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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Real_PhillBert in Officers shot at BLM rally in Dallas   
    You're so close!! Lets go just a couple of steps farther down that road.
    Why are there proportionally high levels of violence by police against minorities, primarily the black community? My answer is simple, because the black community is responsible for a disproportionately large segment of violent crime. Despite being only ~12.2% of the US population (Source) they are responsible for between 30% and 55% of violent crime (Source). Now, this leads to the next obvious question;
    Why is the black community committing more crimes than others? Before you string me out for being a racist, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS SIMPLY MORE PRONE TO VIOLENCE. Now that we have that out of the way, what could the reason possibly be? Very simple, they don't make as much money. (Source) Any time there is more poverty, there is more crime. On to the next question;
    So the American economy is racist? Not quite. Obviously the more education you have, the higher your earning potential, (Source) and the black community has some of the poorest levels of education. (Source) Blacks score consistently among the lowest in literacy rates in the US. 
    So there you have it, the US does not have a racist cop problem; it has an education problem. 
    Solve the problem, dont simply cover it up. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Ryan_Vickers in The New Dangers of USB Peripherals   
    So basically this is like having a virus on a flash drive combined with auto play, except that Windows sees it as a perihperal and some how it is able to inject or execute code as a result.  I find this hard to believe, but if it is true, it's a vulnerability in Windows I would expect it to be patched soon.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to typographie in Neighbor Trys to Shoot Down My Phantom 4!   
    Yeah exactly. Firing a weapon in a home defense scenario is one thing, but no one's life is danger here. If anything they're creating a danger with stray bullets or crashing drones.
    Ouch, stereotypes! 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Belgarathian in Blocked from uploading to YouTube from the ISP   
    What technology handicapped, third world country are you from?
    We've already ruled out America. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Trik'Stari in UPDATE: Microsoft Lied - Shocker Every future game published by Microsoft Studios will come to PC (WIN 10)   
    They can't handle the idea that they bought the wrong fucking product, and as a result they have to ruin the industry to justify their poor, lazy purchasing decision.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to ShadowCaptain in UPDATE: Microsoft Lied - Shocker Every future game published by Microsoft Studios will come to PC (WIN 10)   
    they fucking said it! and its technically possible,so of course we expected that it was the case
    Why should we not expect such things from one of the worlds richest companies, they can do what they they want, so if they say something we expect them to follow it up
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to iiNNeX in Future of Radeon   
    Allowed nvidia to get ahead ? HA!
    Bunch of lies and fake promises as usual AMD. The only reason you are in the low end market is because you can't beat anything up market.
    And before anyone quotes me defending AMD, I don't care I've been there and done that (crossfire 4890s even!). It is a brand long dead to me.
    Now can the classified 1080s come out already -.-
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Prysin in Future of Radeon   
    fun fact:
    When you buy the R9 295x2 it comes with yellow warning stickers covering the 8-pins, telling you to read the user manual regarding power draw.
    If you cannot be arsed to read the warning stickers and warning letters. you are so dumb you fucking deserve having the PSU blow up.
    Its similar to buying a car and not bothering to check if it is diesel or gasoline. Then just fuel it up with whatever.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to theninja35 in Tesla driver gets killed with AutoPilot active   
    I'm okay with that. I'd rather drive the car than have it drive me.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Cracklingice in Tesla driver gets killed with AutoPilot active   
    Until the Government assures me that self driving won't be outlawed or made cost prohibitive as a result - let the idea burn.
    Also that the cars won't personally identify you, lock you in the car and drive you straight to the police station any time they want you there.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Bouzoo in Blizzard messed-up big time with Overwatch's Competitive Mode   
    Game was released on 24th May but users had to wait months. Beta should not be counted.  
    People should not expect the Competitive Mode to work flawlessly from day 1. There will always be something that will be unbalanced. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to courtiousdoge in Looking for a person who can make me a csgo roulette site.   
    2.5k followers isnt that much
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Kyle Billheimer in Louis Rossman is not as screwed as people speculated   
    Not so fast guys... This video is a trick! it's using an impostor Louis to make you THINK he is okay!
    Look at this comment he posted in response to someone else:

    "I can't sleep more than a few hours at a time. If I get home at 7(which never happens) and fall asleep at 9 I wake up at 11:30. If i go to sleep at 11 I wake up at 2 AM, and can't fall back asleep. I wind up being tired but shit I can do about it without taking stupid amounts of drugs that, as with most drugs, are 1000x worse than whatever they seek to make better. It's actually how I wound up getting good at this as a job, I couldn't sleep so I took out a multimeter and an iron and started poking around."

    Wait a minute.. look at the schedule he gave us... 7, 9, 11:30, 11, 2. If you go to the respective time frames in the video (7mins, 9mins, 11:30, 11mins, 2mins), then you get a few sentences. How could these sentences be important you say? Well.. take a look at this.
    7 So sick and tired of dealing with other people's bullcrap
    9 I want to believe it, some part of my just can't get to that point
    11:30 Available to the people who can make genuine use out of it
    11 Rights to repair for about a year now
    2 In detail with it - that I gave you the idea, that I am getting sued.
    Look at the first letters of each one of these sentences. What does it spell? SIARI. What is Siari? Well, a quick Google search shows that SIARI is the religion of an alien race in Mass Effect. Alien starts with an "A", remember that. Their religion's name, SIARI, translates into "All is one". When you Google All is One, and click on images.. what is the first thing you see? a suggestion under the search bar for "Symbol". And what is the first image there? A tree.... Remember how "Alien" starts with an "A"? What else has to do with Trees, and starts with an "A"? Apples.
    Coincidence? Wake up guys. Apple lawsuit confirmed.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Curufinwe_wins in Spotify Consciously Violated Apple's Developer Guidelines   
    Uhh no. The rules here are a direct result of APPLE being a complete asshat and trying to skim directly from any and all spotify subscriptions. Which is complete bullshit.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to JamGorby in About Dennis' English...   
    Why do you care? What a stupid post. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to dalekphalm in About Dennis' English...   
    Have you ever tried to learn a new language?
    Now, have you ever tried to learn a new language once you're in your 20's?
    The short of it is this:
    When humans are young, our brains are fucking insanely awesome. Our learning capacity is at an all time high, and has high elasticity. We are able to learn new languages very easily, and given a young enough age, are able to even adopt a mostly local accent.
    When humans end puberty and hit their 20's, their ability to learn a new language is significantly diminished. It's not impossible by any stretch. But even when they can, it's difficult to learn the local accent.
    Dennis probably didn't start learning English until he was a teenager or possibly even in College. He likely didn't have regular lessons in English his entire life.
    The whole reason Dennis got hired is this:
    1. He went to College with some of the staff (Not sure who, Brandon and Edzel I think? Possibly Nick V, not 100%) so they knew him very well before even considering him as a staff member.
    2. He's Taiwanese, and therefore knows Mandarin - also known as Chinese (one of variants). Part of his role is to integrate LMG content into the Chinese market. They have a VOD platform that is very popular in China that Dennis translates the videos and uploads them.
    3. He's apparently actually quite good at his job in general.
    He's surrounded by native English speaking people on a daily basis, all day, every day. His English will get better, but it's a slow process. There's not much else that LMG can do for his English - even paying for English lessons likely wouldn't speed up the process much, since he's already speaking English every single day.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to TheRandomness in Profanity Filter   
    I don't give a fucking shit about swearing.
  19. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Khvarrioiren in Polish magazines RX480 benchmarks leaked - performance under 970   
    A 25% difference is "within margin of error"? I'd hate to fly a plane engineered by you.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Sakkura in Polish magazines RX480 benchmarks leaked - performance under 970   
    50 FPS vs. 40 FPS is a big difference. Using percentages does not make it look bigger than it is, it makes it look exactly how big it actually is, better than an FPS difference ever could. A 10 FPS difference is a big deal at 50 vs. 40 but wouldn't really matter for 120 vs. 130 FPS.
    And it's not within the margin of error when the other game shows a 36% performance gain. So stop being such an intolerable fanboy.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to aisle9 in Asrock releases Hyper-OC boards for non-K Skylake   
    Because I'm expected to overclock a K. Nobody expects a 4.2GHz i3!
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to DXMember in G2A Offers Royalties To Developers   
    from a jail cell... and then the video narrator proceeds to say that the worst thing to happen to him is probably get a ban on G2A and his G2A wallet emptied ?!?!?!?!
    c'mon that's absurd, I don't think it's real...
    either way neither the retailer nor the developer should suffer from credit card transaction charge backs because they do not have any means to validate the transaction other than trust relationship with the bank
    if the keys get stolen in any other way - like for example a release to public by a rouge employee, a security breach
    then the developer should eat the loss
    if any of the same happens on the side of publisher, distributer or retailer, then the developer should persuade those parties for a compensation instead
    G2A is the easy target to go after, but it's not the right one
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to aisle9 in 1070 SEA HAWK?   
    It was about to cross the goal line, but MSI decided to pass instead of running it in.
    Coming soon: Patriot's first GPU.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to AresKrieger in Valve being sued over CS:GO Gambling.   
    " I feel like this will be a huge step forward for getting rid of online gambling. " Hardly humans like to gamble and there are lot of them who frequent the internet, hence online gambling shall remain a thing and frankly I see no issue with it.
  25. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to christianled59 in Valve being sued over CS:GO Gambling.   
    If you watch the video, at about 35 seconds, he has hentai porn open in another tab.