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  1. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Remixt in Should i buy rx480 or gtx 1060 for gaming?   
    Neither. Wait for ps4 pro and buy that, easily the smartest and best move to make this year. 
  2. Like
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Shakaza in Define your greatest memories/moments within video games.   
    In a lot of games, only a few scenes really stand out from the crowd and really wow me, but UNDERTALE, the whole way through, kept up the waves of powerful emotion, even in the subtle undertones. I know a lot of people won't agree with me about my stupendously high praise of UNDERTALE, but, hey, that's what opinions are for!
  3. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to AdamBGames in Samsung thinking about 3.5 jack   
    Why...Just why, it could be a selling point for the next samsung phones
  4. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Uzukami in Samsung thinking about 3.5 jack   
    Am I the only one who thinks one port on a phone isn't a big deal?
    Just be smart and manage your battery life better, what sort of a madman plays intensive games and charges the phone at the same time that imo is a very bad thing for the battery.
    The outrage at the MacBook 1 port thing was justified but this is just a massive overreaction from people who would never buy an iOS device anyway.
  5. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Ramamataz in Youtube is censoring Youtubers.   
    In the latest news. Youtube has changed their TOS and attacking all content creators all around. Apparently Youtube is preventing Monetization for many youtubers, including MrRepzion, Philip DeFranco which they have said is basically a form of censorship.
    Apparently many of the videos that are getting "censored" due to the following rules that youtube has created shown in this twitter post. A.K.A "Advertiser friendly "
    Many people including Philip DeFranco, thought this was a mistake however when his network manager called Youtube apparently it wasn't.
    This is a shitty ass attempt at censorship, what is the point? How is Philip DeFranco suppose to talk about the news? Sugar coat them? No there is a reason why he talks the way he talks, he gives the entire new story and talks about them.  Youtube this is completely ABSURD. What are you thinking!? Your censoring nearly 99% of Youtubers, because I know everyone uses swear words, Pewdiepie probably isn't going to be affected in anyway, cause why? He's the top dog of Youtube. 
    Youtube has proceeded to shoot itself in the foot, am pretty sure most fans are going to blow this shit up and force youtube to change, cause you know what? That's the only way big companies will submit, if enough noise is created they know clearly they fucked up, really bad and be forced to revert back to the old terms, cause this is non-sense, so basically Youtube is trying to be super politically correct, and it's going to backfire heavily. Youtube is a place where people can post any types of videos ( OKAY MAYBE NOT PORN, KILLING PETS OR ANIMALS ON PURPOSE !  and other crazy shit)
    Youtube mate you don fudged up, I hope your prepared for the aftermath of this. 
  6. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Energycore in Youtube is censoring Youtubers.   
    That would not be bad
  7. Like
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Deletist_Jerk in when a GTX1060 is not a GTX1060 - the VRAM problem   
    It's like people are trying to say we can no longer play games with GTX 780.
    That's just not true, and ignorant. 
  8. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to TheRandomness in [Leak] iPhone 7/7+/7 Pro via GoldGenie   
    No headphone jack. Apple just had a very severe case of shit to the brain when designing this. Hopefully disproved. 
  9. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Misanthrope in [Leak] iPhone 7/7+/7 Pro via GoldGenie   
    Ah yes another Apple product. Another round of everybody getting saltier than the fucking dead sea about the fact that they are and will continue to be, the most profitable fucking hardware company there is.
    People are idiots. Apple has perfected the art of selling crap to idiots. None of you are their fucking target audience either go out of this echo chamber or stop it already.
  10. Like
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to skyler_mertz in [Leak] iPhone 7/7+/7 Pro via GoldGenie   
    16gb? You mean 11.5GB? 
  11. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to jaggysnake57 in [Leak] iPhone 7/7+/7 Pro via GoldGenie   
    lol forced onto to unwanted services. cloud storage is never unwanted. its saved my ass a few times. just buy the bigger phone size.
  12. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Misanthrope in Xbox Onesie - Perfect for being comfortable and playing games   
    Pro tip: Even if it goes with your product's brand, don't market white clothing to nerds: the one demography socially inept enough to be infamous for poor hygiene: this is a massive stain waiting to happen. And yes even those kind of stains....
  13. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Majestic in nVidia has a GTX1060 with only 3GB of VRAM, but that's not all   
    Uses =/= requires.
    I have seen 2GB cards tank, I'm not arguing against that. But the shift to 3GB being too low is not emperically proven, atleast not to my knowledge.
  14. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Trik'Stari in Police chiefs want means to get passwords (Canada)   
    Ahh, as always the government thinks privacy = criminal behavior.
    If I were Canadian, I'd not only stand up against this law before it gets passed, I would absolutely refuse to comply. Deal with the jail time, the more of you that absolutely refuse to comply, the worse off they look.
    Remember, a law is not a law if the public refuse to abide by it. The politicians only choice then is to repeal. It's called civil disobedience, and it works.
  15. Funny
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to HKZeroFive in NEW! Metal Gear Survival   
    Last time I checked, 3.2 million doesn't equal 32 million.
  16. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Teddy07 in My Roommate is annoying so I need help   
    wow you want to waste some serious money because your roomate complains?
  17. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to intelCore in Autodetect for the spam chinese univeristy   
    First of all I am from austria and not australia. Second we are not talking about a public language in a certain area but an international forum with a worldwide audience. If everyone just started using their own language good luck helping anyone. This is not a country and this has nothing to do with racial profiling as language has nothing to do with race.
    How is it that as soon as you set a requirement to use something or go to a specific country it is racist? Canada must be really racist then towards all the people trying to migrate and do not speak the countries language.
    You need a driving license to drive a car is that racist too towards those that have no driving license?
  18. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Misanthrope in Quantum Break Officially coming to Steam   
    Is it really coming or is it a "coming" in the sense that Ubi sells games on steam that fucking force you to install and use Uplay anyway?
  19. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to SSL in Oops - Microsoft opens Secure Boot by mistake, showing everyone why master keys are a bad idea.   
    No worries, the NSA probably had it already.
  20. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to leelaa14 in AMD Zen ES leaked benchmarks: performance similar to a Core i5 4670K?!?!   
    Ashes of the singularity is AMD's marketing tool to con people into thinking there products are better than they are.
  21. Like
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to leelaa14 in AMD Zen ES leaked benchmarks: performance similar to a Core i5 4670K?!?!   
    Nope, I'm not. But any time AMD advertise there products lately, they use ashes, solely. The performance that you see them advertising on this game doesn't translate well to other games. Just saying what I see.
    No need to be a bell end about it.
  22. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to handymanshandle in States win right to ban municipal broadband   
    Tennessee, huh. That means Alabama isn't far from getting this passed, and if that happens, fuck me.
  23. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Camisto in The ‘alien megastructure’ star continues to defy explanation   
    What if its a massive interstellar creature consuming a star for sustenance.
  24. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Ionosphere in I wonder how Linus felt about the internet censorship in China during his trip to Beijing for the ZTE Axon 7 launch   
    As you can see early in the video, Linus tries to type maps.google.ca , only to find that China has blocked google.ca (But apparently they don't like to make their users think that some sites are blocked in China, it just shows a "The connection was reset" page), and I am just curious on how Linus felt about this.
    I would hate this. China is on my list of 10 places I don't want to live.
  25. Agree
    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Enderman in Upgrading my haswell setup   
    You don't need to waste money like that.
    Haswell is not even old yet.