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  1. VincentVolaju

    Best budget 144hz 1920x1080 monitor?

    Okay great, looks like this XG2402 is the one then. Thanks for all the info!
  2. VincentVolaju

    Best budget 144hz 1920x1080 monitor?

    Ohh I see, so then it won't effect me negatively in anyway, but if I end up with an AMD card in the future, I'll also have FreeSync available to me. Another question I had, I read something about you need more than 2 cables when connecting a monitor that's more than 60hz? With all old monitor I just had 1 power cable to the outlet, and 1 old HDMI cable from 5 years ago that I used to connect the monitor to my PC. Will this be enough for the XG2402, or will I need to do something differently with hooking it up to the PC since it's a 144hz monitor?
  3. VincentVolaju

    Best budget 144hz 1920x1080 monitor?

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I looked at ones you mentioned and seems like the XG2402 best fits my budget, although it's about $50 more than I'd like to spend, it seems like it would probably worth it to spend that, rather than get the ASUS or Acer ones. My question however is, this XG2402 says it's a "FreeSync" monitor, isn't that an AMD thing though? I have a GTX 1070 card, would I have any issues with an AMD monitor? Thanks for the response!
  4. VincentVolaju

    Best budget 144hz 1920x1080 monitor?

    So my 5 year old $150 60hz 1920x1080 monitor died the other day. Figured I'd finally give in and try one of these 144hz monitor's I hear people saying are amazing. I went to a couple sites to check some pricing and I can def. tell you I'm not looking for a g-sync monitor since they are all like $400+. I was thinking of getting the Asus VG248QE or the Acer GN246HL since they're some of the ones I saw around my price range (about $200ish). However, I did a quick google search for some reviews and found quite a few posts saying these are trash monitors and not worth buying. Since I certainly can't afford those really expensive monitors, and apparently the ones I was looking at are no good, what other options do I have? What is the recommended / best 144hz 1920x1080 monitor for just normal PC gaming (Tarkov, PUBG, RR, MMOs etc.) What would some of you guys suggest? Thanks!
  5. VincentVolaju

    Just got my 1070, are these #s right? Also problem w/ FO4

    It's an i7 4770k, that I have at 4.2ghz on 1.20v. I actually found out the problem with FO4. Apparently the game engine itself is tied to the FPS you run out. So when I have 120fps I am literally moving and interacting at 2x the normal speed of the game. I don't understand why the hell they would do that, it only hurts people who take v-sync off, but yeah that is totally the issue. Higher FPS = faster animations in game. I downloaded a program called Nvidia Inspector to limit the FPS to not go passed 60, while still removing V-Sync / input lag from it. It sucks that I can't play FO4 at higher then 60fps, but I guess at the same time at least I can max the graphics settings out and still be at 60. Edit: Also the reason why I thought there might be a problem with the card or that it may not be preforming the way I thought it might is because when I ran FO4 originally it said it couldn't recognize my card. But I'll download that DDU tool and do a fresh driver install just to be sure.
  6. VincentVolaju

    Just got my 1070, are these #s right? Also problem w/ FO4

    Haven't found any videos that compare a GTX 760 to a GTX 1070, would appreciate a link to the video if you guys know of one. Also half the post was about the problem I am having with Fallout 4, not recognizing the card and then weird animations or voices in game running a 2-3x the speed they should. Read the second half of my post and then if you have anything else to add to the topic Id appreciate it.
  7. Originally I had a MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr that I've had for 3 years and it's worked fine for me, so I decided to buy the new MSI 1070 Gaming to replace it. I just got it this morning and just finished putting it in and installing the driver / gaming app from CD. Then checking GeForce Experience for latest driver update and installing that as well. I wanted to do a before / after FPS test on a couple games so last night I started up Fallout 4 and on max settings in the first town area I was getting 40 fps. I also maxed out Ark to everything on Ultra/Epic and was getting 15-20fps. I installed the new 1070 and hopped into Ark. On the same character in the same area I was getting 40-50fps. Then I started up Fallout 4 and in that same first town area when the bombing was going on, I was over 120fps. So like a 2-3x increase in performance on both games, does that sound about right going from a GTX 760 to a GTX 1070? I had the card set to "gaming mode" in the app, I haven't tried to do any kind of manual overclocking because honestly I don't know much about it and don't wanna screw things up. I was running GPUZ while doing testing the FPS and set some of the sensors for Show Max. I only ran each game for a couple minutes or so just to get a quick idea. But in GPU-Z it said these were my max settings. GPU Core Clock - 1911 mhz GPU Mem Clock - 2003 mhz GPU Temp - 70.0c Fan Speed - 49% Originally the card was making no noise, but I suppose when it got hotter and reached 70 degrees the fans sped up and I could definitely hear them spinning when they got to 49% fan speed. Of course this isn't very in depth testing, but just wondering what you guys think? Does this all look normal to you guys when going from a 760 to a 1070? Also I forgot to mention, when I first tried running Fallout 4 with the 1070 it tried to auto detect my hardware and said something like it wasn't identified or found and auto set my graphics to Low Settings. I then changed the graphics myself to Ultra and took off Godrays and ran the game, just ignoring that message. Any idea why I would have gotten that? Finally, there was some weird problem I was having when playing Fallout 4, I noticed some of the animations and voice things would be sped up. For example the main character and his wife might talk over each other, like it wasn't synced up well. Also when the dude comes to the door to check your stats / points. The pipboy animations for each stat like Lifting weights, reading the book, balancing on a bottle etc. they were all moving at like 2-3x the speed they should have been. And when the news anchor came on talking about the bombs/nukes, he would start his next sentence before finishing the first. So there was definitely this weird sped up thing going on. Any ideas why/what this is? Would appreciate any / all opinions, advice, suggestions or just your 2 cents, thanks!!!
  8. VincentVolaju

    Which 1070

    Well shit, I just bit the bullet and bought a MSI GTX 1070. I've had a MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr for nearly 3 years now and never had any problems with it. Hoping I have the same luck with this one, as opposed to some of the things people are saying about the current MSI 1070s lol. I care a lot about the card being quite and running cool, that's why I got a MSI 760 a few years ago, I figured it would be the same quality with the 1070. Edit: This card specifically http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127955
  9. VincentVolaju

    1070 MSI Available !!!

    I thought that with these new cards and GPU Boost 3.0, that it automatically OCed the card once you start running a game or something? I was under the impression that there wasn't any kind of manual OCing needed, that you just installed the card, DLed the drivers, and then when playing a demanding game the card automatically started to OC itself until it hit a certain temp or something? If that's true, then what is the point of getting a card at any certain clock speed, if as soon as you get in a game the clock speed changes any to the max possible?
  10. VincentVolaju

    1070 MSI Available !!!

    Whats the difference between the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming and MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X? I see a 20$ price difference, but whats that for?
  11. In a couple weeks I am planning on getting a new graphics card. Currently still using my MSI Twin Frozr GTX 760 and since I've had no problems with it I'll most likely get another MSI Twin Frozr card. I am just unsure of which would be better for me. I don't any kind of crazy setup like 4k monitor or multiple monitors. I do just normal 1080p gaming on a average asus monitor. I do however play a lot of heavy modded games like Skyrim / Fallout etc. where I've heard the gtx 1080 preforms much better in than the 1070. Also I am looking to max out (graphically) every game I play over the next couple years and play with a minimum of 60-70+ FPS. On games that I am currently playing, if I don't get 60+ FPS, then I have to tune down the graphics until I reach the wanted FPS. So I am looking for the card that will allow me to keep 60-70+ FPS, while also letting me play everything maxed out / higher quality texture mods etc. Just looking to hear some opinions on which card you guys think would be better for me? PS: As for the price comparison well I was planning on spending 400$ or so on a new card, which fits the 1070 price. However if the suggestions / difference between the cards are big enough then I wouldn't be against spend a couple hundred more to get the 1080, assuming it would be worth the extra $.
  12. So I've seen some reviews/benchmarks on youtube where the owner will say like "I OCed my card to 1900mhz-2000mhz and got these results" etc. etc. However I've also seen videos where the owners say there is no need to OC with the new 10 series cards because GPU Boost gets to NEARLY the best OC you could do manually (within 5-10%). If that's the case, then why bother manually OCing, other then just wanting to squeeze every last mhz out of it or for a hobby? Or is that even true? I'm a bit confused about OCing a graphics card as it is. I have a MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr, where the extent of me OCing is was just click 1 of 3 buttons "Silent Mode, Gaming Mode or OC Mode". I plan to get a non-reference GTX 1070 when they are available, probably an MSI or Asus one... but I don't really understand much about OCing them or even the need to do it if GPU Boost 3.0 does it for you? I also don't really understand how GPU Boost 3.0 even works? It says it does it automatically, but does that mean I have to choose to allow it to OC automatically or will it just do it on its own as soon as I plug it in? Also what is the difference between GPU Boost 2.0 and 3.0? Was wondering if some of you OC experts could explain some of these differences to me?
  13. VincentVolaju

    From 760 to 970/1070. What kind of difference will I see?

    @Djole123Sorry should have mentioned that it's an i7 4770k. Seems like everyone is pretty much saying just wait for the month for the 1070, which sounds like the best idea if the performance between 970 and 1070 is as much as people believe it will be. Is there any info about if the after market coolers will be available next month as well? I usually prefer my graphics card to be silent, that's why I went with the MSI Twin Frozr at the time. I'd prefer not to get a stock 1070, but I suppose it could be many months until Asus, MSI and others put their own versions of the card out?
  14. So a few years ago I decided to build my own computer for the first time, a lot of the information about the parts I was considering I got from many of you. When I built the computer I got a MSI GTX 760, the ones with Twin Frozr cooler because it seemed to be the best fit for me at the time. However many of the games I've wanted to play the last few months (Fallout 4, Ark Survival, Division etc.) are much more demanding than what I was playing a couple years ago. Ark for example I have to run with "Extremely low memory" option, and turn all the graphic options to as low as possible for me to get above 50-60fps in single player. So recently I've been considering getting a GTX 970, until just yesterday I saw that the 1070 and 1080s would be released in a month. So now I am a bit unsure about which would be the best bet for me. Go a head and get a 970 now, or just wait a month and get 1070. I only game with 1 monitor at 1080p, and I don't do any kind of video editing or things like that. So I was wondering if there would be much of a noticeable FPS difference in games between the 970 and 1070 for single monitor 1080p gaming?
  15. VincentVolaju

    Considering a gaming laptop for work holiday, bad idea?

    Yeah I think I am get a laptop its going to be this ASUS ROG G751. Though I don't think I could go all the way up to 980m thats a bit too expensive, like over 2k lol. Ill probably end up getting the 970m with a 256gb SSD in it, which is going to be around 1850$. Without the SSD though its only 1500$, I didnt know SSD for laptop was so expensive! I can't imagine using a computer anymore without an SSD though, so it is kind of a necessity now lol. Hopfully the 970m isnt too much worse then the 980m.