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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to AresKrieger in My Roommate is annoying so I need help   
    Fuck him, so long as you aren't typing while he's trying to sleep I see no issue
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  3. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Fetzie in The BBC is going to intercept WiFi traffic to find people watching iPlayer without paying the license fee   
    So this is why they banned leaded paint. Not to protect the children, but to make sure the BBC can check up on the non-payers
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  5. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to The Benjamins in V-Moda being bought by Roland   
    they are not meant to be flat, they are not marketed as monitors but high quality everyday headphones. they are built tougher then any other headphones I know of.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to vorticalbox in Oculus Rift teardown shows bill of materials and manufacturing just slightly over 200$   
    if you ignore Research and development costs and the cost of manufacturing sure. Huge profit.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to TetraSky in Linus is wrong - again   
    Wait, you think Linus is a professional? I am so, so sorry...
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to RuLeZ in Phone radiation cause cancer?   
    I call it BS, the spectrum that the phone emits its way below the ionization level. Its even way less energetic than visible light, and I dont see people saying that visible light cause cancer. People are just getting crazy these days, vaccination causes autism, the crystals gives you energy... Its like the middle ages are back.

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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to VerticalDiscussions in Microsoft officially acknowledges request for Pokemon Go on Windows 10   
    But it still wont be enough to make Windows 10 Mobile ressurrect from its grave...
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to CommandMan7 in Microsoft officially acknowledges request for Pokemon Go on Windows 10   
    It's been shown again and again, Microsoft is really bad at brute-forcing themselves into markets they shouldn't be in.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to suicidalfranco in Microsoft officially acknowledges request for Pokemon Go on Windows 10   
    Cause google does't want it's stuff on WP
    Funny that that is coming from someone who supports UWP
  12. Like
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to That Norwegian Guy in Microsoft officially acknowledges request for Pokemon Go on Windows 10   
    Saw you on another thread claiming "not to use facebook"
    I bet you don't vape either! And you don't go out on snowy days because there's only room for one snowflake!
    (The Facebook one was valid though I'll give you that)
  13. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to LAwLz in Microsoft officially acknowledges request for Pokemon Go on Windows 10   
    It's the same issue GNU/Linux have had on the desktop for years now, and Windows users (including me) has always thrown shit at them for it. Doesn't feel so nice when you are on the receiving end now does it? If GNU/Linux is any indication, the app problem won't be solved. At least the Linux kernel was adaptable and could be used for Android and other applications. Can't say the same for Windows sadly.
    I am actually glad that it is happening. Microsoft is finally getting a taste of their own medicine. Maybe now in the future they will think twice before using flat out illegal methods to kill their competitors.
    By the way, if you followed Microsoft's YouTube app development you kind of understand why Google are not that pleased with them. Microsoft had their chance and they abused it (by implementing features like ripping videos from the site and ad blocking).
    Watching Microsoft get bullied by Google is like watching the kid who used to bully you all throughout elementary school and middle school finally get beat up by a bigger guy in high school. It's something quite poetic about it. It's like karma finally caught up with them.
    Exact same thing can be said about all the Windows programs people use. The biggest example would be the Office suite on GNU/Linux.
    Karma is a bitch.
    If Microsoft wants more apps then they have to make the OS appealing enough to make people chance over to it. Google is willing to ignore the Windows Phone marketshare because it is so pathetically small, just like Microsoft is willing to ignore the GNU/Linux marketshare. Make it big enough to not be ignored is the only way. It is most definitely a chicken and egg problem, but it's only that way because Microsoft did (and still is doing) a horrible job with Windows phone. I still don't think they seem serious about it. They don't even have a current-gen device out. You can't half-ass your way to a significant marketshare when there are two huge players already competing in it. You have to be 2 steps ahead of your competitors at all time to win. Right now Microsoft is consistently 2 steps behind (hence their shrinking marketshare).
  14. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to suicidalfranco in Microsoft officially acknowledges request for Pokemon Go on Windows 10   
    see, if it were someone else other than MS on the receiving end of google's wrath, i'd care. But it's MS, so no fucks given. And as a consumer, not having google services on WP is a no problem, just means that next i have to pick a phone i'll avoid WP (which i did, went from a iPhone 4 to a Lumia 920 out of curiosity, saw crap, got the Note 2 the year after. And the rest is history). And frankly MS shouldn't complain (holding DX12 hostage to W10, holding Xbox games hostage to W10 and Windows marketplace, still no Office suit to Linux, no Visual Studio for OSX or Linux etc etc... aren't those anti consumer too? Why don't you call MS out for that too? shouldn't they be ashamed of themselves for the way they treat W7, W8, W8,1, OSX, Linux users, and the fact that they are taking every possible step to block their stuff from working on W7, W8, W8,1, OSX, Linux?)
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to JoeyDM in Teen hit by car playing pokemon go. Parent Blames the game   
    Guys... Her being dumb and not paying attention doesn't mean you should bash her. She probably knows better than any of us how fucking stupid it was. 
    Seriously, I'm getting sick of all the "hurr durr Darwin" stuff. People need to pay more attention, we get it already. That doesn't make them literally fucking retarded or mean that they deserve to get hurt. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Tom Hanks in Any other Apathetic gamers here?   
    I think you are going into games expecting something, your expectations are what are derailing your entertainment.
  17. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to manikyath in Any other Apathetic gamers here?   
    wait, cs:go has abusive microtransactions?
  18. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Aytex in I made somthing. Well sorta..   
    I mean if they didn't sell it for $100 then maybe lol
  19. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to GreezyJeezy in I made somthing. Well sorta..   
    probably VR porn
  20. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Belgarathian in Am I going to break it?   
    That photo makes me cringe.... 
  21. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Master Disaster in Can I turn on my pc right now?   
    It's simple physics I'm afraid, as long as you don't exceed the max safe temp for extended periods you will do no damage at all and suggesting otherwise shows a real lack of understanding on your part. 
    Like I said, you shouldn't do it but if you do its really not the end of the world, booting a PC with no HSF to check for a post beep isn't going to do any damage at all. The CPU barely has time to get warm. 
  22. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Misanthrope in LTT fks over Vessel-subs   
    Oh boo hoo, all 10 of you who pay for Vessel.
  23. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Misanthrope in LTT fks over Vessel-subs   
    So you're saying youre putting more money towards LMG, but then proceed to demand something for your money. So I guess is not a good faith help despite your holier-than-thou initial stance and closing statement and they must be hold accountable to what they promised?
    Pick a side Senator.
  24. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Tech_Dreamer in GOP platform labeling pornography as a public health crisis   
    oh come on, it's porn that makes fat kid do some exercise at home when no one is around 
  25. Like
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Master Disaster in GOP platform labeling pornography as a public health crisis   
    Hoping this is a troll but if not then Holy smokes batman! 
    While I do agree that Clinton certainly isn't the answer to Americas problems, Donald Trump is by far the worst thing possible for America. The guy is a buffoon, nothing short of a laughing stock and if elected he will incite racial tension (something I'm fairly sure you'd be happy about) amongst the white population to a point where the current racial tensions will look like a schoolyard fight in comparison. 
    Im sorry but anyone seriously saying that Islam is not a religion is obviously a racist. I'm not even getting into a discussion over race or religion with you because imo your just as radical as the people blowing themselves up in the name of Allah. 
    Just know 2 things... 
    1) No one is going to retort your post because it's incredibly obvious just how radical your views are, in fact I'm pretty sure @LinusTech @Slick  @GoodBytes or  @Ryan_Vickers might want to doctor your post in order to sensor the racial incitement it contains, especially given the current situation in the states surrounding racial tension. 
    2) Have you ever heard the phrase "don't argue with idiots or crazy people because the only outcome is you will get dragged down to their level".