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    High school student


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    A4 - 7300
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    MSI A68HM Grenade
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    8GB Corsair LP Vengeance
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    Rosewill FMB-2
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    WD Blue 1TB
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    Antec 550W
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    Acer K242HQL
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    Enermax ETS N30 II
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    Some HP Keyboard from my last computer
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    Logitech M305
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    Creative A50
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    Windows 10

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  1. For whatever reason, I am annoyed with myself for not being as active on here any more. 

  2. CPU should be fine. Depending on how bad the damage is you can usually fix the bent pins. (Post pics?)
  3. Holy actual crap. This is a basic description of my situation a couple of years ago. If I learned anything from that experience is that you should really take your chances and bet it all like other people have said. The worst that could happen is a "no" reply. Just do it and do what many guys are afraid to have happen to them (Like I did). Really because its been "a year or so" your enemy here is time if you want something to actually happen. Best of luck and what not.
  4. This update thing runs really well on mobile now. So smooth. 

  5. I have heard bad things about ddr3 with that the 6000 series. The 4000 series is your best bet to keep your RAM the same. @silver_morales
  6. More people will see this if you make a separate thread.
  7. Yay. Thanks, hopefully things will go smoothly.
  8. Should have mentioned that I am upgrading to Ryzen. I always forget something.
  9. I have a hard drive in my current computer and have know idea what I need to do before moving it. I really don't want to format the drive. What do I need to delete or install to make the move a smooth one? I have everything on this drive (OS, games and what not). Thanks in advance. Edit: Moving to Ryzen
  10. Make sure that the input device is set to the headset or just reset audio settings in the game or voice chat. @cristian97ed
  11. I find it annoying when you are looking for a moterboard and CPU combo and all that comes up is full ATX, why not mATX. I cri.

  12. So either today or tomorrow I will be buying parts to upgrade from this mistake ------> https://pcpartpicker.com/list/DDth7h to this new computer ----> https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PVNFD8 I just need some final suggestions before going out and buying stuff. You can tell I didn't ask for help on the first build I will be re-using the hard drive, graphics card, power supply, case and whatever else is in there. Thanks in advance.
  13. Now that it's allowed to post Ebay links, here you go @TheGTXman https://www.ebay.com/sch/CPUs-Processors/164/i.html?_from=R40&_mPrRngCbx=1&_udlo=0&_udhi=100&LH_ItemCondition=4&_nkw=core+i5&LH_PrefLoc=1