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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to huilun02 in This is LG's G6   
    Nice design but farkkk no sd card or replacable battery. LG lost its unique selling feature
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Enderman in WARNING Do Not Buy From NCIX Outlet Store (or maybe at all?)   
    How do you know that this was the official NCIX and not some random ebay seller with NCIX in his name?
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Megah3rtz in WARNING Do Not Buy From NCIX Outlet Store (or maybe at all?)   
    I don't see what the problem is, you got your refund. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Misanthrope in What are the chances of minimum wage being lowered or removed in the next 70 years?   
    Because of their extensive social programs: free healthcare free education, plenty of benefits. Minimum wage is not needed it's superceded by the safety net of a socialist democracy. 
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to revsilverspine in Ajit Pai to take over FCC   
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Ion4545 in Obama taking actions against Russia for "Election Hacking"   
    I doubt they tampered with the election I think it's just a bunch of liberals still whining about how trump won and are still trying to find a way out of it. All I'm saying is if trump called election tampering if he lost it would have been called a conspiracy. It wouldn't have had this much coverage if the circumstances were reversed
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to abyss03 in Can we call it dead yet!!   
    It's still in development and they plan on releasing another big update around Christmas. I'm not sure if your trolling but yes games get delayed but most (pretty sure SC I'd the only one) don't share as much as they do about development as they can.
    4 years in development is still a relatively small amount of time in the grand scheme of things given the budget they now have.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Corwin111 in Can we call it dead yet!!   
    Interrogative sentences are punctuated with a question mark. Unless it is a rhetorical question, which yours isn't. Because it has a very firm answer.
    No - we can not call it dead, quite the opposite. What you call " semi-working but mostly broken gameplay features that were never suppose to be in the game" are features that are very much part of the game and are getting less and less broken as the Alpha progresses.
    Even though it is a crowd-funded indie endeavor, Star Citizen has grown into the largest and most ambitious gaming project in history. And I say this with no hyperbole. There has literally not been a game developed on this scale. Ever. As such, it will take time to develop. So far it is well within the regular development cycle of a normal game and has actually taken much LESS time than a number of popular and less ambitious AAA titles.
    Here are some for perspective:
    Dragon Age: Origins - 5 years
    Half Life 2 - 5 years
    Morrowind - 6 years
    Fallout 3 - 6 years
    L.A. Noire - 7 years
    Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty - 7 years
    Spore - 8 years
    Team Fortress 2 - 9 Years
    Prey - 11 years
    Diablo III - 11 years
    So you tell me. Can we call it dead yet?
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Helly in Can we call it dead yet!!   
    I think the 30% done for PTU is a bit to much. Remember, the full game will contain 100 systems to go to. The problem right now is that the tech to run and build it all isn't done yet. Once that is done they can build new systems and planets really fast and complete the game. The reason it takes this long is because that tech didn't exist and they literally had to invent most of it. That's why people think its a scam. Building the stuff the artists need to create the game has taken so long and video's, or even blogs, etc don't show much of that so it looks like they're not doing anything while in reality they're working their asses off getting the tools ready to finish the game.
    People are also quick to shout scam because as far as i know this is the first time in gaming history the full process from nothing to release is being publicly shown and most people had/have no idea how long building a game really takes. This game will take longer then avarage because of the insane scale of the game.
    I have spend close to €400 atm and i consider that money spend, i don't want it back. Should it turn out that they can't or won't finish the game for whatever reason then i'll just thank em for trying or just say Touché for the wonderful and exceptional scam they pulled :D. i would be proud to have fallen for it.
    Now can we please stop with these negative comments about the game, i'm getting tired of typing this.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Pyrii in Microsoft throws more ads into Windows 10   
    Something tells me the EU antitrust council will have a field day with this. MS abusing their OS position to try and nag/incentivise users to use their browser over others.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to MatsNorway in Man names Wi-Fi network “Daesh 21,” prosecuted under French anti-terror law   
    Putting the man in prison for naming his wifi Daesh 21 is ridiculous.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to AlwaysFSX in A social issue today   
    "A social issue"
    Great, well if you're going to be vague maybe there's a reason behind "it" being scrutinized.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to shymi in H440 Hyper Beast confirmed   
    Can this be an idea for a youtube video - full case decals?
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Sakkura in Windows 10 VR from $299   
    "Less fluid?" Wow, luddites keep coming up with new BS about VR.
    Haven't run into any eye strain. Nausea depends on your personal sensitivity and the content; stick to the less intense content and >90% of people will have no issues.
    VR did try to come out too early for its own good. In the 1990s. It's been 20 years, now it's ready.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to boblikepie in Windows 10 VR from $299   
    I hope this starts us on the route that any headset will work with a vr compatible game/app just like I can use any monitor for my pc.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to 0ld_Chicken in Anger over store charging to demo PSVR   
    I have no problem with this. Afaik there is nowhere to demo vr where I live and Ive been thinking about finding someone that would let me try it out for a few bucks.  Small price to pay when talking about an expensive new technology.
    People will complain about anything these days... don't like it? You probably can't afford vr anyways
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to zMeul in Microsoft reports very little fragmentation of Windows 10 - Over 75% of users on the latest version.   
    everything is funny
    MS is forcing W10 updates  W10 installs still aren't on the same build 19% of the installs are on a year old build it's fucking hilarious
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Bleedingyamato in [UPDATE 2] NEW Red Dead Game teased?!   
    There's nothing wrong with consoles, horses, or cowboy stuff.  There is something wrong with you though.  If you don't like that stuff in RDR then I suggest you remain silent instead of sounding foolish by insulting the large number of people that enjoy everything you just insulted.
    Also, using the word "retard" as an insult is considered very offensive by the differently abled so I suggest you never use it that way ever again.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to handymanshandle in Watch_Dogs 2 PC version delayed to Nov 29   
    the fact that no fps cap has to be advertised as a feature
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to Sakkura in What killed VR?   
    The only thing killing VR is premature claims that it's dead.
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to ivan134 in EA's BF 1 rental server program info released. PC pays premium price.   
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to dalekphalm in Petition to stop using "triggered" ironically   
    Ehhhh you may want to reword that, if you're specifically talking about those people only.
    Because if you actually read the full paragraph you wrote in the OP, you're basically saying that them saying "triggered" is the result of "an unbroken chain of people who have successfully found a mate and reproduced".
    Do you realize now how that sentence literally makes no sense? In fact, I'd call it nonsense. I'm just pointing out that you're basically saying people who say "triggered" in this thread are the result of... well... nothing special. Nothing different then any other person.
    It's... just really not much of an insult (or "burn" for those cool kids) against them.
    Not saying anything wrong with the rest of your post (Though I personally strongly disagree with you - people who get "triggered" over the slightest thing do more harm to the "cause" then people who say it ironically, but your post was otherwise well thought out).
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    Dark_Fuzzy reacted to AluminiumTech in HTC codename Bolt (Next flagship) leaked with no Audio jack!   
    [Insert massive rant here]
    FFS. Please Jesus. I have $150 USD Sennheiser Headphones. Not cheap garbage. It's not easy for me to buy new $150 USB-C headphones and why should I?