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    i5 4460
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate ATX
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    16 GB DDR3
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    none ;u;
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    Zalman Z1
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    Exactly 12 cans of Monster
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    Corsair VS 650w
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  1. This looks really promising. For something like this I'm willing to wait a good few months before breaking open the piggy bank.
  2. Lol, thank you, I will file away all that lovely theoretical knowledge
  3. huh, okay, thank you. I might just give that a shot then.
  4. Hey guys! I'm currently running windows 8.1 on my build, but it's the embedded edition (Windows 8.1 Industry Pro) that I got for free through Dreamspark as a student. And yes, I know, technically not a normal OS, designed for things like ATMs and such. So far I've had no problems and it runs normally (minus all kinds of bloatware which is nice) but I was hoping I could update to windows 10 for the DX12 support. I am aware that I will probably have to buy a key for it, but other than that, is an upgrade from this system to windows 10 even technically possible? (Without having to reinstall everything from scratch or doing anything crazy). Or am I stuck with 8.1 for the lifetime of this particular build?
  5. Thank you! This will be very handy. I don't see my PSU on the original whitelist, but a few posts down it's rated as an 'acceptable' psu. X') I'm guessing this means it's safe to keep for at least a while longer.
  6. Mm, I found a 550w unit on my go-to website for under that, but doesn't seem to be available at the moment. On another site it seems available and looks quite okay, but with reported high noise levels (which I'm not crazy about but would be willing to put up with for the sake of a good psu if absolutely necessary.) Thank you for the recommendation. I've never actually heard of Super Flower, it doesn't seem very commonplace in my country.
  7. Yeah, I definitely was not planning on overclocking anything on this at all. X') I was really hoping to stay well under 100 usd, but prices work a little differently where I live on account of exchange rates and tax when compared to the US, so I think I'm allowed a little wiggle room, especially if this upgrade is not urgent.
  8. Eh. I'm a little miffed. A few months back I built my very first PC (sans gpu) and being a total noob, I went by what my friend recommended of the power supply - a Corsair VS 650w unit that seemed to have nothing but positive reviews online, and was endorsed by the people giving me advice at the time. I didn't think much of it, and I've had no issues with it so far, but I also haven't really stressed it to any real degree, because I've not been doing any gaming or serious work without a gpu. However, since I started shopping for a GPU I did more research, upon which I discovered that VS psus are apparently complete crap and not to be used for gaming or heavy workloads at all, period. Suffice to say I'm pretty mad at myself for not having uncovered this lovely tidbit earlier. Since I'm trying to buy a gtx 970 or its pascal equivalent later this year, would you guys recommend a psu upgrade along with the gpu purchase? This is not desirable because it will take a solid chunk out of my limited GPU fund, and I also don't relish the thought of unplugging everything from my mobo and reconnecting everything (cable management was kinda a bear). Obviously I will do it if the PSU is going to explode or fry my parts or something, but how soon should I look into doing that, and are there any good but reasonably budget ones you could recommend? I was thinking of upgrading to something like an XFX , I hear those are quite decent (I saw the PSU Tier list).
  9. I'm actually starting to half consider a lower end card like the 960 or something to get me through the months before pascal and see where it goes from there. I can't decide what's more wasteful, splurging now to hold off an upgrade as long as possible, or skimping now so I can get a head start saving up for new gen. X) Leaning towards the 970 or the r9 nano actually. That or just waiting. *_*
  10. Lol so much for the plug and play appeal of consoles
  11. Lol thank you for the advice X) All input is much appreciated.
  12. Lol well it is tempting to get the shiny new thing the moment it releases, but I don't know how long I can handle running software and games on Intel HD integrated graphics. Probably wiser to wait, but I'll probably go insane somewhere along the way.
  13. Yes, I am keeping it in mind and therefore fidgeting greatly over my choices.