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  1. Hey guys, I have recently been having some problems while watching any bluray films on my tv. The voice volume when people talk is very low but when a car hits the building BOOM the sounds is way to high. What could the problem be? The TV is a Philips 42PFH6309
  2. I can get them all for the same price, which one should I get?
  3. How many cans do I need for one cleaning?
  4. I guess Ill go with the air cans then. Can I use the sticks for cleaning your ears (not sure how they are called) for cleaning the board?
  5. would a hair dryer with the cold function work?
  6. How much cans do you need for 1 cleaning?
  7. I looked but couldnt find it as those are ment for use in cars The one you linked is too expensive though, as I havent cleaned the PC in a year, but i intend to clean it every 3-4 months...
  8. Hey, Im looking to clean my PC after a while and I was wondering if this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/300-PSI-Mini-Air-Compressor-12V-Car-Bike-Auto-Portable-Pump-Tire-Inflator-Gauge-/131922587755?hash=item1eb732f06b:g:TBUAAOSwFNZW1Pyr in combination with a cigarete plug to DC converter would work (http://www.ebay.com/itm/EU-Plug-220V-AC-Wall-Power-to-12V-DC-Car-Cigarette-Lighter-Converter-Adapter-/142114965780?hash=item2116b64914:g:bKMAAOSw9IpX1ijT) Thank you for your feedback
  9. Thank you, that was really detailed. I will probably go with the XM300 and some Steelseries Mousepad (not sure which yet)
  10. Ok, I narrowed it down to the Abyssus 2014, the XM300 and the Asus Sica. Which one would you buy? Also, there is a deal on the Abyssus 1800 (not sure what the difference is) + a goliathus mouse pad for 50 EUR. Would it be good?
  11. Thanks for that, it isnt available in my country though...
  12. I was looking at the XM300. Is it any good?
  13. Which mouse from the above would you recomend?
  14. Im mostly interested in the mouse, thanks for the mousepad advice though