtrk

    Trouble finding the optimal WiFi set up.

    Dont think I can do that, sorry. I need a strictly wireless system. So would you recommend the Netgear Orbi Mesh system for wireless?
  3. Hey guys. I have been struggling with the research for finding the optimal networking/wifi setup. Because I currently reside in an approximately 3600 square feet house, I need a good setup that can reach very far. The problem is that I have no idea what combination of components I should purchase. From what I can see, mesh network routers seem to have their own separate flaws depending on the company and it's hard to determine which one is the least bad. I also don't really know if it would be better to get a modem with a router (or a combination, however, I heard that it's better to keep them separate) and then get a wifi extender, or even just get rid of the concept of increasing the wifi range with another component and instead opt for the Motorola MG7700 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BRZ2KW5/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A1JCDPLP2335KA&psc=1 ) which supposedly already has a decently long range which would save some hassle and money. Money is not really a big issue, but I would prefer something within reason. So what components do any of you recommend? Thank you.
  4. Dvdtrk

    Thinking of a name for Youtube

    Oooo I like the second one
  5. Dvdtrk

    Thinking of a name for Youtube

    Well I mean, my style is kind of tech-y. Like the pfp I made for my channel looks like techy and futuristic I guess. Hard to explain what I mean.
  6. Dvdtrk

    Thinking of a name for Youtube

    Haha I wont be talking much, I plan on animating. But actually thats exactly what I was thinking, to use it as more of a brand name. And I kinda imagine the first pronunciation you said.
  7. Dvdtrk

    Thinking of a name for Youtube

    I was just thinking of a username for Youtube and some names popped in my head which I thought sounded kind of unique and cool. But being the anxious person I am, I am just concerned if it sounds like another name for like some business or maybe another famous Youtube channel (Which yes I could look up but still, it may not remind most people anyway). So I came up with the name "iovo" because its short and sweet and has a kind of "tech" feel to it which I want my Youtube channel theme to be. But I am concerned that it will remind people of "ovo" which is some dumb rapping thing and I dont know if an "i" changes much... but I mean, its up to you. And if you have a suggestion to change it slightly to sound better or come up with a different name which also has the same "theme" to it then feel free. Thanks
  8. Dvdtrk

    GTA 5 is laggy even with a good computer

    I already have nothing works
  9. I got a new computer with a EVGA GTX 970 and a Core i5 4690k @ 3.50GHz and 8gb of RAM. But despite having a very good GPU and a decent CPU, GTA 5 seems to run very poorly. My friend has a worse GPU than me but his GTA runs smoothly at 60+ Fps, but he has a better cpu (i7). Another friend has a worse CPU and GPU but his GTA still runs better than mine. Obviously something is not right and I don't think specs has to do with my problem. All my drivers are up to date as well. So what do I do to make it run faster without having to lower graphics? If you need to know any more specs or info feel free to ask. Thanks!
  10. Dvdtrk

    Windows 10 wont boot PLEASE HELP

    Oh lol ok I'll do that then. Thanks again!
  11. Dvdtrk

    Windows 10 wont boot PLEASE HELP

    Well I got geek squad to fix it today. Turns out it wasnt working because I put both cords (that connect to the monitor) in and I didn't know that I wasn't supossed to. So it works now lol. But thank you so much for trying to help! I really appreciate it! And sorry if I caused any trouble or wasted your time.
  12. Dvdtrk

    Windows 10 wont boot PLEASE HELP

    Doesn't work
  13. Dvdtrk

    Windows 10 wont boot PLEASE HELP

    Doesn't work
  14. Dvdtrk

    Windows 10 wont boot

    I built a new computer and downloaded Windows 10 64 bit through a disk drive. Everything went normally and I used windows 10 for a while. Then I tested to see if it would continue to work after I turned the computer off and back on. But now it won't start up. It loads but then just becomes a blank screen. I tried fixing it in the BIOS but nothing seems to come close to working. What do I do? For some reason i let the computer sleep. When I moved the mouse again to wake it up, windows actually started working. But obviously this is not what I want. I want it to start up immediately. So does it working after sleeping have to do with anything? How do I fix? Feel free to ask questions about specs for I am too lazy to list them out.