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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Samvmp in For a lack of a better name... The "How the hell did this even fit" build   
    You Sir are a Time Lord, as that thing must be bigger on the inside for all that to fit in there.
    That is a bad ass computer!
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    Dark_Fuzzy got a reaction from Bl00dgod in Experiences with non-techies   
    It's always funny how people will just jump to stupid conclusions when it comes to tech. Like when something happens instead of researching or asking they just come up with the worst possible theory they can and then get mad when people try to explain things to them.
    Funniest thing i ever heard of is a friend who sent his pc back to the company he bought it from just to install an ssd and reinstall windows. They charged him $500 and didn't even reinstall the drivers.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to chriss2534 in Experiences with non-techies   
    1.whenever my brother can't load a YouTube video on his iPhone from the basement in 10 seconds then he comes pounding up the stairs and demands that I stop doing what ever I'm doing because whatever youtuber that's playing gtav is more important than my video chat about school work or project the worst part is my parents usually agree with him and force me to leave my important work in that instant. His excuse he uses to get them on his side is "he's taking up all the wifi" or "you can do it later" which is usually not true and my personal favorite " his computer is more important to the wifi box"
    2. My brother also believes that the better the graphics are the more internet the computer uses because the server sends images to the computer even if the game is offline.
    3. My dad who that the reason that his 11 year old laptop runs so slow is " you guy's loaded so many games on this it clogs it up" but it's not the fact that we only actually downloaded 4 games (which is irrelevant) or the fact they refuse to log out and only switch user ( which literally goes on for two years before I fix it) or that he never let's me clean it for him even though I have offered any times
    At least one of these things happens daily
    None of them believe me when I correct them pls help