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  1. i fixed my issue, i changed my pump to the CPU fan header on my mobo and am getting 25 degrees idle on 4GHZ OC, thanks everyone for the assistance
  2. i have fealt my tubes of my AIO and feel no sort of movement or vibrations could it be my AIO pump is not working? under HW monitor it says all 4 of my fans are spinning.
  3. it is Celsius i checked that. just playing in a game of CSGO the max temp was 85C . yes the fans are working on my cooler
  4. i did apply new thermal paste as well and have replaced it twice already and yes it is idling at 800 mhz
  5. So today i installed my new cpu and mobo. i got a I5 6600k and a gigabyte Z170m-d3h. i have a corsair H60 AIO on my I5. for some reason at idle sitting at the windows desktop i am getting between 40-50 Degrees on each core. its at stock speed. help me plz
  6. IM trying to display multiple pictures down in a row on my website. on the left hand side beside my NAV. there is a big gap between my first and second picture and i have no idea how to get rid of it. any help is wonderful :)) Link to my code on the page: http://pastebin.com/NSZhfJbU Here is what my page looks like: http://prntscr.com/beytef
  7. would it be worth to upgrade to better AM3+ CPU ?
  8. what about for a budget, or a price to performance of CPUS that cost around the same as FX-6300?
  9. just wanted to know peoples opinions on the FX 6300. i currently use it and have it oc'ed 4.3GHZ and never hit 60 degrees C .
  10. tried that did nothing still same issue
  11. So when i open csgo video will freeze at the valve splash screen. i can here the main menu music and my mouse clicks when hovering over the top row of options. but i cant see aything because im stuck at the valve screen. any help is useful List of things i have tried doing to fix it: -Uninstalling and reinstalling -verifying game cache -using -novid to skip the intro (which makes it freeze at main menu) -have tried restarting pc -updating graphics drivers -using GeForce expierence to lower graphics quality
  12. I want an ssd to get rid of my 5 year old hard drive in my build. begining to get a little annoying waiting 7 minutes to boot windwos